10 Travel-Friendly Beauty Products for Lady Globetrotters

Whether you’re jetting across the globe or hitting the road for a quick weekend girl’s trip, here are 10 travel-friendly beauty products that will help all you lady globetrotters look and feel your best anytime, anywhere:

  1. Green Tea Plus Espresso Eye Balm
    Price: $32
    Early morning flights and long days of travel can leave the skin under the eyes dry and baggy. Green Tea Plus Espresso Eye Balm from The Choosy Chick not only smells heavenly, but helps eliminate dark circles, crows feet, and puffiness — which is always a good idea. Tip: Apply after washing face in the morning.
  2. 100% Pure Bamboo Blur Powder
    Price: $40 (0.2oz)
    Changing climates when traveling, eating, and sleeping on planes can cause foundation and other makeup to smear and wear off throughout the day. 100% Bamboo Blur Powder helps smooth lines and set facial makeup to ensure longer wear and a picture-perfect face all day long. Tip: It works incredibly with only a little bit on the brush!
  3. Lily Lolo Makeup Mist
    Price: $15 (50ml)
    This award-winning brand from London is perfect for refreshing and setting makeup when on the go — in the airport on a long layover, to refresh following a full day of driving, on set at a photoshoot — literally anywhere. Tip: Spray a bit of it on your makeup brushes to intensify eyeshadow before applying.
  4. Anese “Slay” White Truffle Face Serum
    Price: $48 (30ml/1oz)
    A must-have for any girl-on-the-go, this ultimate face serum from beauty babe brand Anese can be used after every morning and evening wash routines to firm, moisturize, and reduce fine lines. Results can be seen almost immediately, but this elixir is intended for long-term use. Tip: A little goes a long way. Rub a drop of the serum over face starting at the neck and massaging in an upwards motion until you reach the hair line.
  5. Sephora Kiwi Lip Scrub
    Price: $6 (0.123oz per stick)
    This isn’t your typical lip balm. Made with a melting texture to provide deep moisturization, you can add it to your morning routine to help smooth dead skin from lips, or before applying matte lipstick. Tip: The balm comes in an array of scents and flavours like watermelon, banana, and honey, but the kiwi is the fan favorite.
  6. Peach Slices “Firm” Face Mask with Pomegranate + Honey
    Price: $2.49 per mask (0.84fl)
    The air inside of an airplane is more than ten times drier than the Sahara Desert, so it’s no wonder traveling can dry out skin (and trigger wrinkles) if not treated properly. Peach Slices’ extensive line of face masks provides options for every skin type (have I mentioned they also smell like dessert?) A favorite is the firming mask with pomegranate and honey, but the brightening mask with yuzu and lotus smells like a flower field in spring. Tip: put excess serum from the package in the fridge and use it the next morning for an instant lift.
  7. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry
    Price: $1.87 (50ml)
    Where my curly-haired travelers at? Curly-hair girls know first-hand that hair can turn really greasy, really quick. When on the go, the luxury of hopping in the shower to rid hair of impurities or smell sometimes isn’t an option. Batiste Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver and comes in travel-size bottles with multiple scents like Floral and tropical coconut, but the cherry scent lingers the longest. Tip: Spray only onto roots and work throughout the scalp with fingertips.
  8. FRANKBODY Coconut Coffee Scrub
    Price: $9.81 (3.5oz)
    The skin on your face isn’t the only skin that can dry out when traveling (ie., elbows, knees, hands, etc.). FRANKBODY Coconut Coffee Scrub is perfect to throw in your suitcase on those tropical trips where you’ll be living in a bathing suit (or on any trip just to get that polished glow). Tip: The scrub is very fine, so o. Pour a quarter-size amount in your hand and rub over skin in circular motion starting from your chest to the back of your knees. Rinse well.
  9. Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Travel Trio
    Price: $43 (2.5oz per container)
    Paired perfectly with the FRANKBODY Coconut Coffee Scrub, this tropical-scented body butter is a miracle worker to cure dry skin and stretch marks. The product also comes in a large container you can keep at home (240ml), but the 75ml size is perfect for on the go gals. Tip: Rub the butter on triceps and elbows to help alleviate eczema or keratosis.
  10. Sephora Holographic Highlight Stick
    Price: $8 (0.14oz per stick)
    To create an radiant glow from anywhere in the world in seconds, Sephora’s Holographic Effect Stick is perfect. Dab a bit on cheek bones before heading out to an event or party (or after a night of little sleep for an instant wake up for your skin). Tip: Do not apply the product to the skin directly using the stick. Swipe a bit on a concealer brush or on the tip of your index finger and dab on cheeks in an upward motion.

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