10 of the Finest Luxury Suites in the United States


We’ve all stayed in hotels that we thought were gorgeous. Most of these hotels are of the five star variety and offer amenities we’d never dream of at home. Typically these rooms are the top quality within the “general room” category. But what about the best of the very best? The rooms you don’t often see advertised online or on TV?

This article will give you details of some of the most amazing hotel suites in America. Some of them have their own sauna, private pools, or balcony overlooking the ocean. How would you like to stay in a themed suite with a private basketball court or your very own bowling alley? Unfortunately most of these suites are aimed at royalty or celebrities and can cost in excess of $50,000 a night, but all of us can dream right?

Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel, New York


If you are looking for an amazingly luxurious hotel then try the Four Seasons. In it you’ll find the Ty Warner Penthouse which has an amazing 360 degree view of Manhattan. The room has unimaginable luxuries which will blow you away such as glass balconies, a chandelier which is four feet in diameter, as well as fabrics that have gold interlaced features and a zen inspired garden. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a floor to ceiling waterfall, tiger’s eye jeweled bath, and a spa room. This room also comes with staff such as a butler and chef. The Ty Warner will set you back a massive $40,000 per night.

Casa Five, Arizona

Casa Five Pool

This hotel suite has its own pool as well as a private tennis court. There are also great views of Camel back Mountain. Make sure to book a chauffeur who will drive you to the farmer’s market to pick up some ingredients for dinner. When you return, a chef will be there to cook them for you. Prices start from $3,500 per night.

Presidential Suite, Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs

Presidential Suite, Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs

This hotel can accommodate more than 200 people, and that’s just in the Presidential Suite. You read that correctly. Set in an amazing location with views of the Mountains, this two story hotel is beautiful. The rooms have been decorated in floral patterned wall paper and have three log fireplaces. The beautiful living room includes top quality furniture, custom pieces, and a piano. There’s also a library, den, and private patio. Prices start from $25,000 per night.

Penthouse,Fairmont San-Francisco Hotel

Penthouse,Fairmont San-Francisco Hotel

The Penthouse suite in the Fairmont hotel is beautifully exquisite with every little detail being taken into account. Previous guests include John F. Kennedy and Prince Charles. Covering an entire floor of the hotel, this suite will give you all that you need and plenty more. Unfortunately, the $15,000 a night price tag may be out of most people’s budgets. Inside you’ll see a lovely stained glass ceiling, a two story Library with some first edition books. You’ll also get a team of staff including a butler, chef and masseuse. There’s also a chauffeur who will take you where ever you need to go.

Provocateur, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

Provocateur, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas allows guests to play out there fantasies. If you want the ultimate fantasy try the Provocateur suite. This incredible room includes mirrored ceilings, an enormous bed which is equivalent in size to three queens, and an interactive video wall allowing you to control everything you can imagine. There’s also a private balcony and pool, as well as a vault filled with toys, gear and outfits for guests to experiment with. There’s a cage and an amazing shower which has moving naked silhouettes that sway with your movement. If you fancy staying here, this suite will set you back $5,000 per night.

Grand Del Mar Hotel

Grand Del Mar Hotel

This Mediterranean inspired suite has a two car garage complete with a luxury cart which will allow you to explore the surrounding countryside. There’s also a beautiful yard with flowers, a rock garden, and a pond. The patio has a built in barbecue and fridge. There’s also large floor to ceiling windows and a great view. Ceilings have been decorated with hand stenciled Mediterranean murals and there are also European columns. Another thing you will love about this suite is its media room which has leather recliners and padded and insulated walls for improved sound quality. Staying at this hotel will cost you about $6,000 a night.

Kamehameha, Honici Resort & Spa, Maui, Hawaii

Kamehameha, Honici Resort & Spa

This six room, ocean front Kamehameha suie will blow you away. The ocean views are simply the beginning. People have been known to spot whales from this room for starters. You can also see Moloka’i and Lana’i islands as well as numerous mountain formations. Highlights of this suite include a fully equipped kitchen, flat screen TVs and three lovely bathrooms. Every room has oversized beds which can fit a family (if you’d like). Prices start from $2,999 per night

Royal Plaza Suite, Plaza Hotel, New York City

Royal Plaza Suite, Plaza Hotel

The inspiration behind this suite was taken from Louis XV’s royal court. As you can see it’s modeled after a specific time period and screams elegance. You’ll find gold plated taps, an in suite gym, library filled with books, and a team of chefs available to make use of the amazing kitchen anytime you wish. Prices for this suite start from around $30,000 per night.

Presidential Suite, Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles

Presidential Suite, Hotel Bel-Air

Royalty and Hollywood celebrities regularly stay at this hotel and frequent the Presidential Suite. There’s a chef’s kitchen in this immaculate room, and also dining for ten. The living room is beautiful and contains a piano and fully stocked bar. Bathrooms have his and hers showers and hot tubs where you can relax and watch TV. Outside there is a Spanish courtyard with a pool and fire place. All for $15,750 per night.

Hardwood Suite, Palms Casino, Las Vegas

Hardwood Suite, Palms Casino

This beautifully decorated hotel suite is laid out over 10,000 square feet and covers two floors. There’s an indoor basketball court complete with locker room and scoreboard. This hotel also has other sports themed suites which include a ten pin bowling suite. To stay in either of these sports themed suites you’ll have to cough up to $25,000 per night.

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