The Top 20 Dunkers in the History of the NBA

It goes without saying that this is yet another controversial sports topic. As G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan said, it’s impossible to say there is any one G.O.A.T. in any sport because of different generations, rules, etc. So what about the 20 greatest dunkers? The good news is, a dunk is a dunk is a dunk. No rule changes there – at least not in modern basketball history. For the record, modern history starts with the merger of the NBA and ABA in 1976. For you Wilt Chamberlain fans, he is excluded because his career ended in 1973.

A player can end up doing a rim hanging dunk, a glass shattering sunk, even a backboard bending dunk. All meet the criteria for a dunk. Of course, everything needs to be narrowed down, so to give everyone a fair shot the player does not have to be a prolific dunker. A single slam dunk will qualify as long as it is a rafter shattering, crowd pleasing, worthy of a replay movement. But no props allowed.

The problem with picking a videos for any of these guys is which video do you actually go with?  Here are our picks for the top 20 dunkers in NBA history.  And no, we did not put this in a particular order:

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