10 Real Estate Influencers to Follow in 2017

When it comes to real estate, having a good following on social media can come in handy. For starters, it is one of the best marketing platforms in the world and can be extremely reliable at finding new clients. One way to ensure you’re in the right track as you continue building your online presence is to find good role models. Fortunately, there are numerous successful professionals in real estate that are willing to share their output on their achievements. And you can learn a lot by following them on twitter and instagram.

Here are ten real estate influencers to follow in 2017.


Chris Smith – 35.7k followers – @Chris_Smth

The co-founder of Curaytor is a bestselling author for USA Today. Curaytor is a digital marketing, sales coaching, and social media company that provides assistance on how to grow your business. His book, The Conversion Code, contained a blueprint that helped him grow the company’s revenue to $5 million. His success has seen him appear in several publications, most notably Inc. and Forbes. Chris’ CV includes a startup that was sold for $108 million, working for a billion dollar-or-so publicly traded company, and referrals from two billionaires. Before his tremendous success, Smith actually put up his first book, Peoplework, on Kickstarter and raised more than $73,000. Today, the book has sold over 50,000 copies and received endorsements from Gary Vaynerchuk and Zappos CEO. You can follow his weekly chat (#WaterCooler) on twitter where you can interact with several other real estate gurus and exchange ideas.

Amy Chorew – 19.8k followers – @amychorew

Amy Chorew is the VP of Platform Development for Better Homes & Garden Real Estate LLC. Her responsibilities include growing the company’s educational training platform, in addition to creating and enhancing innovative agent technologies presented to the company’s network. Her thirty years of experience, which include roles in marketing, sales, and training, means that you can drink in her well of knowledge. Amy is also the founder of Tech Byte (as well as its former CEO) – an education company that specializes in coaching and advising real estate firms on the use of technology in their everyday operations.

Tom Ferry – 40.9k followers – @tomferry

Tom Ferry is one of the most popular real estate coaches on the planet. He is the founder and CEO of his real estate company with the same name – Tom Ferry. He is a best-selling author by New York Times, and has about 130k likes on Facebook and 4m views on YouTube, thanks to his impressive business strategy and motivational speaking. His motivational speaking, social media presence, and coaching products have helped over 500,000 agents. This has seen get recognized as the best real estate educator and coach. Another great way to expand your knowledge is to follow some of his most important individuals on his “following” list and read the various articles he shares.

Katie Lance – 28.8k followers – @katielance

The Katie Lance Consulting founder and CEO is an expert in content development and social media strategy. She consults with tech and real estate firms on how to advance their social media strategy. Katie also advises clients on how to navigate the frustrations of the real estate industry. She has excellent public speaking abilities on stage and on camera. You can learn a lot from her through her speeches at national conferences, where she teaches the latest strategies and technologies in social media, technology, and mobile trends. In addition, Katie is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and Inman Next, and was previously the social media director and chief strategist for Inman News.

Stefan Swanepoel – 29.4k followers – @Swanepoel

Stefan Swanepoel is another influential real estate guru with an impressive social media following. Swanepoel is the chairman and CEO of his company – Swanepoel T3 Group. His responsibilities include analyzing hundreds of the most innovative businesses, market trends, and individuals in the real estate industry every year. Born in Kenya, Swanepoel has thirty three books and industry reports under his name. At least eighteen of these have been featured on the best-seller lists of Amazon, USA Today, The Wall Street journal, and The New York Times. You can follow him on Twitter, where he posts updates from his conferences, clips from his talks, and advice from his wealth of knowledge.


Fredrik Eklund – 739k followers – @fredrikeklundny

The Swedish has come a long way to become one of the leading real estate agents in NYC. You can also catch him on Bravo TV, where he is one of the most famous reality stars. According to ABC News, Fredrik Eklund and his team sold real estate worth up to $1.1 billion in 2014. At just 37 years old, Fredrik has released a book dubbed The Sell and has his own show that’s currently at its fourth season – Million Dollar Listing New York. His real estate firm, which serves numerous celebrities, has also received a shot in the arm from the television show.

Ryan Serhant – 539k followers – @ryanserhant

Ryan Serhant is an internationally renowned real estate broker. He has also starred on the Million Dollar Listing New York show. Using his television platform, Ryan has managed to build a very influential entertainment career and real estate empire. His reputation has attracted a lot of influential clients, and his success is mostly attributed to his unwavering dedication as well as friendly demeanor. Serhant suggests that anyone can be successful in real estate by simply building a brand that is unique, personality driven, appealing, and strategic. His winning strategies are a result of dedication, hard work, innovative thinking, and creativity. Indeed, Serhant can be a valuable source of knowledge on real estate success through his social media accounts.

Josh Altman – 268k followers – @thejoshaltman

Josh Altman is a leading real estate agent in the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills luxury housing market. He has some of the most influential people as his clientele, including high net-worth individuals, athletes, and entertainers. His success is mainly attributed to his personable treatment, which has seen him sell over $1.5 billion worth of residential property over the last three years. His current listing has more than $300 million. Altman’s most famous deal was the Beverly Park sale, which involved a jaw-dropping $21.5 million for a one bedroom, the most expensive one ever. Josh partnered with his elder brother Matt to create The Altman Brothers, which subsequently made them two of the leading agents in the business.

Barbara Corcoran – 177k followers – @barbaracorcoran

Barbara Corcoran was not the brightest student in high school and college, but she was determined. After borrowing $1,000, Barbara Corcoran started one of the largest and most successful real estate firms in New York. This subsequently set her to superstar status as an investor and entrepreneur on ABC’s Shark Tank. She is known for her blunt and bold approach to entrepreneurship and real estate, and has invested in twenty two businesses so far. Her method of selection involves gut instinct, business experience, and the exceptional lessons she learnt from her homemaker mom. You can draw from her knowledge by following her on her various social media platforms.

Chad Carroll – 153k followers – @chadcarroll

Chad Carroll is the Executive Vice President of Douglas Elliman, a luxury real estate empire and the biggest real estate firm on the East Coast. Despite growing up with a family of doctors in Ohio, Chad moved to Miami in pursuit of greener pastures in the competitive real estate market. Since 2011, he has made sales of over $200 million and named top broker for the company two years in a row. His moniker “The King of Closing” came with a wealth of experience in contract and finance negotiation. Chad is always looking for opportunities to build, develop, and sell his own luxury residential projects. You can catch him on twitter and instagram, where he has a massive following of about 153k people.

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