The Top 20 Retirement Cities in Europe

For many people, retirement is the opportunity to live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of and worked towards. At this stage in their life, they have no work commitments and fewer personal responsibilities. This can often mean they are not tied to a specific geographical location. For this reason, they may decide to seek a more relaxed way of life by moving to another country. Europe has many fantastic cities that have a lot to offer to all groups of people. However, there are some cities that are particularly appealing to those of retirement age. Here are 20 of the top European cities to retire to and what they have to offer for those who choose to live in these locations.

20. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is a pretty city in which to live that allows you to enjoy both the hustle and bustle of city life alongside relaxation and quieter moments in the city’s many outdoor spaces. In comparison to many other cities in the United Kingdom, Glasgow has a low cost of living. It is approximately 20% cheaper than London to live in and 10% cheaper than other areas. It is an amazing city in which to live if you are a music lover. It is home to the Scottish Ballet, the Scottish Opera, and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. If your preference is for rock or pop, there is live entertainment nightly in many venues across the city. Golf lovers are also drawn to Glasgow as some of the top Scottish golf courses are within easy traveling distance.

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