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10 Online Businesses You Can Start Within One Hour

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It seems like, more and more, people are finding ways to start up their own business; work from home, set their own schedules, and give up the office setting and 9-5 jobs with a demanding boss. With the burst of the internet and online businesses ever moving forward, it's easier to find online work, or create a business that you build yourself. And many times, starting up an online business doesn't take much at all, not much money, or much time. For those who have always been interested in starting up an online business but don't want to invest hours and hours doing it, there are lists of businesses that you can get up and going within an hour's time. Needing ideas? Well, we have some. Depending on your interests, your skill base, and your knowledge, you can decide what type of online business best fits you. Here are 10 online businesses you can start within an hour and be on your way to earning money from your own home computer.

1. Blogger

Blogging is one of the biggest social media outlets online. Businesses, individuals, and a variety of other people use blogs as a way of communicating with their followers, clients, patients and others. They share information, tell stories, teach, and connect people. If you are good at coming up with fresh material on different topics, or your own topic for you own personal blog, you can start up a blogging business. You can sell your blogging abilities to different businesses and individuals by contacting them and hiring yourself out. A blogging business is quick and easy to get going and doesn't have high dollars attached to it, to get it up and running.

2. Blog flipping

Now that you know that blogging is a big part of the internet world today, then maybe you can imagine that there are endless numbers of blogs online. Some blogs are big, while others operate on a smaller scale. When it comes to blogs, they do take time in maintaining them and keeping them supplied with fresh content. When this falls away, eventually a blog will dry up and can get lost in the internet shuffle. Blog flipping is similar to house flipping in that you purchase a blog that has sat around collecting dust and has become old and tired and turn it around by cleaning it up and making it attractive, then sell it to a buyer for a profit. The trick is, to find a diamond in the rough blog that has the potential to be a big blog, but has lost its luster,  then you fix-it-up, make it attractive so that a buyer sees its potential, and sell it off. This is something you can get going in a very short period of time and turn it into a side, or full-time business.

3. Ebook writing

If you have a special niche of knowledge and are good with words, writing Ebooks are common place on the web today, and one of the most popular ways in which people are now obtaining reading material and learning about all kinds of topics. Ebooks are found in just about every topic you can imagine and if you can find your niche, or niches, you can put your knowledge to work for you writing quick Ebooks and sell them on your website. This is a low-cost online start-up business that only takes having a website or avenue of selling your Ebooks, the right platform for formatting them, and possibly some money invested in the marketing of the books. All that's left, is getting the word out about your books and get people interested in purchasing them.

4. Buying and reselling products

We all have it - stuff we don't need or use anymore, but you don't give it away. It just sits there, collecting dust and taking up space. Since everyone has stuff they don't want or use, one business that is easy to start up, is buying and reselling products you, or others don't want. This is a quick business to start up online, one where you can create your own business name, your own website and/or blog, and your own hours. Once you decide on the type of products you want to buy and resell, start collecting. You may even want to start with stuff in your own home before venturing out, just to give yourself a trial run on how the ins and outs of the business will work best. You may choose to buy and resell kids' products, furniture, clothing, jewelry, household goods, or any number of products. It's always best to research products to find the ones with the highest demand for the biggest profits.

5. Create How-to videos

Most everyone has a special talent or knowledge to help others. Are you a good cook? Have good skills with auto-repairs? Maybe you are good at knitting and could teach others. No matter what it is, there are probably people out there who would love to learn how to do it, or are needing some extra help with a task that you know how to do. The beauty about our technology today, is that you can quickly and easily take your skills and knowledge to create your own online business. Not only will it help others, but it can bring you some pretty good profits by selling how-to videos. All you need are the videos of your different "how-to" steps, a website to help promote your videos, and marketing. It's a quick, easy business to get going and can be fun, as well as profitable.

6. Web Design

Are you savvy with web developing? You can start your own website developing business in a quick turnaround time. Get your website up and going and start marketing yourself to businesses, advertise on social media and with other internet ads to gain clientele. Web design is one of the most popular online businesses because just about everyone needs a website today. Some businesses will pay big bucks for their websites, especially if you are highly professional and design on a professional level. Even so, starting smaller scale is one way to get your feet wet, build your experience and resume, and eventually grow your company. If you don't already know how to design web sites, there are plenty of tutorials an d classes online that will teach you.

7. Write ezines

Ezines are very popular online. They're all over the internet, and what the word means, is basically, online magazine and you can be the owner of your own ezine. If you have good, creative skills and a niche topic that you think subscribers would like to subscribe to and follow, start your own enzine and start your own ezine business. This is not only a fun business, but can be profitable if the right creativity and interesting information is put into the ezine. It also takes time marketing it to get the word and interest out there.

8. Social media expert

Social media is all the hype these days. Just about everyone uses it to connect with millions of people. You blog, there's facebook, Instagram, Twitter, on and on. Businesses use it as a way of communicating with the public, their customers, and potential clientele. If a business doesn't social media outlets, then they are way behind thee times. If you are savvy on social media and know how to get around, tweeting, blogging, advertising on Facebook, you may have something to offer to businesses who need a social media expert to help them with their advertising and newsfeeds. Set up a website and advertise to businesses that you can handle their social media for them and charge them a fee for your services.

9. Selling used books

All those old, already-read books that sit on our shelves, most people never open them again but don't know what to do with them. Science books, history books, novels, cook books, children's books, books of all genres, they can be sold and can be quite lucrative. Starting your own book resell business is a quick start-up and you can have your new business going in no time. Create your own website and start hunting down old books that you can collect and sell on your site, or sell through other avenues. You can also add to your business, "book locater," if you have the know-how, of how to find hard-to-find or rare books. Charge a fee to locate rare books for individuals, organizations or other businesses.

10. Consulting

There are so many different types of consulting in the business world. If you have a specific line of work or knowledge of a specific area of business, you can start your own consulting business. If you already have business leads, this will really help you with the start-up with your online business. Even if you have to go out and solicit clients, there are millions of people in the business world that need help and consulting in their field. This is an easy business to get up and running, especially if you have a plan in mind.

Maria McCutchen

Written by Maria McCutchen

Maria McCutchen is an author and freelance writer living in Chattanooga, TN. She is the published author of her memoir, “It’s all in Your Head,” and a children’s book. She has been writing for over 15 years; writing articles, whitepapers, product write-ups and more for multiple online media sites, blogs, company websites and individuals. She is also an advocate for brain malformations, including Chiari Malformation, and works closely with the non-profit organization, The Chiari Project, writing for their quarterly newsletters.

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