10 Tips for Getting Amazing Seats to Broadway Shows for Less Money

It’s always a good time at the Broadway. The Broadway has been a popular form of entertainment for years, but let’s face it, with the prices of Broadway tickets always climbing, now, many Broadway shows average over $100, it’s not always the most inexpensive way to get your entertainment. Sometimes plays come into town that you’ve been dying to see, but you’re not willing to pay the going rate. In order to see the play, you need tickets cheaper but you aren’t sure how to go about getting any. If you have always been a fan of the Broadway and want to learn how to score cheaper tickets so you can start enjoying the shows for less, we have some ideas that can help you get to into the theatre for less. Here are ten tips for getting amazing seats for Broadway shows for less money.

1. Get a TDF Membership

For people who are eligible, which includes people from these groups, among others; students, teachers, staff of non-profit organizations, union members, recent graduates, and full-time freelancers, a membership with TDF is one way to get discounted tickets for Broadway shows. The membership will cost you less than $35 annually, which will generally pay for itself if you only use it once and save at least that much on a Broadway show.

2. Rush the theater

Many productions offer great deals for their sold out shows with “Rush” tickets. On the day of the play, you will want to get to the box office when it opens and see if you can snag Rush tickets that can cost as low as $20 per ticket. The only way to know is to show up on the day of the performance, and as early as possible, because Rush tickets sell out fast, especially for highly popular shows.

3. TodayTix or discount codes

You’ve gotta love all the apps that are available today that can connect you to just about every type of service there is. One app that Broadway fans love, is the TodayTx app that helps you find Broadway tickets at discounted rates, and all by way of your iPhone or iPad. The app helps you locate tickets to specific shows on the day of the performance, or even up to a week prior. When it comes to other, larger Broadway ticket websites, such as Telecharge and Ticketmaster, these sites do accept discount codes for many of the shows, but the codes will typically expire on the day of the performance, which means that the tickets may need to be purchased in advance.

4. Wait in the cancellation line

Most people have every intention on attending the show they purchased the tickets for, however, life happens, and just like with anything else, sometimes people just can’t make it and there sits an empty seat or two in the theater. For those who call to let the theater know they won’t be able to attend, their seat may become available for purchase at the last minute and at a discounted rate. If you show up to the theatre a few hours ahead of curtain call, yo at be able to grab one of the cancelled tickets, however, it is a first come, first served type of deal, but it can be worth a shot.

5. TKTS Booths

You’ll find several TKTS booths throughout the city, with two located in the city of Manhattan (one in Times Square, another downtown close to South Street Seaport), and the third is in Brooklyn. These booths offer discounted tickets and what types of tickets they offer, varies. For instance, you can purchase same-day tickets at the booth in Times Square, and for Matinee tickets, you must purchase those at the Brooklyn locations, and on the day before the performance. Making note of these times and types of tickets available, can better help you get the discounted tickets for the show you are trying to get to.

6. Ticket resale market

It is now legit to resale tickets to venues, and even make a profit from it. The once illegal act, is now acceptable and you can try to find someone who is reselling Broadway tickets. Typically those who stand out around the theater selling tickets, are looking to make a profit and can really mark them up. If you want to try to get a better deal on tickets, check ads in the paper and other online sources for ticket resells. Sometimes people know they won’t be able to make the show ahead of time, and just want to recoup some of what they paid, so they will discount the tickets to avoid losing completely on the deal.

7. Retiree discounts

As you get older, you start seeing the benefits of aging in discounts of all kinds. The Broadway is one place that rewards seniors with senior (retiree) discounts. For those who are ages 62 and older and no longer employed, they can join the TDF (Theatre Development Fund) and qualify for discounted show tickets. You don’t have to give up Broadway when you retire due to the expense when you join TDF.

8. Play the lottery

Another way to try to land discounted tickets for a Broadway show is to play the lottery. No, this isn’t your state’s lottery, but the Broadway ticket lottery. Playing the lottery is similar to trying to score Rush tickets, in that it will require you to show up at the box office first thing when it opens, and there are limited number of tickets available this way. Names are taken for whoever is trying to get the tickets, and a drawing is done just a few hours before curtain time is to take place, which means you have to be flexible and able to make curtain time within a short period of time after getting notice that you won. If you can be, this can be a good way to get great discounts on specific shows. A select number of shows have started offering digital lotteries.

9. Standing room only

Standing room only tickets are cheap and can be a good way to get your tickets if you really need a good rate, however, obviously standing room only means that you will not be watching the show from a seat, you will be in a section where others who have standing room only tickets will be standing throughout the play. If you don’t mind watching the whole production while on your feet, you may find that it is worth it to get the discount. You may not the best seat (or foot room) in the house, but you will get to see the show, and for a lot less than the seated ticket payers.

10. Broadway discount ticket newsletters and websites

Join Broadway newsletters and subscribe to follow different Broadway sites. Many times these will send out notifications on upcoming show promotional discounts, and when you purchase tickets through them, you will on average, get your tickets for anywhere between 25-50% off regular ticket prices – a substantial savings. This means that on average, you will pay about $85-$110 per ticket, which can definitely be worth the time signing up and following different Broadway discount ticket sites.






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