The Top 20 Retirement Cities in New York State

There are many great cities to retire in the state of New York. Depending on what you are looking for, there is a city in New York State that will fit the bill. Whether its proximity to New York City, low cost of living, a rural small town, activities to keep you busy, affordable independent retirement communities or access to quality healthcare, there is something for everyone.

Here are the top 20 retirement cities in New York State.

1. Ithaca

Ithaca, New York is a great city to retire in. It’s a college town with both Ithaca College and Cornell University which adds a quaintness but also much to do. The city located in central New York State is both rural and cultural making it a pleasant place to live especially if you’re over 65 years old. Being a college town, Ithaca has several restaurants, bookstores, concerts, shops and educational opportunities for old and young. Located on the Cayuga Lake which is part of the Finger Lakes, Ithaca is scenic and a nature lover’s paradise. The city boasts the tag “Ithaca is Gorges”. The area is filled with gorges and waterfalls. There are 25,000 acres of natural forest. The area is also a growing wine region. The Dalai Lama was so impressed by the serenity of Ithaca, he built a temple there for students of Tabetian Buddhism. The cost to live in Ithaca is below the national average. The population is just 30,600 and the median house price is $160,000, so the city is very affordable for retirees.

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