Yeehaw Wand Lets You Easily Create Objects Out of Thin Air

The Yeehaw Wand is a one of a kind product that allows users to create objects out of thin air easily. It unleashes your inner sculptor letting you develop, play, and print your creations to the real world using a free app. It is perfect for creators, designers, artists, DIY inventors, hobbies and anyone who like to come up with their innovations.

The wand looks like a big spoon with plenty of mosaic tiles. However, in the real sense, it is an electronic sculpturing paddle that brings to life ideas from your brain within seconds. It makes use of the camera of the phone or tablet to identify the odd motion a person is making; thus, it an enjoyable device to use.

You do not need any specialized programming or 3D graphics experience to create in 3D. All one has to do is design directly from their tablet or phone and onto the universe in a straightforward manner. You can use it to come up with toys, ornaments, or any other fancier items you can dream of because it has no limits to what it can create.

The fantastic product features draw-and-print systems that make it possible for individuals to sketch their concepts in mid-air to construct desired designs. Users will appreciate the fact that the wand allows them to:

  • Deliver meticulous models that can be printed professionally or at home
  • Sketch creative designs or even hint over already existing objects around the universe
  • Work with AR app on tablets or phones to bring 3D drawings to life

How to use Yeehaw

The product is super convenient to take advantage of. Individuals just need to wave the wand in front of the device they are using and view the creation taking form in front of their eyes. Nothing is left to chance because designers first see their developments in real life. When satisfied with the results, they can go ahead and print out the creations instantly.

Interestingly, the wand enables creators to recreate anything they want from the real world. Features that make it a must-purchase product include:

It is Lightweight

It does not weigh too much which implies that a person can carry it around and anytime they can use their hands to create something in real space. Individuals who have bought it compare it to using a magic wand that they use to come up with unique designs.

Comes with a 360 Degree Plate

You can rotate the product in any direction you wish to achieve the perspective you want. It is an essential feature in that it also allows people who have purchased the product to add finishing details on every detail and angle.

It Allows People to Use an App

The fact that you can view the creation process of your design on a tablet or phone is quite exciting. The app is handy as it tracks the movements of the wand and gives users all the things they need to allow the image flourish. Other useful traits it presents include

  • 2D multi-touch screen gestures
  • 3D mesh pre-designs
  • Mirror image strokes
  • Scaling- i.e., zoom out and in
  • Size and color spectrum
  • 2D fixed plane boundary

As mentioned earlier the Yeehaw Wand allows users to print their designs in 3D. There are a couple of options clients have regarding this, and these include:

  1. Getting creations delivered at home- when a person presses print on their end, the company can print their creations and deliver them at home or any other specified location.
  2. Purchasing the Yeehaw 3D Printer- if one does not want to go through the trouble, they can buy the fully-featured £D printer that is straightforward to use and safe to use at home. It comes with transparent casing perfect for inquisitive minds.
  3. Other Printing Centers- if the above options do not seem viable, users can also save their creations in printable format and send to any 3D print center to be in possession of their design.

The Yeehaw Wand comes with a one year warranty that is not necessary because all units are thoroughly tested before shipping. Both Apple and Android users can download the app. The wand uses Bluetooth to connect to the devices automatically.

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