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The 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Spain

When you travel, one of the main concerns and priorities, is getting your accommodations set up. You want to make sure you are staying in a nice hotel so that your trip can be a s pleasurable as possible. If you want to make sure you get a really nice hotel that gives you all the comforts of home, and more, then you are probably looking for a five-star hotel. If you are traveling abroad, perhaps a trip to Spain, you can expect that they have some of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world. No matter what part of Spain you travel to, you will find a hotel that meets the five star status and are nothing less than luxurious. Span's most expensive hotels are where you will find the wealthy and elite, when they travel. If you have ever wondered what they most expensive hotels are in Spain, then take a look at the list below. Here are ten of the most expensive hotels in Spain.

10. Westin Palace hotel, Madrid - $347

Dating back to 1912, the Westin Palace is located in the capital city and has so much to offer, outside of its being conveniently located to many hot spots and tourist attractions. Although it is an older hotel, it has gone through many renovations, and still, it has kept its historic charm and classic appeal. The Westin Palace is one of the most elegant hotels in the city and is notorious for its gorgeous stained glass dome. Not only is the hotel itself, elegant, but each and every room is elegantly designed and outfitted with the highest quality of furnishings and bedding, and technology, making it beautiful and comfortable. One of the most popular things to do at the hotel, is to gather under the dome for cocktails, coffee, and aperitifs, while you enjoy live music to entertain while you relax and sip on your favorite cocktail. Your every whim is catered to by the highly trained, multilingual staff, and you will only pay $347 a night during off season, at the Westin Palace.


9. Hotel Arts Barcelona - $377

Located in Barcelona, the Hotel Arts is a chain of Ritz Carlton and is as luxurious as you would expect from the brand. The hotel overlooks the Barceloneta Beach, as well as Barcelona city centre, both of which are viewed with panoramic views from the hotel. When you stay at the Hotel Arts Barcelona, you have easy access to Barcelona's Olympic Port, shops galore, and your choice of nightlife, from fine dining restaurants, to entertaining bars. If you care to stick around the hotel, you will be entertained by spending time looking at the hotel's collection of contemporary art, and dine at their Michelin-starred restaurant. If you love to be pampered, you will get the full treatment at the luxurious Spa, or get your hair done at the hair salon Take a dip in the beautiful hotel pool and sauna, and browse the high-end boutiques. After a full day, you can retreat to your spacious hotel room and enjoy the lavish bathrooms that boast hydromassage showers, to relax you before sleep. This is the newest hotel on the list, being that it opened its doors in 1994, and rooms start at about $377 a night.

8. Hotel Ritz Madrid - $421

The Ritz Carlton is one of the most famous names in luxury hotels, and you will find one in Madrid Spain. Like you would expect from the Ritz anywhere, the hotel brand in Spain is just as luxurious as you would expect. This particular hotel is located just minutes from the city's museums, which is a big attraction to stay at this hotel. Decorated in a classic theme, the hotel is full of antique-style furniture and rich materials for a luxurious look and feel. Each bathroom boasts marble an d gold, and you will find there are many amenities available to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as you'd hope. The Bodyna Wellness Center is fully equipped and ready to cater to your fitness needs. Enjoy the continental Ritz breakfast every morning, and relax in the lobby bar for afternoon tea and cocktails. You are surrounded by culture, parks and museums, and to get all you want out of your stay in Madrid, you only pay $421 a night during the city's off-season time. The Hotel Ritz Madrid is one of Spain's most luxurious and most expensive hotels.


7. Hotel Alva Park Costa Brava, Platja de Fenals - $541

Located in Platja de Fenals, the Hotel Alva park Costa Brava features rooms that start at 750 square feet of luxurious space. They are all elegantly designed and furnished, and supplied with the high end technology, like the electronic controlled curtains and lighting, and Bang Olufsen System with TV/C/DVD  player. You'll really feel pampered when you step in the whirlpool bath in your private bathroom. If you love all things exotic, you will love the Butterfly Garden restaurant that was designed to recreate a natural butterfly habitat so that you can eat surrounded by exotic butterflies that fly freely about the restaurant. Each room is also equipped with its own personal terrace, to give you beautiful views to enjoy while relaxing outside your room. Children are welcome and will enjoy their own entertainment, like the Children's Kingdom Suite with the handmade dollhouse and electric train set. It's a family affair at the Hotel Alva Park Costa Brava, and you can enjoy this five star hotel for $541 a night.

6. Belmond La Residencia, Deià, Mallorca - $583

Once owned by Sir Richard Branson, the Belmond is an exclusive hotel that only houses enough guests to fill the 67, individually designed rooms, that also includes suites, plus a deluxe villa that sits close by, and is catered to all on its own. T the Belmond, you will be showered in luxury with the multiple options for fine dining with candlelight, indoor pool, Jacuzzi, full gym, steam room, sauna, two outdoor pools, two art galleries, boutique and much more. The staff are multilingual and highly trained to cater to all of your needs. You won't be without beautiful views, from natural landscape, citrus and live groves, and gorgeous mountain views. The hotel has attracted some of the most notorious names, such as singer Robbie Williams, Princess Diana, and many other elite clientele. You will only be out of pocket $583 per night, when you stay at the Belmond La Residencia.

5. Son Brull Hotel and Spa, Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca - $588

The Son Brull Hotel and Spa is a luxury hotel situated in Serra de Tramuntana, in Mallorca. For $588 a night, during the hotel's off season, you can linger by the crystal clear infinity pool that sits surrounded by 100 year old olive trees. Take a siesta in one of the poolside day beds or sit under a parasol and enjoy the breathtaking views. There are just 23 guest rooms at this 5 star hotel, but each one is luxuriously furnished with contemporary décor style furnishings and all of the hotel rooms are bathed in lots of natural light, making the rooms warm, airy and cheery. Dine at the hotel's world class Mallorcan cuisine restaurant, and get pampered with all the amenities to keep you happy and relaxed, like the Spa and fitness center, while staying at this beautiful, exquisite hotel.

4. Hotel El Palauet Living Barcelona - $590

The Hotel El Palauet Living caters to both pleasure and business oriented guests. The list of amenities is long, so that every customer has the most comfortable, relaxing, and full experience from their stay. Every room is loaded with high tech amenities to keep you connected with your technology. Outside of your room, you can enjoy the property's spa, hot tub, sauna, and luxurious lobby with beautiful furnishings and comfortable lobby bar. Barcelona is so close, you will love the convenience of all the city has to offer, without having far to travel at all. At $590 a night, this hotel is pricey, but worth every penny if you are ever traveling to Barcelona, and want one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

3. Hotel Cap Rocat, Mallorca - $626

Overlooking Mallorca's Bay of Palma, sits the Hotel Cap Rocat. With rooms starting at $626 a night, you won't soon forget your stay and experience at this five star hotel. The hotel, once a fortress, is historic in nature, and due to its architecture, it is secluded, offering you the utmost peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will feel the history all around you, especially because the original purpose of the construction, is incorporated into the hotel's theme. One way you will see the history, is with the suites being created out of old munitions stores, and all have private patios to sit and relax at the end of your day. Have a cocktail and watch the sun set over the Bay. Check out the island on day trips that are full of exploration, shopping, and playtime in the bay's waters. This is truly one of the most luxurious hotels in Spain, and you will want to return again and again to relive your experience.

2. Iberostar Grand Hotel Salome - Adults Only, Tenerife - $656

The all-inclusive Iberostar Grand Hotel Salome is one of the most expensive hotel's in Spain, at $656 at night. You won't want for anything, in way of service, entertainment, and amenities, here. Whether you are single or have a special someone, this is an, adults only, hotel that caters to your comfort by offering a serene, relaxing environment to vacation in. The beach setting is tranquil, like an oasis. You can enjoy plenty of activities at the hotel's beach, such as fishing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, or try your hand at golf or tennis, for an active sport. You get top-of-the-line service from the highly trained staff while taking advantage of all this five star hotel has to offer. It's truly one of the best hotels in Spain.

1. Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia, Maspalomas - $671

The Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia is the most expensive hotel on the list. The five star hotel is located in Maspalomas and is situated among an old palm grove that is over 1000 years old. There are just 94 rooms at the Seaside Grand Hotel, but each once was decorated in a Spanish Colonial style décor. Elegant teak furniture and furnishings fill the rooms, and each bathroom is not only beautifully designed in a Moorish style, but they are luxurious, with optimum comfort, and completely private. Breath taking views are all around, from the mountains of Gran Canaria that you will see as you linger by the gorgeous pool, but you also have unlimited views of the landscape of the island all around. Amenities include, full fitness gym, a luxurious Spa, fine cuisine dining, and a full professional staff that cater to your every need. You will pay high dollars to stay at this tranquil oasis of a hotel, and rooms start at about $671 a night, but can soar much higher during high season.

If you're not counting dollars, then paying top dollar for a luxurious hotel in Spain is probably not a big issue for you. For those who can afford five star hotels, having the best of everything is more important than the cost, and that is what the hotels listed above aim to do, to give their clientele the very best they have to offer.


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