10 of the Most Expensive Apps of 2017

Most people are not familiar with Apps on their iPhones or iPads. They have an idea of what they think an App should cost, which, in their minds, may be a few dollars. But today, there are Apps that are available that can run in the hundreds of dollars. The developers have created these expensive Apps with consideration to the demand there will be for the applications by users. They can be anything from music, to medical, business or others.

What’s the purpose of an App?

The basis of an App software and development is to make life and specific tasks easier for people. We have gotten so used to having anything we want and need, right at our fingertips. We want instant communication to see advertisements or related info, get medical reports and information, and handle business tasks at a moment’s notice. To keep this trend going, there has to be a constant developmental stage of new software to make these capabilities available. Without some of the Apps we already have, life for some people, would come to a grinding halt. Software developers know this, and as easy as life seems to be these days, they think they can make even better, to give users more, or better options. They set the price the highest on the Apps that are in the most demand.

If you follow new trends on Apps and like to see which Apps are coming out at what costs, we’re going to give you a list of the newest ones and what they cost. Here are 10 of the most expensive Apps of 2017.

10. DDS GP

Dental experts will appreciate the information this App will give them. Developed specifically for dental experts, this App helps you to be more efficient and effective when explaining dental treatments and conditions to the patients. You will have access to over 200 detailed illustrations and demonstrations that show you how to communicate with your patients, and explain step-by-step, what is going on as their condition worsens. It is currently only available for the iPad, but it is being used now in over 13,000 dentists offices, globally, and the program is available in 13 languages. It is currently available for a price of $399.99

9. Alpha-Trader

This is an App for traders to give them access to the most up-to-date statuses of the different stock markets. It is also for investors who invest in stock market type projects. This new App gives the users multiple types of applications and options. They can pull up portfolio probable return, portfolio overview, get real-time stock prices, see profit/loss, view portfolio risk, asset risk and much more. Many of the users have attested to the quality of the App and its dependability, stating that is very accurate and reliable. This is one reason for its hefty tag of $999.00.

8. MobiGage NDI

This a top-notch business App that allows the user to perform inspections on manufacture parts and assemblies. It helps to generate automate inspection processes, it edits, and runs measurement plans and leaves you with no inconveniences. This is a helpful App to those in the business of parts, assemblies and project engineering. It is currently being used all over the world and is available for $999.99.


If you are in the agriculture business, you at want to consider the AGRO App. It allows you to handle anything to do with your business and take care of your clients whether you are there in person, or away. You can create and email professional paddock. which eliminates having to travel back and store your clients details and info. It reduces paperwork and gives you an automatic and centralized filing system. The App is going for $999.00

6. QSFFStats

An App developed for flag football fans. If you love your flag football, QSFFStats is an App for you. It will cost you, but you can keep up with everything about the passing teams. The App keeps you up-to-date on games, stats, plays, scores and more. The cost of this App? $999.99, so if you think it’s worth it to be in-the-know on flag football, all the time, this could be a good App to have.

5. Cybertuner

Could you use a little extra help when you’re working tuning pianos? This is the finest professional piano tuner’s App an d friend. It gives technicians tuning tools they have never had. It also lends a hand to help resolve issues while tuning. It has been deemed the perfect tool for those in this profession and to have access to all it has to offer, you will have to pay a fee of $999.99 to gain access to the system.

4. APP Cash

If you need to handle cash quickly and easily? App Cash lets you be the cashier right from your phone. It requires 26 Mb in order to be included on your device, but you get to monitor and handle daily transactions, right in your hand at any time. It contains outflow a nd inflow and works with iPhone. iPod and iPads. This App is $999.99 for the conveniences and freedom it gives you.

3.BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review

Anyone who has spent time in law school and studying for the bar, could probably tell you that to have tool to help you in your studies, right at your fingertips, would be a must. That is what BarMax is geared toward, giving you access to all kinds of information, Harvard Law School lectures and much more. This App sells for $999.99, then you have instant access to a world of knowledge and material to help make your Bar Exam a little easier.

2. Ignition

If you need the ability to access any of your files, anytime and anywhere, with any device, download this App to your device so that you can communicate between devices and stay on top of your work. You will be able to take control of your Mac devices from your iPhone anytime. This App is pricey, too and it will set you back $999.99 if you want the convenience of everything it has to offer.

1. VIP Black

For the wealthy who want to have the best of the best at their fingertips, VIP Black is the App for you. Get instant tips and info on the best concierge, limo service, hotels, Gordon Ramsey restaurants, really, anything you can think of. VIP Black gives you gifts, exclusive deals, complimentary upgrades and much more. For the best of everything with this App, you will have to pay $1199.00 to download it, but if you can afford it, why not?


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