What We Know About the 711-horsepower Ferrari 488 Pista

Although they were trying to keep the details of their new model quiet, a recent leak means Ferrari have now revealed some information about their new creation. It is a hardcore version of the current 488 GTB and they have called the updated version the Ferrari 488 Pista. The word ‘pista’ is Italian for track and is perhaps a representation of its speed. It will not be officially revealed until the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show which begins on March 6, 2018. So, what else do we know about the Ferrari 488 Pista so far?

The car is powered by a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine which is familiar to fans of Ferrari. However, the car manufacturer has made some improvements to this engine, so it can now deliver approximately 568 pounds of torque and 711 horsepower. An interesting fact is that the figures of the 488 Pista are an exact match to the McLaren 720S.

The engine power is not the only area of the car where improvements have been made as Ferrari want to outdo their rivals. They have taken some weight-saving measures to reduce the weight from the 3,020 pounds of the 488 GTB to the much more lightweight 2,821 pounds of the new 488 Pista. Again, this means there is a further connection between this car and the MacLaren 720S as this is a similar weight. Ferrari has achieved this despite constructing their car predominantly from aluminum, whereas the McLaren’s construction is of carbon fiber.

The combination of a lower weight and an increased power adds up to ensure that the new Ferrari model can reach a speed of 62 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds faster than its predecessor. The 488 GTB also falls short in terms of maximum speed as it can only achieve 205 miles per hour while the 488 Pista can reach a staggering 211 miles per hour.

One of the leaks regarding this car relates to its track performance and, according to the reports so far, it is great. It was tested at the Fiorano test track and make shockingly good lap times. In fact, it is better than the LaFerrari, which was Ferrari’s last hypercar, as this took almost one minute and 20 seconds to complete a lap.

The reason behind the 488 Pista’s superior track performance is likely to be the race-car inspired technology that Ferrari have used when manufacturing their latest model. Ferrari has commented on the development of this car and said that it evolved from Ferrari’s involvement in racing. Specifically, it was inspired by the World Endurance Championship, which is where Ferrari races their 488 GTE.

One of the key factors in these improvements is that the 488 Pista has more downforce. In comparison to the 488 GTB, the 488 Pista has an additional 20 percent downforce. Other racing features that are inspired by Formula One are the front S-Duct and the innovative design of the front diffusers. The latter of which features a ramp angle that is designed specifically to improve the downforce by creating stronger suction. Furthermore, the new design of the rear blown spoiler is another feature that supports more downforce as it is longer and higher.

There is also a rumor circulating that the 488 Pista has a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with a hardcore shift strategy. Other information has revealed there are more carbon fiber body panels on this model than on previous Ferraris, despite the main frame being manufactured from aluminum. Both of these features have impacted positively on the overall performance of the new Ferrari.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the wheels as this is another area where Ferrari have made improvements. These are manufactured using carbon fiber and are fitted with Michelin Pilot Sports Cup 2 tires. Therefore, the 711-horsepower Ferrari 488 Pista should handle well on the corners.

This is all we know so far about the 488 Pista as there are many details that Ferrari still wants to keep under wraps. They probably want to save a few surprises for when it is officially unveiled to keep sports car enthusiasts in anticipation. If you want to see the 711-horsepower 488 Pista Ferrari in person, then you will have to attend the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show next month. The details of when this car is available to buy have not yet been disclosed.

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