The 10 Hottest Kickstarter Products of 2017

Technology is an ever-changing world and if you don’t keep up with it, you will quickly be left behind. The demand for newer and better has been moving faster and faster, and technology companies are constantly trying to come up with the next, better product or upgrade to make people’s lives better and more convenient. And just when you think something couldn’t get any better, or maybe, just when you got used to one thing, something new has come out to take its place.

If you are one to follow the newest and latest innovations in technology, and the different gadgets that are set to hit the market, or already have, then you may be interested in this year’s hottest kickstarter products. Here you can see 10 of the hottest kickstarter products of 2017. Keep reading to see if any of the products are something you are interested in, something you need, or if the gadget will even fit your budget. So here they are, the ten hottest kickstarter products of 2017.

10. GoJoe Portable Coffee Brewer

For coffee lovers who want an easy and convenient way to brew their coffee on the go, the GoJoe portable coffee brewer is the latest invention for brewing your coffee while you get going. No more waiting for you coffee to brew at home before you leave the house; brew it on your way to work, at work, or while out-and-about running errands. Hey Joe is the startup company that designed this little gem. They designed it so that you can operate it by battery and is rechargeable by USB. The company raised $110,000 for their new kickstarter after starting a campaign to raise $20,000. The portable coffee brewer is available for sale for $99.

9. Hudway Glass car HUD

Everyone knows how distracting SmartPhones can be with so much information about your drive. Although they are handy, they can be overly informative to the point of causing so many distractions other than the pertinent information to get you from one point to the next. One solution is using HUD, a device that sits on your dash and cradles your SmartPhone so that only the pertinent information is displayed on the glass screen, as opposed to the windshield. You will only see the road, what’s up ahead, and the speed on the screen. This new kickstarter product is quickly becoming a popular item and Hudway Glass is bringing it to you this September. After raising $622,785 for the production during a $100,000 campaign, the product is available to pre-order now for September deliveries.

8. MOSS, The Modular Robot Kit

Kids are always fascinated with robots and Modular Robotics company knows this. That is why they set out to create the ultimate robot building kit for kids of all ages, including adult kids. Their robots have amazing functions and the kits are equipped with many parts, both functional and support parts. They include 52 blocks and 150 balls for hinges. The block functions include, flashlights, microphone, light and distance sensors, as well as the Double Brain block that connects to your ios or Android by way of Bluetooth, and the set gives you many different robot designs you can create. The campaign for the project started in November with a goal of $100,000, but quickly ran beyond that to nearly three and a half times that amount. You can get the Moss Exofabulartronixx kit for $599 now.

7. Big Turtle Shell Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor Tech is obviously a company that designs products for the great outdoors. They wanted to design a Bluetooth speaker that actually had the ability to withstand the outdoors while allowing you to connect with your iPhones, music and not have to be close to home. With the Big Turtle Shell Outdoor Speaker, you can travel miles away from anything and get your music, keep your iPhones charged and just have fun with the 116 decibels that it produces for assured sound and fun. It is water resistant and sturdy, and although large, it carries with a handle and can hang from a tree or other sturdy structure. Outdoor Tech had a campaign to raise $40,000 for their idea, but wound up with a cool $315,00 and is available for $179 or $192, depending on your choice of color.

6. Avegant Glymph Personal Theatre

The Avegant Glymph Personal Theatre is one of those gadgets that is just plain cool and for sheer entertainment. Get the feeling that you are in your very own theatre when you wear the Avegant Glymph Personal Theatre with the amazing graphics it gives you, while still allowing you to retain your peripheral vision. Take this gadget wherever you go and keep yourself entertained while staying in tune with your surroundings at all times using your peripheral vision. One thing that could be a downfall for some people is that the Avegant Glymph does not work with Samsung 2015-16 phones due to the lack of the proper HDMI out capabilities. And for those who prefer not to look like a sci-fi character while out in public, this could be something they want to only use in private, although you can simply slide the viewer up on your head to appear to simply be wearing a headphone set. The startup campaign was a huge success when the goal of $250,000 was enormously surpassed by pulling in $1.5 million. You can order this product on Amazon for $699.

5. Pebble Time Smartwatch

Although this is not the most sophisticated Smartwatch on the market, the Pebble Time Smartwatch is still considered one of the higher end Smartwatches and is the perfect solution for those who want a Smartwatch, but are on a budget, as well as maybe prefer a simpler form of a Smartwatch. It’s also the perfect answer for those who need, or prefer a longer battery life in their watch. You still get many features that you’d find in a regular Smartwatch, just at a lower cost, which is why this watch has been returning to Crowdfunding time and again in the past two years, since its startup in 2012. The watch can be ordered on Amazon and it has been found to be a solid kickstarter for 2017.

4. Tado Smart AC

These are the newest and smartest AC controls for your home that can be accessed through your Smartphone by the App. Many people are finding smarthome features to be the coolest way to help save on their energy bills and the Tado Smart AC is one of the latest. One of the biggest features that Tado Smart AC offers is the geolocation abilities. Your Tado Smart AC knows when you leave the house and will shut itself off to save you money. On return to your home, the Tado Smart AC will adjust itself so that it is the perfect temperature in your home when you get back. In 2014, the campaign goal was to reach $150,000, but the company exceeded this by raising $$200,000, and the product is now available for sale, with one place you can purchase it is on Amazon, for $169.

3. Beam Lightsocket Projector

The Beam lightsocket projector was developed on 2015 and set a campaign goal of $200,000 but superseded the goal by raising $759,256 to develop this cool kickstarter gadget. This projector screws right into your lightsocket and project images on tables, ceilings, walls, or wherever it is set up to aim according to where your sockets are, up to 150 inches in size. When used with Wifi or Bluetooth, you can mirror your Smartphone’s screen, as well as store Apps and media on the projector’s 8GB of data, hard drive. You can also utilize the projector’s If-Then functionality App to set it to wake you in the morning, with images of a rooster crowing, among other morning wake-up images. Or, have it display the news for you when you get home in the eve. This cool kickstarter for 2017 sells for $549.

2. Prynt Photo-Printing Phone Case

The Prynt photo-printing phone case is something that many people will find a use for. The old days of taking your photo cartridges to be developed and printed are over. Today, most people rely on their phones for their photo ops, but what do you do with the pics? If you still like to print your pictures, now there’s an easy way. This phone case is a built-in photo printer that allows you to print your pics instantly as you take them and no ink cartridges to have to refill. With the Prynt App, you can also add stickers and borders and other cool features to your pictures before printing. You can also get a short video clip that is embedded into the picture with the QR code-like system and save it for reviewing whenever. The original goal was to raise $50,000 for this product’s startup, however, in March of 2015, the campaign reached an impressive $1.5 in funds and it’s available for purchase at $150, and 50 extra rolls of refill printing paper for $25.

1. Oculus Rift

 The Oculus Rift has been a very popular startup gadget that has kept getting mentioned as one of the coolest kickstarters, with the virtual reality graphics it offers. The OR has been upgraded multiple times and just keeps getting more innovative, and well, just cool. You have full control of the system with the now, pseudo finger controls and are totally a part of the action going on around you in your games. The Oculus Rift is a total immersive system with a 360 degree dynamic. Although the price setting is complete yet, it will definitely be out of many people’s budgets, that is how advanced the latest version of the OR is.


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