The Top 20 Richest Authors in the World

Writing is a career in which it is notoriously difficult to achieve success. May authors spend years writing novels and sending them to publishers only to receive letters of rejection. Having the ability to think of a storyline that will captivate a reader and write it in such a way that publishers are keen to work with you and readers are compelled to buy your books is something that many writers find close to impossible. However, those who do make the big time in the world of publishing can find that their efforts are extremely fruitful. In fact, the top authors often rank in lists of the world’s richest people. These talented writers have the ability to create interesting books that encourage people to buy the next books they write. The richest authors have also often created a story that is worthy of adapting into a movie or having products manufactured.

Here are the 20 richest authors in the world, their net worth and how they have made their fortunes.

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