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The 10 Most Expensive Home Grills in the World

It's summertime and time to break out the grill. There's nothing like fresh meat and veges cooked on a backyard grill, but it's got to be a good one, and some people are willing to pay a hefty price to get the best grill out there. If you are one who thinks that the more expensive the grill is, the better the cookout, then you might be surprised to see what some of the top, and most expensive grills are costing all over the world. But what is expensive to you? Some might think $600 - $1,000 would be considered an expensive grill, while others would think a couple grand. So would you believe that there are grills that cost many thousands of dollars? Keep reading to find out what the top 1o most expensive home grills in the world, are and see if you think it would be worth paying that kind of money for them.

10. Viking Ultra-Premium 500 Series Natural Gas Grill: $6,000-$6,300

Viking is one of the most recognized, and well-respected names in gas grills and kitchen appliances. When it comes to Viking's home grills, they are known to give customers the most and spare no expense. This grill, from their 500 series, was designed with three stainless steel burners and wood-smoking and allows for rotisserie roasting. It also features a Black Diamond briquette flavor generator that will turn any drippings your grilled food creates, into savory smoked flavors. The lighting features; two interior lights and illuminated knobs for better control over the cooking options and temperature settings, make it easy to use at night. This rill sells for $6,000-$6,300.

9. Bull Little Q Grill Island: $6,500

This is a smaller, more compact grill that is referred to as a grilling station and it allows you to have the best of a maximum grilling experience, yet it keeps your space free for more entertainment room. The Bull Little Q Island is equipped with a built-in refrigerator and three-person bar area. It also has four stainless steel burners and an infrared burner, which is one of the latest grilling innovations. You can get this grill for $6,500, which is one of the most expensive grills in the US.

8. Grillco Propane Gas Corn Roaster Grill: $6,799

The Grillco Propane Gas Corn Roaster is a grill that gives corn lovers, the ability to roast corn the way they want to, in large numbers, without having to only roast a few at a time. This bad boy can roast 120 ears of corn simultaneously and in just 60 minutes. There are eight stainless steel burners that sit under the rotating hub and the system is a cross-tie system, which means your burners don't go out when you least expect them to. However, should one go out without warning, don't worry, the burner next to it will automatically reignite it. Now that's innovation. This grill sells for $6,799 and is the 8th most expensive grill today.

7. Falcon Gray Sedona Island Package 36-Inch Grill: $6,999

This Falcon Gray Sedona is by Lynx Grill and it is a very functional grill that is sleek in design and makes use of all the areas to give you the most out of your grill. It is loaded with neat amenities and features, like an infrared burner, built-in refrigerator, granite countertop and built-in side burner for those extra, side dishes. This high-performance grill is 36 inches and it sells for $6,999 if you want one of the very best grills in the world.

6. Bakers Pride Charbroiler: $7,546

For $7,546, you can get this charbroiler that allows you to charbroil on a commercial level. Charbroiling is what this grill is for and it is equipped with adjustable cast-iron grates, as well as a removable grease pan, a nd a broiling area. You can get it all done at one time and not have to use multiple pieces of equipment to take care of your different types of grilling needs. The Baker's Pride Charbroiler is the 6th most expensive grill in the world, and for all you get, it's really no wonder.

5. Tec Infra-Red Four-Burner Gas Grill Unit: $7,560

The Tec Infra-red Four-Burner Gas Grill was the winner of Home and Earth's Magazine's VESTA Award for being the best new barbeque during the show for Outdoor Room Products. It offers many unique features that many grill enthusiast will appreciate: the four-burner grill comes was designed with cutting-edge technology in the use of infra-red that decreases the loss of moisture and shrinkage up to 30%, when cooking. It also features infrared burners and vibrant glass panels that prevent glare, as well as it allows the drippings from the food to create a natural smoke flavor for your food. It sells for $7,560 if you are interested in the Tec Infra-Red Four-Burner Grill.

4. Crown Verity Tailgate Grill: $10,741

For $10,741, you can get the Crown Verity Tailgate Grill. This is for serious grillers who expect only the best from their grill. If you have tailgating in your blood, the Crown Verity will get all your grilling needs done so that everyone in your tailgate party is happy and satisfied, and raving over your food. It has six individual burners that allow you to feed your large crowd by cooking 367 hamburgers per hour. It also has two insulated storage compartments to give you access to everything you need to grill for your large, hungry crowd.

3. Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Propane Gas Grill: $12,196

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Propane Gas Grill is everything a grill master could want in a grill and has everything imaginable, except maybe a chef. It is all features, and includes, heat zone separators, that also allow a wide range off temperatures to choose from, a 12-inch deep firebox, wood chip smoker drawer, a four-zone meat and grill thermometer, and more. Instead of having to open the lid to see your meat as it cooks, look through the grill's "Magic Window" and the grill's remote-controlled power motorized hood to regulate the heat of the grill. This technology innovative grill will cost you $12,196 if you want one of the best of the best.

2. Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Freestanding Grill with Sideburner: $20,695

The second most expensive grill in the world is the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Freestanding Grill. This is a product that comes from a company in Kalamazoo, Michigan and it's a grill that does everything but prepare and cook the food itself. There are three options for cooking; wood, gas or charcoal. This is a 51-inch, four-burner grill and you can choose to cook on the traditional "low and slow" cook option, or the newer, high-tech searing method that cooks at up to 1,000 degrees. This grill has a very sleek design and gives you a lot of your typical grill-amenities of storage and space, plus much, much more. This grill will set you back a whopping $20,695, and is the second most expensive grill.


1. BBQ Shed Concession Trailer: $24,650

This grill is what is called a "concession trailer" and it comes with two sliding windows, hot food wells for serving, hand and dish sinks, air conditioning to keep you cool during those hot days, storage areas, fresh-water tank that's complete with an electric water heater, refrigerator and more. When you think about it, it's almost like buying a small home instead of a big grilling unit, but it you're interested, this grill is $24,650 and is the most expensive grill in the world.


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