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The 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live In

New York

Every city has its positives and negatives. Some cities in the US have a very high cost of living, which can effect many people's decision as to whether or not they want to live there. With the cost of living rising no matter where you live, having a high housing cost, as well as other high expenses for living, such as groceries, dining out, movies, going to the hair salon, and more, more and more people are shopping around for cities to move to where the cost of living fits their budget. Certain cities have always been higher than others when it comes to these expenses, while others have gradually been creeping up according to what the economy has dictated. It can really benefit people to know the details of the country's most expensive cities to help them in their decisions on moving or traveling. It probably isn't too surprising that California has several of the cities that rank in the top most expensive cities list. If you are curious to know which cities are at the top, here are the 10 most expensive cities to live in.

10. San Diego, California

San Diego sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the Southern part of California and has a population of about 1,394,928, which was the estimate given back on July 1, 2015. The median age is 34.9 and it is the eighth largest city in the United States. There are more than 100 languages spoken in San Diego due to many people coming from all parts of the world to live in the beautiful city. The cost of living is high in San Diego with housing costing $2,230 a month to rent a 900 square foot home in a more expensive place and $1,829 a month for a 900 square foot home in a lesser expensive part of the city. An average automobile, such as a Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI 150 CV, costs $22,980. San Diego is the tenth most expensive city to live in, in the US.

9. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, though known as a rainy city and where Starbucks coffee was founded, is the ninth most expensive city in the US. Known as the most literate cities in the country, Seattle has the most bookstores, libraries, and library card holders. It is the only city to be known to have been built on top of another city. After the great fire of 1889, the citizens raised the streets and re-built. The cost of living is high in Seattle and you can find rent for a 900 square foot home in a more expensive area for $2,420 a month, while a lesser expensive area will cost you $1,930 a month for the same sq. footage. To purchase an average vehicle, it will cost you $22,072 and you can expect to pay about $84 for a dinner out to an Italian restaurant.

8. Oakland, California

Oakland, California is the eighth most expensive city in the US and is the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay area. The city got its beginnings in 1851 when three men began to develop the downtown area of Oakland. The city serves as the port for the San Francisco Bay area and is the eighth largest city in the state. Although the cost of living has leaned toward expensive for many years, it has continued to climb and today, the cost of living there allows you to get a 900 square foot place to rent in one of the more expensive areas for $3,174 a month and $2,134 in a cheaper area. The purchase an average vehicle, such as the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI, will cost you $22,145 and you will likely pay about $83 for dinner for two at an Italian restaurant.

7. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US and is often recognized by its low-rise buildings as opposed to high rise. The city is set up in a grid-like pattern for the main part of the downtown area. It is uniform in its block lengths and the major streets are designed to carry large bulks of traffic through the main veins of the city. Lots of wealthy people and celebrities have moved to the Los Angeles area over the years. It is known for being the main hub for Hollywood and the cost of living is high in the city. You can expect to pay a high price for housing in LA with the average cost for a 900 square foot rental being $2,145 in a more expensive part of the city, and $2,045 being the cost for a less expensive area. If you want to dine out, the average dinner for two at an Italian restaurant will cost you $81.00.

6. Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and the sixth largest city. With a population of 667,137 as estimated back in 2015, it is the largest city in the New England area. The city is broken into two separate areas, the Greater Boston area and a Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city is ranked as one of the most expensive for the cost of living. If you plan to move to Boston, you can expect that you will pay $2,296 to rent a furnished studio apartment in the nicer area of town, and $1,692 in the less expensive part of town. Coffee in the upper part of town will set you back $12 and dinner for two out at a decent Italian restaurant will cost you $92.

5. San Jose, California

San Jose is another city of California that is on the list of the top most expensive cities to live in. The name is Spanish for "Saint Joseph," and the economic, cultural and political hub of the Silicon Valley. It is also the largest city in the Northern part of California. It has an estimated population of 1,026, 908 and is the third most populated city in California. The cost of living is known to be high in San Jose, with the cost of rent being $,2,863 for a 900 square foot rental in a cheaper part of town and $3,091 for the same square footage in a more expensive parts of town. For dinner a nice pub for two, you can expect to pay $48 and a cocktail will cost you $11.

4. Honolulu, CA

Everyone dreams of going to Hawaii, and to go on vacation is quite expensive, but to live there, you should know that it is ranked as number four as one of the most expensive cities in the United States, to live in. Tourists flock to the beautiful island and the visitors and tourists tend to drive the cost of living up. If you plan to move to Honolulu, you may want to know what you will pay in housing. To rent a 900 square foot apartment in a lesser expensive part of the city, will cost you $1,967 a month. In the more expensive part of town, you will pay approximately $2,495 a month. To purchase an average-type automobile, such as a Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI, you will be shelling out $25,843 and gas costs .78 for a 1/4 of a gallon of gas.

3. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., home of the President of the United States, and the only city to ever be named after a president. They are also known for their main fruit, the apple, as well as the rich history and large number of monuments around the area. There is a lot of tourism in D.C., and rightly so, but it also as a large populous and high cost of living that make it difficult for more people who would love to live in the historical district, to be able to do so. The average rental of a 900 square foot apartment in a normal rental area will cost you $2,246 a month, and in a more expensive area of town, you will pay $2,867 a month. Eating at the average Italian restaurant with a dinner for two, will cost you $99.

2. San Francisco, California

Most known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the street trolleys, San Francisco, is the second most expensive cities in the United States for cost of living. It is also the second most populated cities, next to New York City. The city was founded in June of 1776, but really boomed during the California gold rush of 1856 and became the most populated city on the west coast. Cost of living is high in SF, California, and housing will cost you $3,541 a month to rent a 900 square foot apartment in the lesser expensive part of town, while the more expensive areas will be approximately $4,396 for a 900 square foot rental. A liter of gas is .80 and a cappuccino in town will set you back $4.55.

1. New York City, New York

Everyone knows New York, New York as the most famous city in the United States, the city that doesn't sleep. It is the world's most populated city in the US and is largest for financial businesses. It is also the hub for immigrants to come into, and start their new lives in the United States, being welcomed by the Statue of Liberty. The cost of living is so high that a family trying to scrape by on a medial, annual salary of $93,000 for food, clothing, shelter, health care, and transportation would be able to do the same in Marshall county on $48,000, which is a big difference. A one bedroom apartment in the city can cost $2,993.00 and a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will set you back nearly $80. It has been ranked as the number one city in the US for the highest cost of living.



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Written by Maria McCutchen

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