10 New Tech Startups Whose Primary Client is the Government

New startup businesses all face one common challenge, and that is securing their clients in order to make a profit. Once the company is up and running, success depends upon having a stable customer base to keep income rolling in. Those who are fortunate enough to contract with the government usually make a good showing in their initial years and these agreements can offer consistent transactions that can help to propel a new startup forward. We’re highlighting ten new tech startups whose primary client is the government and discussing the ways in which their businesses are relevant to government today.


The SeamlessDocs company was founded by Jonathan Ende and Chachi Camejo with its main headquarters in New York, New York. The pair realized that PDF formatted documents do not lend themselves to mobile technology and there is no built in mechanisms within them for workflow or validation. They developed a proprietary technology that provides for the conversion of a PDF file to a cloud document which possesses dynamic properties and can easily be manipulated and accessed from virtually any type of device. It also allows for Esignature and other processes which are common to the transactions occurring within business.

The SeamlessDocs currently works with governments and businesses by providing this new technology to increase efficiency and help speed the process of going paperless. It saves time by eliminating in some cases or at least diminishing the need for repetitive data entry tasks.

The company has received seven million dollars in Series B funding in May of 2016 and additional equity funding from ten investors in seven rounds for a total of $16.89 million.


Meter Feeder

Daniel Lopretto and James Gibbs founded the Meter Feeder company in October of 2014. This relatively new startup tech business helps governments of small to middle size in establishing a payment and enforcement solution that is low cost. The platform allows customers to use an electronic payment option for reduction of paper and effort on the part of government employees.

The headquarters is located in Braddock, Pennsylvania. The company offers Cloud data services to governments which helps to reduce their overhead expenses while increasing efficiency and reducing repetitive tasks. The company has obtained a total of $120 thousand in seed funding in march of 2016.



SpidrTech was founded by Kenaniah Cerny and Rahul Sidhu in July of 2015. The headquarters for this new tech startup is in Manhattan Beach, California. The company specializes in Information technology and analytics for law enforcement. The company was founded and is led by former police officers who understand the need for enhanced technology in this field. SpidrTech has secured $100,000 in total equity funding from two investors in two separate rounds. In June of 2016 they received additional venture funding of an undisclosed amount.



This startup was founded in July of 2009 by Jason Kiesel and Kurt Daradics and has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. CitySourced is used by governments to connect with the local citizenry via the civic engagement platform that is a product of the company. It offers workflow rules, advanced routing and integration for back office software systems. It ensures that there is a seamless interface between agencies, departments and the public through web and mobile applications. They raised $1.33 million in Series A funding in 2011 and additional funding which brings their total to $1.4 million. They specialize in GovTech, Government and Mobile technology.



The CityBase company was founded in January of 2015 by Michael Duffy. It is an Information technology and GovTech company that offers cities a platform for connecting with citizens or greater accessibility and efficiency. The headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. The tech platform is used by municipalities, utilities and agencies to design communication and payment channels. It offers SaaS cloud based platform which integrates customer processes with multiple agencies within the cities. It streamlines the sharing of revenue collection and information sharing. The company secured a total of $6.25 million in equity funding.



This company was founded in Aril of 2014 by Jerry Schuman and Rich Sootkoos. The headquarters is located in El Segundo, alifornia. PingThings is a software company specializing in data science techniques and big data software that caters in particular to the utilities industry. They offer energy management; machine learning; analytics, predictive analysis and GovTech technologies for municipalities. PingThings acquired $750,000 in seed funding in June of 2016 and after four funding rounds with four investors their total equity funding is $3.15 million.

MetroTech Net

MetroTech Net was founded in April of 2011 by Christian Kotscher. Its headquarters are located in Alpharetta, GA. The company provices software analytics which concentrate upon integrating new technologies for municipalities with a desire to move into the new era and emerge as smart cities. MetroTech offers SEO, GovTech, automotive, Big Data and Enterprise Software. It offers video traffic management systems enhancement though the collection of massive amounts of data and analytics which help cities to monetize the data in the areas of transit, trucking, shipping, driverless cars and transportation. MetroTech Net obtained $450,000 in venture funding in July of 2013 and has secured an additional funding round which brings their total equi y funding to $1.1 million.



RapidSOS was founded in 2013 by Michael Martin and Nick Horelik. The headquarters is located in New York, New York. This company provides advanced emergency communications technology for municipalities. The platforms cover a broad spectrum including Mobile Apps, mHealth, Mobil, Public Safety and GovTech. The start up has developed predictive technology that assists government in taking preemptive measures before an event occurs. It provides direct 911 and first responders contact in emergencies as well as warnings for people who are in the path of harm. The technology bypasses the need for third party call centers. RapidSOS received Series A funding in the amount of $5 million in June of 2016 and three additional rounds for a total of $10.6 million in equity funding.



Mark43 was founded in February of 2012 by Matt Polega, Scott Crouch and Flo Mayr with its headquarters in New York, New York. The company provides technology for the collection, management, analysis and information sharing for law enforcement. The software offers an effortless approach that streamlines the processes and saves time and labor. It falls under the categories of Law enforcement; analytics, Cloud computing, GovTech and software. The company raised $27 million in Series B funding in April of 2016 and though a total of three investment rounds and seventeen investors raised a total equity funding amount of $39.75 million.



Socrata was founded in 2007 by Kevin Merritt with its headquarters in Seattle, WA. It delivers PS web, mobile and M2M interfaces to PS organizations enabling users access of data in a cloud based platform. It specializes in GovTech, Enterprise software, cloud computing and analytics. It allows for increased data accessibility for government programs and is used for establishing sustainable impacts on local economies and streamlining government operations.

The company raised $30 million in series C funding in November of 2014 and two additional rounds with five investors for a total equity funding amount of $54.5 million.


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