The Top 20 Fuel Economy Car Models of 2017

2. Hyundai Ioniq

The 2017 Ioniq comes in second to the Toyota Prius Three with the same 52 mpg fuel economy, but slightly higher ratings for highway of up to 60 mpg in test runs. The city rating is slightly lower at 42 with a combined test result of 52 mpg combined. It is similarly styled to the Prius in appearance with a hatchback and sleek silhouette. The 1.6 liter engine is a four cylinder combined with an electric drive. It isn’t quite a smooth driving or riding as the Prius. Nor does it feature the smooth handling, although advanced safety features are available. It’s a hybrid that can function on electric power to increase fuel economy when driving at lower speeds, but it falls just a bit shorter than the number one pick on comfort and performance.

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