The Top Five Breitling Bentley Watches Money Can Buy

A wristwatch is something that helps you to stand from the crowd by simply defining your style and taste. Moreover, the pricey it is, the more you standout from your peers, who know what takes to own it. It also proves to others which of the world’s prestigious brands are closest to your heart. Overall, a quality watch can help your business associates easily break the ice in a casual meeting, and feel they are dealing with a person of higher social standing. After all, that is what most of us enjoy doing. With that in mind, we are going to look at the Top Five Breitling Bentley Watches Money Can Buy.

Breitling Bentley Flying B

The flying B J28362 is one of the best luxury watches from Breitling you can buy, that is if you love diamonds. It lavish design includes studs of diamonds strategically placed all over the bezel and dial to create an amazing pattern. Moreover, there are studs of diamond on its case as well as strap, making it a timepiece gem. As if to emphasize the pint that diamonds are rare, only 50 of them that were made, which makes it both rare and precious. To own it, you will have to part with at least $255,000, making it the most expensive Breitling Bentley watches money can buy.

Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon

The Mulliner Tourbillon is crafted to amaze you with its intricately designed movement, which you can clearly see, thanks to its transparent caseback. The watch has a total of 26 jewels on its Calibre 18B, hand wound, mechanical movement. The design also includes 15-minute totalizer and 1/6th of a second chronograph. That is not all, what makes it unique is its 49 mm case, a rotating bezel, and a variable slide rule that is circular in shape. To give fans what they want, the leather strap comes in 10 different colors, and the dial comes in 15 different hues, which matches the watch with the various shades of Bentley cars. To own this watch, you need to part with $175,000, and it is worth every dollar.

Bentley Motors Complications Collection

As you would expect from a Bently watch, they all have something that connect them with the Bently’s design. The same applies to Bentley Motors Complications Collection, whose bezel design is inspired by the car’s radiator grille that you would not miss on a Bentley car. Moreover, the dial is inspired by racing cars, which is why it has a red seconds hand to complete its look. Lastly, they have used a platinum case that not only looks sleek, but it also matches the appearance of the watch’s modern design. It comes at a price tag of $174,280.

Breitling Bentley Collection

While its name appears to just this is simply another Bentley watch, its design says something very different, and makes it stand out. It is made of 18-carat rose gold, and has diamond studs all over its bezel, dial, and strap, which give it a stylish and luxurious look. Many dress-watches that cannot match its glamour, making it one of the best watches you can wear with a business suit. To get this watch that obviously does not fall short of the Bentely and Breitling brands you will have to fork out $173,500.

Mark VI Complications 29

The Mark VI stands out not for its numerous functions, but its unique and beautiful style. The style includes a vintage charm that is anything but outdated, giving the watch an overall classy and refined look. Through its four sub-dials, you can view the different moon phases, its chronograph, as well as a perpetual calendar that includes the month, date, and weekday. Moreover, it its display is made of sapphire coated with an anti-glare coating from all sides, and silver storm dial to complete its functional design. The watch runs on a Breitling’s Calibre 29B mechanical movement.

Overall, there are not many watches that exceed the value and beauty you can get from the above five watches. They are designed not just to amaze, but also to represent the quality workmanship of their brand names they bear. We hope that you found this guide on the top best watches from Breitling Bentley to be engaging and informative.

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