The Top 20 Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

We all know there are 100 websites out there that claim to direct people without any kind of college education to high paying job opportunities. They argue that you don’t need any college degree to make decent money. This is true, but what they don’t tell you is how you qualify to get the jobs and what you have to do to qualify. So this list is going to give you the general job titles (what one company calls a janitor another calls a maintenance engineer) with the real prospects the job has for you. Many of these so-called no degree jobs require you to still know a lot about formal education skills such as math. For this to be worth anything to you, it needs to be realistic.

Here are the selected jobs, listed in no particular order. It is not going to include every job, and some of the jobs are located in other states or geographical locations. That means you might have to move to get one of these jobs and spend some time making minimum wage before you can actually make what the median wages advertise. Some people confuse median with average. Here is how it works. If a salary survey asks 100 people what they make a year, and 50 report $10,000, 49 people report $14,000, and one reports $100,000 the average is $12,860. The median is the middle point of the salaries, which is $10,000. Nobody makes $12,860. Half make less than that number. And both the average and the median don’t tell you somebody made $100,000.

The list is a mix of top paying jobs, career jobs, projected high demand jobs, and jobs that require a special talent or skill. You may be able to repair an old Sony Walkman cassette player, but that skill does not translate very well in today’s economy. Also, not every job opportunity will be available in your area, so you need more than just a list of the most in-demand jobs.

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