The 20 Richest Bollywood Actresses in the World

In case you don’t yet know the difference, Bollywood and Hollywood are not the same thing. We’re familiar with the top Hollywood actors based out of California in the USA, but there is a growing film industry in Mumbai and it’s only one part of the thriving industry that is picking up speed in India. This is where the term Bollywood originates. It’s a noteworthy sector of the overall film business so we’ve given it a little extra attention with our list of the 20 richest Bollywood actors in the world today. We’ve ranked them in accordance with their current net worth.

Amy Jackson – Net Worth: $2 Million

Amy Jackson was born to British parents, but currently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This, along with her net worth qualifies her for number twenty on our list. She is a former model who won the 2010 Miss Liverpool beauty contest and went on to contend in the Miss England contest, but didn’t win at the finals. From modeling, Amy turned her focus to acting. She has appeared in several Indian movies, making her one of the stars of Bollywood, and although she’s in the twentieth position in wealth, she’s still got a lot of time to change her position on the list.

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