10 Things You Didn’t Know about Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum is the service provider created by a merger between Charter Communications and other parties. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that Spectrum Mobile is Spectrum’s mobile service for interested individuals. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Spectrum Mobile:

1. Follows Comcast’s Mobile Service

When it comes to the biggest cable companies in the United States, Spectrum is preceded by Comcast. It is interesting to note that Spectrum Mobile is preceded by Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile as well, which started up in 2017.

2. Is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Spectrum Mobile shares a number of commonalities with Xfinity Mobile. For example, it is a mobile virtual network operator, meaning that it offers mobile services to interested individuals even though it doesn’t actually own the infrastructure that makes this possible. In the case of Spectrum Mobile, said infrastructure belongs to Verizon, though it is interesting to note that it has its own Wi-Fi hotspots as well.

3. Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That Service Is Inferior

With that said, it is important to note that just because Spectrum Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its service is inferior. It is common for mobile virtual network operators to benefit from the same coverage, meaning that what matters is the price and other requirements demanded of the customer.

4. Need to Buy a Device From Spectrum Mobile

First, one of the requirements is for the interested individuals to actually buy a device from Spectrum Mobile. For people who were thinking about getting a new phone, this might not be a particularly important concern. However, if someone is still using their old phone and is planning on continuing to use it for some time to come, well, suffice to say that this particular requirement can prove to be an issue.

5. Need to Sign Up For Automatic Payments

Second, interested individuals will have to sign up for automatic payments. For some people, this can be a benefit for them as well, saving as how it eliminates the chance of them forgetting about their payments.

6. Need to Meet Credit Requirements

Third, people won’t be able to sign up to become a Spectrum Mobile customer without meeting its credit requirements. Suffice to say that higher credit scores are correlated with an increased likelihood of making relevant payments on time, meaning that while this is understandable, it is nonetheless one more barrier for people who might be interested in Spectrum Mobile’s services.

7. Need to Subscribe to Spectrum Internet

Finally, someone who wants to sign up for Spectrum Mobile will have to be a Spectrum Internet customer. For some people, this can be convenient because it make sure that their services are offered through the same service provider. However, for most people, this can be a hindrance because it prevents them from being able to use either one of Spectrum’s services with services from other service providers.

8. The Connection Transfers to Wi-Fi Hotspot On an Automatic Basis

With that said, Spectrum Mobile’s service has some serious upsides as well. For instance, whenever the user is within reach of a Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot, their connection will transfer over to it on an automatic basis. This is beneficial because it means faster speeds as well as reduced use on their data allotment.

9. Has Two Plans

Currently, Spectrum Mobile offers two plans, with one being By the Gig and the other being Unlimited. The first starts at $14 per month while the second starts at $45 per month, but it is important to note that there are taxes as well as other fees that must be factored in.

10. Data Throttling

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Unlimited is a somewhat misleading name. This is because while interested individuals can use it as much as they like, Spectrum Mobile will start throttling its speed once they reach the 5 GB point. As a result, while this kind of thing is common, interested individuals should nonetheless take it as a reminder that they should read contracts very carefully so that they know exactly what they can and cannot expect.

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