10 Things That Actually Have Lower Odds Than Winning Mega Millions

A single person’s chances of winning Mega Millions are very low. Generally speaking, their chances are estimated to be around 1 in 303 million, meaning that playing Mega Millions isn’t exactly what anyone would consider to be a reliable path to financial well-being. With that said, it is interesting to note that there are some things that are even less likely than a single person managing to win Mega Millions. Here are 10 things that have even lower odds than winning Mega Millions:

1. Perfect Prediction for the NCAA Brackets

Unsurprisingly, coming up with a perfect prediction for the NCAA brackets is a huge challenge. However, chances are good that most people wouldn’t expect the chances to be around 1 in 9 quintillion. For those who need some context, a quintillion is 1 followed by 18 zeroes, meaning that it is far beyond the ability of people to envision on an intuitive level.

2. Your House Getting Hit By a Meteor

The Earth gets pelted by chunks of rock on a regular basis. Most of these chunks get burned up in the atmosphere, but a small percentage will manage to make it through to the surface. With that said, the chances of someone’s house getting hit by a meteor are still rather low, with one claim being 1 in more than 182 trillion.

3. Getting Six Consecutive Double-Yolked Eggs

Double-yolked eggs are a natural phenomenon. Furthermore, it isn’t that uncommon, seeing as how about 1 in 1,000 eggs are double-yolked. However, this means that getting six consecutive double-yolked eggs should have chances of around 1 in 1000^6. With that said, the actual figure might not be that simple and straightforward because double-yolked eggs tend to be bigger than single-yolked eggs, meaning that someone who buys a carton of extra large eggs should have a somewhat higher chance than that.

4. Shuffling Cards into Perfect Order

Theoretically, it is possible to shuffle a deck of cards into perfect order. In practice, people shouldn’t count on it because the chances of that happening are 1 in 10^68. For reference, that is in the hundreds of unvigintillions, which is a number that most people have probably never encountered for good reason.

5. You Coming into Existence

Unsurprisingly, the chances of a particular person coming into existence are low. After all, it isn’t just the odds of them inheriting the exact combination of DNA to make them physically who they are, it is also the chances of their parents getting together as well as everything else leading up to that point. In fact, the odds are so low that one estimate puts it at 1 in 10^2,685,000, which is a number so big that there probably isn’t even a name for it.

6. The Sun Going Out Tomorrow

There will come a time when our sun turns into a red giant, which will be followed by it turning into a white dwarf at some point still further into the future. However, these events are scheduled for billions and billions of years into the future, meaning that the chances of them happening tomorrow are not exactly high to say the least.

7. Getting Hit By a Gamma Ray Burst Tomorrow

Gamma ray bursts are wave of very energetic light that could theoretically wipe life off of the face of the Earth in an instant. Luckily, the chances of us getting wiped out by gamma ray bursts tomorrow aren’t particularly high. In part, this is because the kind of event needed to produce gamma ray bursts aren’t particularly high, with one estimate being no more than a handful of occurrences in a single galaxy over the course of a million years. However, it should also be noted that such occurrences tend to be much rarer in galaxies like the Milky Way that have a relatively high metal content.

8. Guessing the Results of a Coin Flip Right 100 Consecutive Times

The chances of someone guessing the results of a coin flip right once is pretty decent. Assuming that some kind of shenanigan isn’t happening, it is 1 in 2. However, guessing those results 100 consecutive times is much more challenging because it is 1 in 2^50, which works out to around 1 in 1.2676506e+30.

9. Guessing the Results of a Dice Roll Right 100 Consecutive Times

Likewise, guessing the results of a dice roll right 100 consecutive times is even more challenging because the initial chance is lower. Assuming a standard, six-sided die, the chances would be 1 in 6^100. Never mind something like a 20-sided die.

10. Our Sun Going Supernova Tomorrow

Our sun isn’t expected to go supernova for the simple reason that it lacks enough mass. However, there is a theoretical chance that our understanding of stars is completely and utterly wrong, though interested individuals probably shouldn’t bet on it being so precisely wrong in such a catastrophic fashion.

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