Top 5 Tips for Managing Millennials in the Workplace

The working population is evolving. Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are retiring and Millennials, estimated to be those born in the early 1980s and early 2000s, are making a stronger footprint in the workplace. Differences between the generations require that companies evolve their ways of workplace management. Where it was once the norm to remain dedicated to one employer and to build up one’s tenure, today’s Millennials are more about finding work-life balance and opportunities to advance at a faster pace. Employers who understand the Millennial worker and who can work to meet their desires and needs are the ones who will succeed in keeping their employees happy and loyal to the company.

Here are the top 5 ways to better manage Millennials in the workplace:

Provide Flexible Hours

In today’s workplace, a 9-5 schedule is not typical. Millennials understand that but offering flexible hours and remote work options will allow them to continue to complete the work that they were hired to do while also meet their requirements for work-life balance. Many young workers may have a family or are trying to start a family where time is needed at home to care for loved ones and young children. Having a social life is also a way in which they may relieve stress at work. Providing room for them to balance such a schedule helps to ensure a happier and more loyal employee.

Offer Responsibilities That Are Meaningful

It’s no surprise that individuals as young those in their 20s may be running their own business successfully today. Many Millennials have a can-do attitude and aren’t afraid to lead and be challenged. Provide opportunities for employees to take on larger responsibilities where they are supported to lead rather than be led. Companies who offer employees such opportunities send the message that they believe in the individual’s talent and capabilities to achieve great things that are important and that make a difference to the business. Millennials desire fast growth and they want to demonstrate their capabilities to support the next promotion or advancement in their career.

Give Recognition Where It Is Deserved

Recognizing an employee for their work is no longer about giving a plaque. Millennials are looking for more meaningful recognition where they are shown as valued and appreciated. It can be calling them out during a team meeting for their recent success with a campaign. Millennial workers want to be respected and appreciated for the professional that they are, so even walking over to their desk to say “Great job!” will send the message that they are appreciated and noticed for their work and efforts.

Show Care For Their Personal Development

Many of today’s Millennial workers are not on the job to simply do the work, but to grow and advance their experience and skills. They have a vision to their career path and they are seeking opportunities for personal development to guide them on the journey. Make a point to discuss with employees their career desires. What are ways that they can further build on experiences and skills at work that are supportive of growth for their career path? As soon as Millennials feel personal development has become stagnant at work it gives them reason to want to begin looking for a more fitting work culture that is supportive of their career development.

Connect At Work and Outside Of Work

Millennials are hyper-connected and desire collaboration, face time, and engagement. Schedule regular meetings where there’s an opportunity to engage with one another and share feedback. Provide opportunities to connect at a level outside of work. This further provides the opportunity to get to know one another as individuals. Millennials value working with others who are authentic and transparent at work and outside of work. Where personal life was kept personal, today it’s about getting to know others you work with as individuals and “friends.” This is the mentality, especially with the rise of social networking where we aren’t just connecting on a professional level, but personal level through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on.

Millennials have a different outlook on work and life than previous generations. It is necessary for companies to evolve their ways of managing employees, especially employees who are new entrants or early professionals in today’s workforce. Taking the right steps ensures companies can attract the growing population of Millennials workers, as well as keep them loyal with inspiration and motivation to work.

Joshua Gruss is the CEO of Round Hill Music

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