10 Things You Didn’t Know about RingDNA CEO Howard Brown

Howard Brown is a great entrepreneur. His very first business venture, 4Therapy, was a system of websites that provided excellent information and referrals to those suffering from behavioral health issues. After his success with this firm, he moved on to found Senior Transitions (similar to 4Therapy but targeted at senior citizens). He ended up selling both of these start-ups, which helped him fund even more of them. In 2008, he founded DemandResults. This was an SEO and B2B business that marked his initial foray into the online sales world. Four years later, Howard Brown founded RingDNA and has served as CEO of this company ever since.

RingDNA is a sales optimization platform that helps sales representatives increase their conversion rate through intelligent routing and front-end data visualizations. The CEO of RingDNA has thus been quite successful throughout his career. He’s got a great view on life and business, and his ideas have a lot of value. Should you care to learn more about the CEO of RingDNA, read on to learn Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Howard Brown.

He Studied and Practiced Clinical Psychology

He is a certified psychologist and holds a master’s degree in the discipline. He also worked as a marriage and family therapist for some time, giving him valuable experience in negotiation. His psychology background also helps him to effectively communicate with his team – after all, it’s what he was trained to do.

His Pitch Won First Prize at StartUp Camp

StartUp Camp is an event where entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas in front of media, investors, and industry leaders. When Howard Brown pitched RingDNA at this event, he ended up winning first prize due to his unique idea – not to mention the statistical proof that he included in his great pitch.

He Keeps Up on Tech News

There are a few sources of information that Howard Brown checks up on every day, finding them essential for an executive working in B2B sales. First off, TechCrunch and VentureBeat make it easy to keep up on new investments and innovations in the industry. He also listens to podcasts such as the Sales Benchmark Index and SaaStr for hard data, and Andy Paul’s for interviews with the top people in sales. His commitment to staying informed helps him to make the best business decisions he possibly can.

He Has a Unique Entrepreneurial Philosophy

Howard Brown has always said that what divides failures from successes is momentum. It is easy to get overwhelmed as a startup, and just give up entirely. However, by persevering and keeping the final goal in mind, you will be able to achieve success – but only if you believe in your business with your entire heart and soul.

His Initial Motivation was Philanthropy

As a therapist, Howard Brown enjoyed solving people’s problems. As time went on, he began to feel the desire to do this on a much larger scale. He accomplished this goal with the creation of 4Therapy, which he started to ensure the best possible referrals and highest confidentiality for people with mental health issues.

He Would Focus on Content with Unlimited Cash

The RingDNA CEO is a huge fan of original content. Thus, if he were presented with an unlimited budget, he would hire many more people to improve and create new content. In addition, he would have a secondary focus on measurements and testing for marketing campaigns or events. After all, you can never have too much data on what will work to get conversions.

He Moderated Two Panels at Dreamforce 2016

Dreamforce is a sales event for all of the key players in this line of work. At the 2016 event, Howard Brown shared some of his considerable knowledge in two panels. First, he spoke at the seminar Shared Knowledge in Selling Globally: How to Scale Internationally and Win Big alongside top sale executives from Hewlett-Packard. Another panel was Sales Operations Superpowers in which he brought some of the leading sales representatives from Datanyze, Xactly, and Cvent to discuss how the latest tech can help make sales.

His Mantra Comes from Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is known for his humble beginnings and undying perseverance. The ex-President was known for working incredibly hard, and not letting failure get in his way. In fact, he only lost elections before becoming President. Howard Brown has a lot of respect for Lincoln, even making his quote “I will prepare and someday my chance will come” his own personal motto.

He Is an Active Contributor on Entrepreneur.com

As an authority voice in the startup world, Howard Brown’s articles were accepted by Entrepreneur.com. In them, he gives a lot of practical advice on sales (in-person sales or over the phone). He also writes a few articles about sales technology, and one or two about growing a business as a top-level executive. His work here is worth reading for any budding entrepreneur.

He Has Scored Some Huge Corporate Customers

Brown’s creation, RingDNA, is quite popular among any companies that wish to improve their bottom line. Among the clients that he has obtained are Lyft, Hewlett-Packard, Amazon, and Twilio. The CEO of the latter even called the platform an “amazing integration of a call center with CRM, call tracking, and marketing analytics” at LeadsCon 2012.

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