The Top 20 Presidential Vacation Spots

Being the President of the United States is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. A President must maintain a good public appearance, be present at endless meetings, deal tactfully with foreign diplomacy, take an active role in the legislative process, and complete many other miscellaneous tasks throughout the day. It is no wonder that the leaders of the United States like to take some time off now and again.

But how does a President book a vacation? It’s not like they can just hop onto the Internet and book a hotel room. There are many logistical questions – finding lodging for the Secret Service, securing the President’s vacation residence, arranging for transportation, and paying for it all. Plus, being the leader of the Free World means that you could have a situation arise at any time that will eliminate any time you had for relaxation. This could lead to missed reservations or other fiscal consequences for the taxpayers.

That’s why most sitting presidents choose a “Summer White House”. This term refers to any residence in which the President spends a lot of time that isn’t the White House – particularly when the commander-in-chief is trying to catch some rays or chill with a margarita. Of course, a vacation does not necessarily preclude diplomacy. Many past presidents have completed work at their vacation homes, and have even hosted foreign dignitaries.

So, where is it that Presidents of the United States end up spending most of their vacation time? There are many locations that have been the host of Presidential vacations in the past. In our list of the Top Twenty Presidential Vacation Spots, we will go over some of the most beautiful, interesting, and historically-significant destinations that have played host to US presidents.

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