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10 Steakhouses You Have to Try in Texas

When most people think of Texas, they think of cowboys and cattle ranches. Well, the lone star is definitely a cattle haven, which makes sense that the state would have some of the best steak houses in the country.

It seems like wherever you turn in Texas, there is another steak house, and they all claim to have the best or most famous steak in the state. Regardless, there are so many steak houses that are above and beyond most other steak houses in other states.

They're recipes and methods of cooking steaks far surpass the average steak houses. If you are wondering which steak houses are the best, way out there in cattle country, here is a list of ten steak houses you have to try in Texas.

10. Big Texan Steak Ranch (Amarillo)

The name fits the portion of one steak served at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. It's the steakhouse where the original 72 oz. steak eating challenge began. Originally, it started when a couple of ranch hands started a challenge of, who could out-eat-who.

With that challenge, the owner of the restaurant added to the challenge, that whoever could eat the equivalent of what the hungriest ranch hand had eaten, (72 oz.), he would give them their meal for free.

And that challenge and reward, continues today. Beyond their delicious steaks, the restaurant serves an array of different entrees and cuisine, from Mexican Quesadillas, seafood, sandwiches and more. This is a great steak restaurant, and experience, and one you want to try.

9. Vic and Anthony's (Houston)

Vic and Anthony's wasn't started on a whim. A lot of thought and planning was put into this elegant, yet cozy restaurant, by Tillman Fertitta and his father Vic.

Together, they thoughtfully put together a menu that you is sure to delight the pickiest of diners. USDA Prime Midwest Grain-Fed Beef is of course, a top choice, and topped off with a generous serving of hollandaise sauce and blue cheese bacon butter.

Lighter choices on the menu include their fresh seafood selection, as well as a fresh, crisp salad. You will have the dining experience of a lifetime that you must try while in Texas.

8. Four Winds Steak House (Wills Point)

What a treat you get when you choose to dine at Four Winds Steakhouse. Your dining experience starts when you get to the top of the hill of the winding drive leading you to Four Winds steakhouse.

The rustic style restaurant sits among 100 year old oak trees and overlooks fifteen private acres of gorgeous pasture and a private lake. Run by Chef Frank Rumore, you get your choice of any of his Fine Steaks, the quality seafood and more.

One of the most popular steakhouses in Texas, Four Winds promises a dining experience you won't soon forget.

7. Beehive Restaurant (Abilene)

Beehive is located in downtown Abilene and offers a classic pub cuisine and plenty of choices of beef and steak in hearty portions for anyone with a hearty appetite.

Start your experience at their friendly bar before migrating to a dining table where you will find the best selection of steaks; rib eye, filet mignon, chicken fried steak or prime rib.

Other than their awesome red meat selection, you can choose their grilled or smoked salmon, loaded baked potato, among other dishes. They also have delicious sides to choose from; side salads, homemade bread rolls and sweet potatoes, just to name a few. Need something to wash your meal down with?

How about a homemade Long Island iced tea, or a glass of wine from their wine list. Beehive is one of the most popular steakhouses in Abilene, and the whole Lone Star state and you'll see why once you visit.

6. Nick and Sam's (Dallas)

Nick and Sam's is one of the most popular and most visited restaurants in the area. It has been given the Five Diamond Star Award back in 2008 and has gotten positive reviews and write-ups.

This is a world-class restaurant with a high-end menu of prime steaks, chops, world class sushi and seafood. One of the most popular steak choices on the menu, are their choice of American or Australian Kobe steak.

Yum! To wet your palette, choose from over 500 wine labels to pair with your meal; all served by outstanding, professional wait staff.

5. Brenner's (Houston)

A couple by the name of Herman and Lorene Brenner opened the first, Brenner's steakhouse in 1936. The restaurant was located on the bayou which adds to the ambiance of this top-rated restaurant.

They have continued to keep the same standards of both food and atmosphere throughout the years, and it continues to draw a huge crowd because of it.

Houston is the largest city in the state, which is where you will find Brenner's if you are ever in Texas, and if you do stop by, the bone-in filet is one of the steaks they are most famous for.

A side of German potatoes and an apple strudel desert will complete your delicious meal.

4. Pappa's Bros. (Dallas and Houston)

There is a Greek heritage behind the Pappa Bros. steak restaurant and it stems from the Greek-born restauranteur, H.D. Pappas.

Pappas came to the U.S. in 1897 and began opening a string of restaurants in the south portion of the U.S. Later, Pappa's grandsons joined the restaurant business and in 1976 they opened the first restaurant with the name, Pappa Bros.

The Pappas Bros. restaurant has had the honor of being named the restaurant to have the best steak in the state of Texas in issues of Texas Monthly and they are known to always have a packed restaurant from locals and visitors, due to their popularity.

They are a must-try if you're ever in the Lone State.

3. Little Rhein Steakhouse (San Antonio)

The Little Rhein Steakhouse is located at the Riverwalk in San Antonio and although there have been a number of other businesses that preceded the Little Rhein, none have remotely accomplished what the Little Rhein has since it took up the spot where others have failed.

As a matter-of-fact, a house next door to the steakhouse was purchased by Little Rhein in order to accommodate large or private parties.

The Little Rhein not only serves your typical red meat, with your choice of their USDA Prime beef, but you will see shrimp cocktail on the menu, escargot, and wedge salad with blue chees dressing. For wine connoisseurs, you won't be disappointed when you see the selection of wines they offer.

While you enjoy your meal, you get an amazing, breathtaking view of the Riverwalk that makes your dining experience all the more tantalizing.

2. Bob's Steak and Chop House (Shenandoah)

Bob's menu is full of prime steaks to choose from. All of their steaks are mouthwatering and full of flavor. They know how to cook their steaks to perfection and no matter how you order yours, you get the best flavors and individual attention to detail by the cook.

On the side, Bob's serves fresh produce, like sautéed asparagus or glazed carrot, (a signature with all of their dishes), and of course, an all-time favorite with steak is sautéed mushrooms.

If steak isn't what you're in the mood for, Bob's also offers seafood and your tastes buds will be delighted with their famous seafood crab cakes and honey mustard, or perhaps lobster tail is your forte. On the

1. Killen's (Pearland)

Killen's is all about choice and they give you plenty to choose from. The place is definitely a gourmet restaurant and have some pretty interesting dishes on the menu.

If you are a calamari fan, you might enjoy their calamari that's been tossed in a sweet chili sauce. Other menu items, include, foie gras in blueberry bacon jam, as well as a side salad with peppered goat chees and bacon vinaigrette dressing.

As far as our carnivorous craving, you will be given a choice of wet or dry-aged (21 or 28 days), Illinois or Nebraska corn-fed 100% Japanese Wagyu beef.

This is top-of-the-line beef that you have to try to believe. Reviews have listed this steakhouse as one of the very best in the whole state of Texas and say it's one you must try if ever even close to Pearland.

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