The Top Five Hotel Redemptions of 2017

Hotels of all types thrive on repeat business, as this means that they’ve found a client that they can depend on and are willing to the extra mile to appease. Thanks to this the hospitality industry is well known for its many different incentives that are specifically designed to keep their clients ready to come back whenever they can. The redemption programs that hotels offer are put in place to offer their guests a chance to gain rewards for frequenting their establishment. Guests could possibly earn anything from a complimentary meal to a full night’s stay depending on how many points they accrue.

Points are generally based on how often a guest stays, how long, and what type of services they purchase while they’re in residence. For the individual that is always on the go and finds it necessary to frequent one hotel after another, this system is ideal. Not only does it cater to those who are on the go so often, it rewards them for bothering to give their patronage to a location that might be a favorite, or just convenient spot to stay during their travels. With the points system it’s possible to feel good about spending the extra money to enjoy at least a night of relaxation while on the go, or a comfy place to stay while on vacation.

So with that, here are five of the best hotel redemptions to be found.

5. Burj Al Arab-Dubai, UAE

There’s little more than luxury in this posh resort that sits in the middle of the incoming surf, its unique and very distinct design jutting up from the sands in an impressive display of engineering. The Burj Al Arab is a suite-only hotel, and each suite features two separate floors that are separated by a marble staircase. If the sheer opulence of this place wasn’t enough, the rewards they offer for frequent visitors includes a complimentary stay for 64,600 points per night. Needless to say this is one of the more expensive hotels, but the view, the luxury, and the sheer magnificence of the building are more than enough to warrant its high price tag. Plus, with what a suite in this hotel costs, the points accrued during a stay are quite easy to come by considering how much a stay in this hotel can run. A membership is the best and only way to gain points, as each US dollar will gain 2 points. There are three tiers of membership that allow a guest to accrue points, blue, silver, and gold, and each tier offers its own list of rewards.

Cost per night:$2,448- $13,057

4. Al Maha Desert Resort – Dubai, UAE

Located in a verdant oasis in the midst of the desert, this pleasant spa resort is almost akin to a secretive hideaway where only those that can afford the privilege come to enjoy themselves. The suites actually seem to blend into the landscape like some modernized Bedouin tent, offering luxuries that are quite expensive but that still allow the guest to gain points should they qualify for one of the three tiers that this resort offers. There is the preferred guest, who will be able to earn 2 points for every US dollar, and gold and platinum memberships that allow the guest to earn up to 3 points for every dollar. A free night at this resort typically requires 60,000 points, which is slightly less than the Burj Al Arab, but is still far more likely to entice those with the means to frequent such a location, or the prominent businessmen and women that feel the need to reside in luxury during their travels.

Cost per night: $1,034- $4,705

3. The Ritz-Carlton – Hong Kong

For those not accustomed to hotels that are just another part of another building, this hotel might seem rather odd. It is located at the upper part of the International Commerce Center and is lauded as the world’s highest hotel. Its elegance and luxury have allowed it to be deemed a five-star wonder and its prices are enough to make it one of the more expensive hotels on this list. With this hotel you gain points, but this is based largely on your number of nights in residence, how much you spend, and what type of membership you purchase. The membership itself is free for the aspiring member, and there are three tiers that you can sign up for. Those are silver, gold, and platinum, with each tier offering more and more benefits that can help you to enjoy your stay. A free night at the Ritz-Carlton and most, if not all, affiliated Marriott hotels will cost 70,000 points, which should give you a rather good idea of how often you will need to visit this particular hotel.

Cost per night: Euro $562- $5,361

2. St. Regis Mauritius – Mauritius

On the outset this resort looks not unlike a small village settled around a crystal clear lagoon, an almost hidden place made to exist just beyond the known world. When looking closer however it can be seen that this is in fact a very exclusive resort that is well-versed in luxury and is able to cater to every last need of its guests. Much like Burj Al Arab and Al Maha, St. Regis Mauritius works on the point system, offering 2 points per US dollar to its first tier, preferred customers. Its silver and gold members earn 3 points per dollar and are afforded a great deal more when it comes to rewards. Unlike other resorts this location only requires 20,000-25,000 points for a complimentary night. That’s not too bad for a single night of absolute pampering and unequaled luxury in some private getaway.

Cost per night: $1,181- $2,319

1. Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

There is just something to be said about resorts that rest near or on the water. The sheer opulence and wonder of nature that is so present at nearly every angle is absolutely stunning, and the chance to be pampered and provided with such exceptional service is a nice bonus too. Their system is a little different, as guests will first be able attain a gold passport, which will allow them to earn 5 points per stay. From there it depends on how often they stay the resort. For example, after 5 visits or 15 nights, whichever happens first, they will qualify for a platinum membership. After 25 visits or 50 nights as a guest they will earn the diamond membership, and a full range of awards to go with it. This resort only requires 25,000 points to earn a complimentary night, which, with platinum or diamond status, could be easily accrued.

Cost per night: $1,500-$2,410


A hotel doesn’t have to be super-expensive to be worth staying at, but those that offer the points system are often those that do cost a pretty penny and are worth every cent. The redemption programs listed are only a few that are offered worldwide, but they are without a doubt some of the most enticing.

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