10 Free Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Summer

The summer months can pose a problem for many parents as their children are off school for an extended period and it is often tricky to keep them entertained for at this time of the year. Another issue for may parents is the expense of the activities. However, there are some fantastic activities you can enjoy with their children even if you have a limited budget and the warmer weather opens up even more possibilities. Here are ten free activities to keep your children entertained this summer.

1. Go to a Park

Parks provide the perfect settings for your children to burn off some energy and get some fresh air. You can enjoy a family walk together, have a kick around with a ball or have fun at the park’s playground. Many parks offer additional sports facilities that are free or some activities at a small cost.

2. Visit Local Beauty Spots

Regardless of where you live, you will have some form of local beauty spot near you. This may be a beach, a forest, or a nature reserve. These are ideal for a range of outdoor activities and can also offer a range of educational opportunities. Even most urban areas will have a local beauty spot, such as riverside of canal-side walkways or urban gardens.

3. Ride Your Bikes

The warmer months are a great time to get fit as a family and a fun way to do this is to go on bicycle rides together. Check out whether there are any cycle trails in your area and make sure that everyone wears a helmet.

4. Give Them a Cooking Lesson

While cooking is a mundane task for many adults as it is something they have to do every day, most children love getting involved in the kitchen. Baking a cake with your children is an excellent activity for a rainy day and it is an opportunity to teach your children new skills that are important for them to become independent as they are older. Regardless of their age, there is a job that every child can get involved in while cooking, from stirring the mixture to weighing the ingredients.

5. Have a Picnic

Children love the novelty of eating outdoors, so a picnic is a fantastic way of keeping them entertained. Get them involved in the food preparation process then set off to a nice spot for your picnic together. If there is nowhere nearby and you cannot afford transport, then put a blanket in your garden and host your picnic there.

6. Host an Arts and Crafts Day

Anything that involves making a mess is an amazing idea to children. There are plenty of arts and crafts activities that you can do with them using things that you already have in your home, such as coloring pens, scraps of paper, and glue. Try making balloon paper mache heads, cardboard crowns, painted stone paperweights, and greetings cards.

7. Grow Some Vegetables

Summer is the perfect time for growing many fruit and vegetables. Getting children involved in this will teach them about the food production process. One of the easiest plants to grow is a tomato plant and you do not even need a garden to grow these. Save some old plastic takeout tubs for growing them in and dry out the seeds from some tomatoes. You can plant the seeds in the tubs and keep them on a windowsill. Watching these grow and taking care of their plants is something that the children can do over the summer and take pride in producing their own food that they can then eat.

8. Enjoy a Movie Night

One For evening entertainment for children is to host a movie night. Dig out all your favorite DVDs or download a movie you have not watched yet. Snuggle up together on the settee with some snacks from the kitchen.

9. Start a Summer Scrapbook

Encourage your children to start a summer scrapbook. This is something that they can spend some time on each day. They can collect mementos of the places you visit with them and stick them in their summer scrapbook along with a few words about the things they have enjoyed about each day.

10. Go to a Museum

Many museums are free to visit, and they simply ask for voluntary donations. There are plenty of museums that children will find interesting as they have unusual displays or interactive activities for children to get involved with during their visit.

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