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After an amazing family vacation, honeymoon, or solo trip to a dream destination, nothing keeps the feeling and memory alive like great photographs. As a professional photographer, trust me I know! Even though I am constantly shooting and editing professional photos on my travels, its hard to get ones where I am in them or of my boyfriend and I when it’s just the two of us. Selfie stick? I refuse to own one. No way!

The sad fact is many people return home from a trip without a single decent picture that is frame-worthy. There are the selfies, the awkwardly asking a stranger and rushing to get a blurry image, or having a beloved family member stepping out to capture everyone else. Why wasn’t there another option? Enter Flytographer, the first online marketplace to connect travelers with local photographers in 200 cities across 6 continents worldwide for fun, candid vacation shoots.  Think of it as of the “airbnb of photographers”.

“I was on an amazing trip to Paris, reconnecting with my best friend, when we were both so frustrated that we couldn’t get any great pictures of us together,” said CEO and Founder, Nicole Smith. “Fortunately, we knew a local friend who took a few pictures of us strolling together. Those pictures are some of my most treasured mementos, and the experience sparked the idea for Flytographer.”

Founded in March 2013 out of Victoria, Canada, Flytographer has been featured across A-list media such as: Oprah; Conde Nast Traveler; Forbes; The New York Times; InStyle; and many more. Flytographer has also partnered with global brands like Fairmont, Hyatt, Expedia, Zola, Butterfield & Robinson, Context Travel and Virtuoso and they boast 1000 surprise proposals captured to date around the world. Conde Nast Traveler called them “The Future of Travel Photography” and Forbes said their gift cards are “The #1 Gift for Travelers.” Especially for those who value experiences over things.

Flytographer is an online marketplace that connects travelers with local photographers in 200 cities worldwide for fun, candid photoshoots for the bargain price of $250 per half hour. Each photographer has gone through a grueling vetting process and Flytographer has streamlined their entire workflow from start to finish to be as easy and user-friendly as possible. All you have to do is literally go to their site, select your destination and choose your photographer. Their Shoot Concierge Team will then help you plan your shoot. Once all of the fun details are planned, your photographer will come meet up with you at your desired location for a half hour or for an hourly rate to capture your vacation memories. Your photos will then be emailed to you, ready to download and share within 5 days of your shoot often before you’ve even unpacked! Simple!

The other cool bonus of hiring a Flytographer is that travelers not only return with a beautiful souvenir, but they learn cool insider tips on what to eat, see, and do as they stroll the streets chatting with their local photographer. It’s like having an instant local best friend on your trip who knows all the best places to go. For travelers who value experiences rather than coming home with a suitcase full of chotchkies and clutter to fill your home, it’s the perfect souvenir that provides keepsake memories of a vacation for decades to come.

But what about us travel influencers and bloggers out there? So many times I am at a hotel or on a press trip where I am having to post on my own personal instagram or blog about the hotel or tour and sometimes I need photos of myself in action. Or other times I need an assistant on a shoot abroad and I don’t have the budget to fly someone out for a week to help me across the world. Many times on these press trips I come across journalists that are whipping out their iphones to take photos to supplement their articles and I am horrified! You wouldn’t believe the amount of well-known journalists who pay hundreds of dollars on stock photography websites buying photos and spending the time to get permission to use professional photos just to illustrate their stories, since their cell phones just don’t cut it. At the end of the day, hiring a flytographer while traveling would cost less than trying to buy stock images later on.

Now, Flytographer has also started collaborating with influencers and journalists who have a certain following and are willing to cross promote themselves. They are offering discounts or sometimes trades on their services depending on the publication or social media account you are writing for. So if your forte is just writing or blogging and not photography, you have no excuse for churning out articles or social media posts with sub-par photos ever again. Trust me, being a double threat writer/photographer will make you twice as valuable to hotels and travel brands who want you to stay with them or hire your services when you can guarantee beautiful photography as well as press to them. Reaching out to flytographer will definitely step up your influencer game!

So the next time you are needing a family reunion photographed, a surprise engagement proposal under the Eiffel Tower, your honeymoon which is always the most overlooked event after your wedding photography is over, beautiful, fun, photos along some of your travels, or just a quickie travel companion, then Flytographer is your one-stop shop!

Laura Grier is an adventure travel photographer, writer, and photo-anthropologist. Co-author Vanessa Dawson is the founder of The Vinetta Project.  She writes about entrepreneurship, innovation and investment. You can follow both Laura and Vanessa on Instagram at @lauragriertravel and @vinettaproject





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