The 10 Least Expensive Colleges To Attend in 2017

When most people think of college, they think of huge tuition fees that they’ll be paying on for years. It’s one of the biggest factors that keeps people from wanting to pursue their dream of completing their education and going for their dream job. Although there are a lot of ways you can get financial aid to help cut the out-of-pocket expenses related to furthering your education, but in the end, a four year college is still expensive, and most people will try to find colleges that have the best deals on tuition. Costs related to college can include, dorm costs, books, tuition, possibly the cost of food, lab fees and supplies, among other costs. For those who want to get their college degree but did not save for college along the way, keeping the cost down is important. There are plenty of colleges and Universities that offer their programs for a lot lower costs than many colleges across the country. If you’re looking for a low-cost college, here are the 10 least expensive colleges to attend in 2017.

1. University of Nevada

The University of Nevada is a public educational institution that was founded in 1864, in an urban environment, set on the border of the Great Basin and the Sierra Nevada, right on the west edge of the state. The total undergraduate enrollment is 17,770 students and it operates on a semester system. It ranks #197 in the 2017 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities. The University of Nevada wants those who are interested in pursuing their dreams of a higher education to be able to do so without financial worries. This is why they offer their wide range of degrees at lower costs than most colleges. You can pursue an undergraduate or master’s degree in business, medicine, education or engineering at the UNV. In-state tuition fees at UNV are $7,142 for this year and out-of-state tuition fees are $21,052 for the current year. Room and board for UNV is $10,558, and while many of the students require financial aid of some sort, others may enroll on a grant.

2. Park University, Parkville, Missouri

Park University is one of the oldest private universities, founded in 1875. The main campus is located in a suburban surrounding on 700 acres and it has 40 sub-campuses across the US in 21 states. They offer degrees in business, behavioral health and sciences, education, music, among others. They are ranked as one of the cheapest colleges in the US, offering higher education at $12,130. Students are also offered the opportunity to work for their tuition in a work/study program.

3. William Carey University

Located in Hattiesburg, MS, William Carey University offers degrees in many different areas, including, education, natural and behavioral sciences, business, religion, music, arts and letters, and nursing. You can also get an M.B.A., M.ED., and M.S. in psychology, M.S. in Health Information Systems, and M.S.N. degree, and Ph.D. in education administration, among other post graduate or specialist degrees. For the education courses available, William Carey is ranked as one of the cheapest universities in the country at $11,700.

4. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Located close to the Georgia-Florida border, University of Florida is one of the cheapest universities in the US for being a four-year universities and offers a wide range of degrees for your money. It is a public land-grant, space-grant, and sea-grant research university that has graduate degrees in the following fields; engineering, law, medicine, dentistry, business administration, and veterinarian medicine. They also offer multiple post-graduate programs with 123 master’s degrees and 76 doctoral-degrees; all of their programs are on one campus. Tuition for undergraduate programs at UF is $4,477 for all in-state residents. With the additional fee of $1,904 that the school charges, it brings the total to $6,381. UF is 32% cheaper than the national average for a four year tuition.

5. Alice Lloyd, Pippa Passes, Kentucky

Alice Lloyd is located in Pippa Passes, Kentucky and offer a wide range of academic choices to the students, including 18 major degree programs as well as 8 pre-professional programs. It is a boarding school where students live on campus. Students at Alice Lloyd are required to be involved in the work/study program regardless of their financial situation. More than 75% of the students are the first member of their families to obtain an undergraduate degree and 95% of their students are accepted into the Alice Lloyd graduate or professional schools they offer. The fields of study are Bachelor of Arts in both teaching and non-teaching programs, Majors in both teaching and non-fields, as well as minor degrees in business, accounting, biology, math and many more. Their tuition fees are ranked as one of the lowest at $11,550.

6. Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, Mississippi

Blue Mountain is set in the Northeastern part of Mississippi, in Blue Mountain, which is not far from Tupelo. The college wants to help students prepare to reach their potential, go to graduate school, and feel confident in the job market, as they go on to prepare for successful lives. They offer a wide variety of study programs and opportunities for graduate study in the school’s selected fields. The undergrad studies include, B.A. degrees, B.S. and B.S in Fine Arts and Speech, Business, Education, Kinesiology and Health Sciences and more. They are an affordable college and are ranked as one of the cheapest for students who want to further their schooling without big school dues. Their tuition fees are $11,212.

7. LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis, Tennessee

Situated in South Memphis, Tennessee, LeMoyne-Owen College is on a beautiful urban campus and has an enrollment of 945. It operates on a semester-based schedule and offers five academic divisions with 23 majors that lead to bachelor degrees; Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Science, or the Bachelor of Business Administration. LeMoyne-Owen College gives students the education in their choice of field for a low cost to make higher education affordable. Their tuition fees are set at $10,900.

8. Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, Mississippi

Tougaloo Tougaloo is a co-ed liberal arts, higher education school that is situated just north of Jackson. The school offers a curriculum that is very diverse and gives their students the opportunity to pursue their life’s goals by offering a wide range of study programs to choose from. Some of the study programs at Tougaloo College include degrees in Education, Humanities, Natural Science, Social Science, and Continuing Education programs. The school’s support doesn’t stop at graduation, but they continue to back their students after graduation by lending their support in job search programs. Tougaloo has been ranked as one of the cheapest colleges with their tuition fees being set at an annual $10,600.

9. Rust College, Holly Springs, Mississippi

Located in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Rust college maintains five separate divisions of course study, including, Division of Education, Division of Humanities, Division of Mathematics, Division of Social Sciences, Division of Education, and Division of Business. Students can receive their Associates or Bachelor’s degree from Rust and it is a pretty selective college when it comes to their student enrollment choices. Rust College is ranked #52 for Regional Colleges, but ranked higher, for being one of the most affordable, four year colleges. Their tuition fees are $9,500 annually.

10. Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

Brigham  Young University is a prestigious, well-known college. Students from all 50 states attend BYU as well as they have students from 100 countries attending the university. There are a total of 33,363 daytime students attending BYU, and 30,395 nighttime students. They are ranked very high for having the least number of students with education fee debt. They pride themselves on their ability to give their students a well-rounded education in their field of choice, which include a choice of 178 undergraduate programs, 109 undergraduate minors, 68 master’s programs and 26 doctorate degrees. Brigham Young has very low tuition fees despite its status, and is ranked by many, to be the cheapest four year university, with tuition fees totaling $5,300 annually.


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