The End of the Fundraiser?

Anyone who has ever helped raise money knows that it is no easy feat.  There are countless meetings, numerous tasks to be delegated, and a grand – productive but challenging – event at the end!  Such an event requires not only the time of endless volunteers, but also requires a great deal of money – money that (oftentimes) ultimately takes away from the total amount made during the event. As someone who has held a great deal of fundraisers myself, I have always wondered if there could be a better alternative – a means of fundraising that would raise awareness while also allowing people to contribute without the additional expenses of time, money and resources.

In time, life showed me the answer to that exact question.  In April of last year, I was chugging along in life. I was running my company, caring for my children, and enjoying the company of my husband right up until I was struck down with a disease called “Trigeminal Neuralgia with Hemiplegic Migraines.” Quite a mouthful, I know. But I don’t tell you this to “speak doctor;” rather, I share it to give you a sense of the very confusion I felt when I was told I had this strange, rare condition! I spent the next 8 months seeing every kind of doctor imaginable, enjoying romantic 3-5 night stays in various hospitals, and struggling to do the very tasks that I had – just a month earlier – done without hesitation or trouble.

Because I could no longer do the very tasks that had filled my days a month prior, I decided to start making bath bombs. The essential oils in them were supposed to help my condition, and the process of making them quickly proved itself therapeutic. I enjoyed making them and using them, and slowly I began to have more “good” days. During this time, I also spent a great deal of time talking to friends, colleagues and business contacts that wanted to check in with me, and found that many of them had gone through similarly challenging experiences.  For example, my friend’s husband was diagnosed with cancer.  She, as the breadwinner, had to continue working because they needed the money and benefits, but she also needed to help him get to the doctors and assist him during/ after treatments. She simply couldn’t manage all of the things she was so used to doing on a daily basis, like cleaning or cooking, but there was no resource for her (or me) to get a bit of extra support.

Similarly, another dear friend explained that her mother was ill, and she was struggling to manage her job and family while bringing her mother from home from hospital to hospice. After hearing more and more of these stories, I realized that there is a wide, gaping societal gap for mothers.  Often the “glue” of the family, mothers are expected to be everything and do everything, and when they get sick or can’t accomplish the same tasks they’re used to doing, chaos and motherly guilt ensues. I wanted to help fill that gap, and support the mothers who desperately needed and deserved the extra help.

And that’s when it hit me.  Why can’t I sell the very bath bombs that saved me and, in doing so, use the money earned to help mothers who find themselves in these tough, unexpected spots?  This way, we can focus on helping people by 1) creating a soothing, healing product, and 2) using the profits to fund a sister nonprofit dedicated to helping mothers.

I decided to create a product that could stand on its own and, also, serve others.  So, I set out to make a better bomb! And I did. I ensured that they were 100% vegan and organic, and made in the USA. Then, instead of using some of the less expensive oils that most companies do, I determined that the benefits of Argan oil outweigh the cost, so we upgraded the standard solution and ensured a 100% organic, high-quality product. I put a surprise in each box, packaged it nicely, and voilà – a product that is useful to mothers in two distinct ways!

$5 of every box goes to our sister giving foundation,, and is used to provide laundry, cleaning, food delivery and childcare services to mothers in need. My hope is that I can change the business model of a successful nonprofit, so that more time can be spent helping our beneficiaries without the need for outside resources or event fundraisers.

I invite you to check out our sites.  The website that sells the Mom Bombs is and our nonprofit, where anyone can go to nominate someone (or themselves) for one of our services is  Come jump in with us!  The water’s fine!

Heather Roberts

Heather is an Entrepreneur and the Founder of both Mom Bombs and, a luxury bath bomb company and its sister giving organization (respectively). Before launching Mom Bombs, Heather spent 10+ years in the PR industry, and before that was in Sales and Marketing as a Sales professional. As a young executive, she developed the innovative tactics that helped grow a $1,000,000 company into a $500,000,000 company within seven years. After much success, she left that business, bought Distinctive Homes Magazine, and saved that publication using social media strategies that were, at the time, revolutionary. A couple years and countless client requests later, demand dictated that Heather start Expose Yourself PR to help others publicize themselves. Now, Heather is hoping to help even more with Mom Bombs — a luxury bath bomb brand that gives back to mothers in need by donating $5 of every box to its sister giving organization, 

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