10 Reasons Why AwardWallet is a Solid App Choice

AwardWallet is one of the numerous apps that exist out there for the purpose of making their users’ lives that much more convenient. In its case, it is meant to help interested individuals keep track of their reward points as well as reward miles, which can be very important for those who are racking them up on multiple accounts. Here are 10 reasons that AwardWallet should be considered a solid app choice for a wide range of users:

1. Both Free and Plus Versions

There are two versions of AwardWallet, with one being the Free version and the other being the Plus version. As a result, if people are interested in seeing how it can help them but remain unsure about taking that final step, there is a simple solution in the form of giving the Free version a shot so as to make a better-informed decision about the Plus version.

2. Used to Manage Rewards

Lots of businesses offer rewards to encourage their customers to buy their products and services. This is beneficial for consumers, but comes with a problem as well because more reward points and reward miles mean more need for management. Fortunately, this can be made much easier through the use of AwardWallet, which should automate much of the process.

3. Can Be Used to Track an Unlimited Number of Reward Programs

Whether people are using the Free version or the Plus version, AppWallet puts no limit on the number of reward programs that can be tracked through it. As a result, interested individuals can feel free to sign up for as many reward programs as they want without being worried about not being able to monitor all of them.

4. Can Be Used to Track Rewards for an Unlimited Number of Family Members

AwardWallet can be used to track rewards for an unlimited number of users so long as they are family members. Once again, this is true whether its users have the Free version or the Plus version.

5. Customization Options for Viewing the Reward Programs

There are various customization options included for how interested individuals see the reward programs that they are monitoring with AwardWallet. This can seem minor, but when people are monitoring a large number of reward programs, having the right setup can make it much easier for them to find the information that they are looking for in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

6. Customization of Expiration Notices

One of the most useful features of AwardWallet is the expiration notices that it sends out for reward balances that are about to expire soon. There are customization options for this that lets interested individuals choose to receive expiration notices at 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and 7 days before the expiration dates.

7. Allows Sharing of Reward Balances

Interestingly, AwardWallet supports the sharing of reward balances, which should as welcome news for those for whom this is a beneficial option.

8. Can Be Used to Show Extra Properties of Reward Accounts

The Plus version of the AwardWallet comes with the option to show the extra properties of the reward accounts that are being monitored through them. As a result, interested individuals can expect it to provide them with even more useful information with minimal expenditure of time and effort, thus making it that much better at its intended task.

9. Show Historical Changes in Chart Form

Speaking of which, the Plus version has the ability to show how its users’ reward balances have changed over time in the form of a chart, which can enable interested individuals to absorb relevant information faster than other formats. Moreover, there is an option for exporting reward balances into Excel as well, thus offering additional possibilities for those who want them.

10. You Choose the Price

When it comes to the price for the Plus version, the people behind AwardWallet are very flexible. In fact, they are so flexible that interested individuals can literally choose the price that they will pay for it, meaning that they can get exactly what they want at the price that they believe it is worth. With that said, when they are choosing, they should remember that what they pay will be used to support the continuing development of the app that they use.

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