The Top Five Watch Designs of 2016

What a person wears is often a reflection of their style and preference. Watches are a reflection of a person’s style that can function as both utility and offer an insight as to their personal taste. What a person chooses to wear on their wrist has become a priority for many individuals and showcases their desire to wear nothing but the best when it comes to a fashionable and durable timepiece. It’s possible to find some of the finest watches at lower, more affordable prices, but for the discerning buyer the luxury and status of a handcrafted and exquisitely unique watch will always be a worthwhile pursuit.

The right watch can grant any wearer the look and feel of someone who knows what they like and is not afraid to flaunt the luxury that they desire. As status symbols go, a handsomely crafted timepiece will tend to make others think that the individual is a person of great means and importance, and is able to discern a true value when it comes to accessories. The sheer opulence of the watches that are listed below is hard to ignore, and each piece is absolutely stunning in both design and appearance. So with that being said, here are top watch designs of 2016.

Chopard black Mille Migla Watch – $2,495

Made by the Swiss, the Chopard line is well known for being a unique and elegant design. The Swiss are world-renowned for many things, but their timepieces have been and are still extraordinary when compared to all others. Since the late 19th century Chopard has been a classic and sought after look. The state of the art technology that has been handed down throughout the decades still exists within the current, more modernized designs and the craftsmanship is simply impeccable.

Thanks to its high level of sophistication this design is highly prized by many collectors and is sought after worldwide by those who know how to appreciate the masterful and elegant form of such a true work of art. As a luxury brand, there are few that can rival or even come close to the magnificence that is a Chopard original.

Blancpain 18K Rose Gold Men’s Watch – $16,800

This style has been around for quite some time and its level of craftsmanship shows why. While the company responsible for this time-honored design has undergone a series of rather substantial developments in its long tenure, the design itself has never once suffered for lack of creative or innovative ideas. Existing as a subsidiary of another company, Blancpain has updated and modernized its style repeatedly throughout the years, paying close attention to appearance and elegance while attempting to fine-tune its design and efficiency.

The range of timepieces that feature this style are quite lavish in some cases and very minimalistic in others, creating a broad variety that caters to the needs and personal styles of those individuals that desire a top quality product but wish to customize each piece to their unique character. Among the most expensive of luxury watches, a Blancpain tells the world that the wearer accepts only the best, and will never settle for anything inferior.

Patek Philippe Jumbo Nautilus w/ Full Diamonds – $210,125

There are none better in the world when it comes to creating exquisitely handcrafted timepieces as the Swiss. From a the complex and highly customized mechanics that operate their timepieces to the styling that hails from a long line of tradition and expertise that has allowed this style to continue, Patek Philippe has retained its place among the premiere wrist watches the world over. These watches are highly prized and have typically been worn or carried by only the most influential and powerful individuals since the company’s inception in the mid 19th century. Thanks to their expertly managed promotions and a masterful marketing plan these watches have remained a common staple among the elite and most well-respected collectors that possess the means to purchase such a unique style of watch.

Vacheron Constantin Metiers D’Art Turtle And Lotus Limited Edition Watch – $45,594

This style is among the oldest when it comes to watches, having existed since the mid-18th century. Once again the Swiss prove that they are the absolute best in the business when it comes to watches, showcasing yet another style that has been popular for centuries. Showcasing a heritage that prizes detail and tradition through use of style and flair, Vacheron Constantin is a name that has been long known among watchmakers and collectors alike. Their hefty price tag is only a byproduct of their fame. Throughout history the exposure that this style has received has benefited from the fact that influential characters around the world have been known to favor this type of timepiece. The famous, the powerful, and the inspirational have all been said to wear this style during their respective eras, proving that true style has no expiration date, or shelf life.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Slate Grey Skeleton Dial Automatic Men’s Watch – $224,982

Ultra-rare and just as luxurious, this particular style stands as one of the most unique throughout the world. Despite the product of thousands of such watches per year, the price of such a beautiful watch almost assures that those who manage to procure one for their wrist will be undeniably unique in their choice of accessory. The company responsible for this pricey piece of jewelry has been in business since the mid-19th century, and is well known for employing the top craftsman to design and create their wondrous pieces. In fact this company was noted some time ago for being the only designers innovative enough to introduce an impressive bit of wonder by unveiling their steel luxury watch. These watches are without a doubt a steep and overbearing price to consider, as many people have homes that could not possibly cost as much. But the statement made by such a timepiece is unparalleled throughout the world. Anyone fortunate enough to find such a timepiece as this upon their wrist would do well to make certain that they flaunt it for all it’s worth.


While some of the prices listed above seem a bit unreal, keep in mind that these watchmakers are the elite of their craft, and as such are able to demand the prices they quote. There is no doubt that the elegance of each timepiece takes a truly appreciative individual to recognize. 2016 was, like many years before it, a year replete with elegance and luxury, as the aforementioned styles would indicate.

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