The Top Five Sushi Restaurants in London

In terms of options for eating out, London is one of the best cities in the world to eat out in a restaurant. This city has a diverse range of options when it comes to choosing your preferred place to eat. There are venues to suit all tastes and budgets and options for both casual meals and fine dining experiences. There is also a massive choice of different cuisines on offer from right across the globe. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you fancy Indian, Moroccan, Chinese, or Lebanese cuisine because there are restaurants serving every type of dish imaginable. One type of restaurant where there is a lot of choices is sushi restaurants. There are many outstanding sushi restaurants in which you can dine and here are five of the best in London.

1. Sushi Tetsu

Sushi Tetsu is just a small restaurant so it is potentially easy to miss. However, if you make the effort to find it at Jerusalem Passage in Clerkenwell, you won’t regret your visit. This sushi restaurant has excellent reviews from those who have enjoyed a meal there. They say that the staff is friendly and helpful in explaining the menu options and that the food is freshly prepared using top-quality ingredients. The restaurant specializes in both sushi and sashimi and is open daily. As the standards of this restaurant are so high and it has become popular with locals, it is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

2. Michiko Sushino

Although this is a casual dining establishment, this does not take away from the quality of the food produced there. This is another small restaurant that has a cozy and friendly atmosphere. It is a reasonably priced establishment, so it is a great place to enjoy a night out with friends. There is an excellent range of sushi and sashimi options, all of which are freshly prepared. In addition to the traditional fish and seafood options on the menu, there is also a good selection of vegetarian dishes to choose between. Michiko Sushino is located on Salusbury Road in North West London.

3. Midori Sushi

You will find Midori Sushi on Upper Richmond Road in South West London. This restaurant is always busy which is a good indication that it is a popular venue amongst the locals. Even though this restaurant is small, it has a big selection of sushi and sashimi available. Each dish is freshly prepared to order. Former customers also recommend trying the chicken katsu curry and describe this as a hearty meal if you prefer something a little more substantial than the sushi. Customers also praise the helpful staff and the friendly chef at this establishment.

4. Sanjugo London

If you are in East London, then one of the best sushi restaurants to try is Sanjugo London and you will find this cozy but classy venue on Scrutton Street. This restaurant opens for both lunch and dinner service daily. Customers have praised the staff and the quick service, so it is a good choice if you are in a hurry. Another aspect of dining in this restaurant that former customers have commented on is the effort that the chef puts into serving dishes that are a visual delight. The menu offers a wide range of meat or fish dishes and vegetarian options are also available. Sanjugo London has a lot of return custom as those who have eaten there always return for a repeat experience of the food and the atmosphere that diners can enjoy in this venue.

5. Hanana Sushi

Located on Kew Road in the Richmond area of London is Hanana Sushi, and this is another of the top sushi restaurants in London. This restaurant offers a casual dining experience where diners can choose from a huge selection of dishes including meat, fish, and vegetarian options. Guests also have the option of selecting the chef’s choice set menu. The prices of this venue are reasonable in comparison to similar restaurants and customers have commented on the excellent service they have received every time they have eaten at this establishment. The chef prepares the food in front of you and this reassures customers that the food is fresh and of high-quality. Also, watching the food preparation process adds an element of entertainment to dining in this particular sushi restaurant.

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