Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Minute Repeater Tourbillon

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Minute Repeater Tourbillon has made its appearance with an understated elegance that draws in the most nitpicky of all luxury watch enthusiasts and collectors with a calm and quiet elegance that offers the full package in form and function. It does not rely upon rococo adornments because there is no real need. It is beautiful inside and out with a charming personality that quietly makes a statement about its true value. A close look and inspection of the time piece reveals a magnificence that is neatly packaged within its classy outer encasement to reveal the wonderful complications that add the features that are desirable to horology connoisseurs throughout the world.


Moving on to the description of the finer details which work together with perfect balance, we take an in depth look at the creation of this horological masterpiece from the outside inward. The name alone suggests that there is a lot going on in the internal workings. It is deserving of a thorough inspection and revelation of the elements which make this edition special.


The case measures 44mm x 12.2 mm and is available in pink gold or platinum. If you go with the perpetual edition, the case will come in a 44mm x 13.54mm. The Minute repeater is the flatter and thinner version which gives it a greater comfort level when worn. Dial The dial for the platinum version features a vibrant combination of colors with contrast that lends a modern influence to the overall character. The grey dial features the Vacheron Constantin guilloche. The cross like cage emphasizes the brand emblem and railroad track features for hour and minute hands are thoughtfully positioned slightly off center for greater eye appeal. The Geneva watchmakers were on their game when planning the design. The clearly visible Tourbillon comes across as a lovely expression of the functionality and elegance of this precision mechanical time piece, but is not overstated to any degree.


The Platium version of the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Minute Repeater Tourbillon is a striking silver grey color with opaline qualities that is enhanced with slightly offset hands with a railroad design for hour and minute. A second option for a darker slate colored dial is offered in another variant featuring black railroad track enhancements for a bit of sportiness. The Tourbillon is highlighted magnificently with the maltese cross like cage that displays the mechanical wonder of the element. The understated manner in which it is displayed is a part of the overall persona of the watch which is a silent attractiveness comparable to a whisper. The darker version of the dial lends a feeling of tremendous restraint for the hint of what lies beneath the surface. We’ll get to the specifics for the pink gold edition later as it deserves a separate description with individual attention.


The Caliber 2755 TMR which stands for Tourbillon Minute Repeater is an in house developed brand caliber. The minute repeater is activated by pushing the idle which is placed on the left hand side of the case. The auditory delight which you’ll hear is the musical note that signals activation. The movement is manual winding with a one minute tourbillon. It features four hundred and seventy one components with a power reserve of approximately fifty eight hours. It functions at 2.5 Hertz (eighteen thousand vph) with hours, minutes and minute repeater functions. Form and function are combined in the engineering and design of the Traditionnelle Minute Repeater Tourbillon.

Watch back

There is no rotor with the manually wound movement so you can view the mechanics of this time piece without obstruction. The Geneva Seal finish of the movement is stunning and you can also watch the hammers of the minute repeaters in action. This is an additional bonus for watch lovers who are pleased with the mechanical movements that display the effects of precision workmanship in action. It is a true delight to see the fruits of the artisans’ labor at work. Precision and accuracy are hallmarks for the brand’s luxury creations. This edition just happens to have an enhanced comfort for wearability thanks to the thinning of the movement and casement.

Pink gold version

The next variant is a Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Minute Repeater Tourbillon in pink gold. This watch is only produced with the silver opaline dial. It also features the elegant 5N case in eighteen karat pink gold. This version is rumored to be destined as a boutique only model but the speculation has the retail price of the pink gold Minute Repeater Tourbillon at $490,900. The Platinum version will retail for $546,600.

Final thoughts

Understatement is the key term that is used to describe the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Minute Repeater Tourbillon. The addition of the grand Tourbillon in its finely crafted cage allow for a glimpse at the precision craftsmanship and brilliance in design and engineering that have gone into the creation of this watch. Each variant is made with similar intention and exactly the same movement and complications, yet the exterior and materials used set them apart from one another.

The Platinum silver and dark are different enough to produce variations in feeling and emotion and the pink gold is much of an emotional departure from both of the platinum variants. The element of choice to complement individual tastes and preferences was the intention behind this plan and it has worked well in producing three separate personalities within one edition of the watch.

The price tag is an accurate reflection of the value and uniqueness of this mesmerizing Tourbillon. It offers the complications and artisanship that is expected from a high end luxury time piece. For its retail price, this watch makes no apologies. Nor does it have anything to prove to the world because its quality and uniqueness stand on their own without the need for accolade or special enticements. You’ll either love the watch or have no interest, but the majority will see its inherent beauty as a fine collectible piece. We’re extremely happy to present the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Minute Repeater Tourbillon for your consideration.

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