10 Potential Scenarios For Life at the New DreamWorks Animation Studios


Shrek has a new home. Comcast recently announced that it has acquired DreamWorks Animation in a $3.8 billion deal. Comcast is the largest broadcasting and Cable Company by revenue in the world, the largest home Internet service provider in the United States, second largest pay-TV company and third largest home telephone service provider. The company owns NBCUniversal, E! Entertainment Television, The Golf Channel, Telemundo, Universal Pictures and several other popular stations.

With this new merger, the whacky office antics that we envision from DreamWorks could make their way into the Philadelphia headquarters. Like with DreamWorks’ characters, we are only limited by our imaginations. Here are 10 fun changes that DreamWorks could implement into the daily Comcast lifestyle. Comcast is a business but it needs a lot of help from this staff to make it a magical and fun atmosphere for all employees. The more fun they have the more productive the team will be thus resulting in much higher revenues and whacky workplace antics.

Shrek as Security

The loveable but tough Shrek is the perfect man for the security position. As head security at Comcast, he can keep out any undesirables and make sure the daily operations go smoothly. Shrek can use the skills of characters like Puss in Boots, Donkey, the dragon and even his wife Fiona in case situations get out of hand at the Comcast headquarters. The dragon will circle the tall Comcast headquarters building on her shift.

Roderick “Roddy” St. James as the Maintenance Supervisor

In the movie Flushed Away, rich pet rat, Roddy St. James, is pushed into the toilet by a common sewer rat. Within the sewer, Roddy discovers an underground city similar to London made out of junk. Since Roddy learned what it is like on the other side and has plumbing experience, what better character to head the janitorial staff in cleaning and plumbing issues. Since Roddy lead a team to get back to his home in Flushed Away, he could lead the entire maintenance staff.

Exercise Classes to “Thriller”

Within the Comcast headquarters should be a gym for its employees. They can workout at lunch or immediately after work to promote wellness. Dreamcast created a six-minute short film parody in 2011 of Michael Jackson’s Thriller featuring deceased characters like Fifi, Lord Farquaad, King Harold and the Fairy Godmother as zombies. Within the Comcast gym should be these characters leading dancersize classes to Thriller.

Gym Trainers from Kung Fu Panda

Also within the Comcast gym would be the new operators and trainers Po, Master Shifu, Master Tigress and snow leopard Tai Lung. With their keen skill set, they can whip any Comcast employee into shape in a matter of no time. The Kung Fu Panda team could implement a wellness program for all employees and help them reach their goals through rigorous exercise and Kung Fu moves.

Moses as the CEO

Moses, from The Prince of Egypt, would be the ideal CEO at Comcast. He is a born leader as he treks thousands of across the desert in this fun, biblically-accurate tale. Moses is the type of leader Comcast needs to bring hit the next level of acquisitions and revenue.

Chicken Run Mail Room

The premise of the Chicken Run movie is the group of birds are attempting to escape a failing farm in England. Given the speed at which they need to and can get away, the Chicken Run cast would be perfect for mail room deliveries. They can receive the packages and quickly deliver them to the employees of Comcast. The mail room would be led by Ginger, the savior of the chickens with her number two as Rocky the Rhode Island Red. The chickens of this movie can run fast to ensure you receive new mail and get that last minute document out of the office in a matter of minutes.

Don Edward Lino in the Marketing Department

As the voice of Robert De Niro, Don Edward Lino, leader of the mob of criminally-inclined great white sharks in Shark Tale, would be an excellent addition to their marketing team. Don Edward knows how to manipulate people and get them to do exactly as he wishes. The Marketing Department at Comcast tries to persuade consumers to purchase their cable bundles and watch their channels to improve rating and, ultimately revenue. What better character to lead this team than Don Edward Lino?

Rocky and Bullwinkle in Customer Service

Rocky and Bullwinkle have unique voices that would be perfect to field questions, concerns and complaints from Comcast customers. In 2011, DreamWorks released a short film titled, “Rocky & Bullwinkle” based on the characters from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. What better way to help your customers than with two loveable characters who can try to answer questions and update information?

Donkey in Advertising

Donkey, from Shrek, is a wacky character who would be ideal for the advertising department. He has compassion, passion and a lot of emotion that could connect well with the target consumer. His creative ideas and crazy sense of humor plus lovable sense of humor would drive home the Comcast products to potential customers and entice them to watch or purchase new packages.

Penguins from Madagascar as the Public Relations Managers

Who doesn’t love penguins? Who doesn’t love the penguins from the Madagascar movies? These cute and loving little characters are the ideal choice for winning the public over when an issue arises or for answering questions from the press. A soft and cute face with none of the right answers can go over perfectly in the world of public relationship. These penguins are the ideal candidates for the job.

With Comcast acquiring DreamWorks, the sky is the limit. The imaginative staff at DreamWorks combined with the keen business sense from the Comcast team is sure to be a winner. The key to success is implementing the aforementioned staff into the daily operations. With a strict security team, excellent maintenance staff, gym operators, marketing leads, public relations managers and a variety of other lovable characters at the helm of the business, what can possible go wrong?

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