10 Rules of Success According to Ellen Degeneres

She’s not a supermodel and she knows it. She isn’t always the most popular personality and she’s made peace with that in many different ways. What Ellen Degeneres does know is that she is able to touch the lives of others through comedy and by just being herself, which is what has made her such a resounding success throughout her stint as an actress/comedienne in the early to mid-1990s to the present day. Having rubbed shoulders with some of the most noteworthy celebrities in Hollywood she has become known as the quirky, bright, and sometimes wonderfully sarcastic individual that you can always count on for a quick and even friendly comeback.

To claim that Ellen has never been embroiled within controversy would be a lie, but to make the distinction that she has overcome whatever adversity those issues brought would entirely accurate. Upon coming out to public about her sexuality she was met with a great deal of scorn and even outright hate, but no matter what happened or what was said she persevered and kept moving forward. It takes a truly talented and big-hearted individual to take the barbs and stings of the general public and turn them into a positive learning experience, and that is just what this pleasingly funny woman has done.

10. Be exactly who you are.

Having never hidden her true nature, Ellen is an inspiration in that she speaks as she normally would when off screen, and doesn’t dress up her character for any reason. While she didn’t fully disclose her sexuality until sometime during her hit show in the mid-1990s, she never once openly lied about it. She hid it away, that much is true, but never once was she anyone that she didn’t claim to be.

9. Live your life with integrity.

Once she came out to the public Ellen stood firm in her decision and did not attempt to backtrack or offer an unworthy explanation of what she’d revealed. Integrity is having the ability to stand by your convictions and say that “this is who I am and this is what I believe.” It’s never wavering in the face of your own admission to life, and this woman has proven to be a staunch example for others.

8. Share positive energy.

Somehow throughout all the barbs and all the dissenting voices that have come at her throughout the years, Ellen has still managed to remain an upbeat and largely popular celebrity that is known for her smile and that special twinkle in her eye. What she displays away from the public is largely unknown, but when in full view of her fans she is always cheerful, always upbeat, and has little more than positivity to share with those around her.

7. Care about your fans.

Any celebrity worth their fame will understand that without their fans they wouldn’t be where they are. Fame is the byproduct of following your dream, and Ellen has come to realize that if you don’t pay at least some attention to your fans and give them a heartfelt thank you for sticking around, then it’s likely that you don’t deserve them. While celebrities give the average person someone to watch and aspire to, fans grant that position to the celebrities by virtue of simply paying attention to their efforts. Celebrities ignore the fans at their own peril.

6. Be honest.

It’s almost common knowledge that honesty is not always a prized trait in Hollywood. Those who act and play different roles for a living are not always known for being the most upstanding individuals in the world. But what this goes to show is that some of those who slip into a role as easily as the average person slips into a pair of shoes can be completely forthright and honest with themselves and others. The quality that divides a true celebrity from those who are just playing a part is the level of honesty they will share with fans, and themselves.

5. Show people your brain.

If you’ve ever listened to an interview with a celebrity you might be drawn to every aspect of their speech and thought patterns just to see whether or not they are actually as smart as the roles they are taking on, or if they’re just amazing con men and women that know how to read a line. There are certainly those in Hollywood that seem to get by on looks, wit, or charm alone and couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper sack. Ellen however has proven that celebrities can function with a brain far better than without it.

4. Appreciate your experiences.

Without having come out when she did there is no telling if Ellen would have remained in Hollywood for much longer or if she would have been as influential as she’s become. She has most definitely learned a great deal from her time in the spotlight, and it shows every time she speaks about how much she truly appreciates what has come before, no matter if it was good or bad.

3. Be kind.

Treat people like dirt and eventually it will catch up to you. Treat them with kindness and it will do the same, but with much different results. Kindness is almost always reciprocated, just as cruelty is, but the major difference is that when you are kind the world will take note and begin to pay back the sacrifices and favors that you’ve done for others, whereas it will forget you if you’ve been cruel.

2. Be grateful.

As important as it is to be kind, it is equally important to be grateful for what has been given. There’s no doubt that Ellen is grateful to be where she is at this date. She’s even gone on to say this more than once in her life, expressing extreme gratitude that she has been granted the chance to learn from her life and to spread the message she has to give with others.

1. Just dance.

You can laugh or chuckle at this, but it makes a good deal of sense. When in doubt, just move about, sway your hips, listen to the rhythm and just let it all go. Life is many things, but it is also a dance that you need to swing to every now and again. If you can’t dance, then fake it and go with the melody. Barring that just enjoy the motions.


With the kind of run that Ellen Degeneres has had and the kind of career she has made it’s easy to see how Hollywood could grind a person up in anticipation of spitting them out only to welcome them back with open arms with little if any explanation. Her career has been impressive in the past several years considering the comeback she’s made, and it stands to reason that she will be around for many years to come.

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