$18.9 Million Bugatti “La Voiture Noire” is the Most Expensive New Car Ever Sold

When Bugatti Chiron was said to be going for $2.6 million, most people thought that that was such an outrageous amount for just a car, but we all know Bugatti does not make cars; it gives them life. So, when during the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, “La Voiture Noire” was unveiled, we should have known that Bugatti will always wow us with its creations.

Unfortunately, the car is not just up for grabs to anyone; unless you have $18.9 million lying around somewhere, you will have to settle for admiring from afar, mostly in pictures on the internet. Still, the $18.9 million Bugatti “La Voiture Noire” is the most expensive new car ever sold buy why have such a high asking price? Seriously, you can have so many luxurious vehicles with such an amount. All the same, there must be something special about it, so maybe we should take a look at it in detail.

Time spent on it

You would think that the car would be ready for delivery to all those who are interested so they can drive it immediately. That is not the case, and even if you make your order today, you will have to wait for another 30 months before you take your first drive in it. That is quite a disappointment given the amount of money you will spend on it, but Bugatti needs time to figure out how to homologate and engineer it. So, yes, you will have to be patient for two a half years. We cannot be surprised since the Chiron drivetrain on which “La Voiture Noire” is built takes two months to make yet customers wait for six months for it to be delivered.


Etienne Salome, Bugatti’s designer, says that every part of the vehicle has been handcrafted to perfection since they worked tirelessly on it until they found nothing else to improve. Therefore to the Bugatti, the expensive car is a representation of the perfect form with an ideal finish. It is made out of carbon fiber and is similar in many ways to the Chiron. For instance, “La Voiture Noire” has a 1479 Hp thanks to the quad-turbo W-16 engine; just like the Chiron. Therefore, we can expect it to reach a speed of 261 miles per hour. Such a high speed is enabled by the 1,180 lb-ft of torque hence by saying that the vehicle is a combination of luxurious comfort and sports car power, Bugatti is not lying.

Although “La Voiture Noire” is a modern interpretation of the Type 57 SC Atlantic, Bugatti’s president Stephen Winkelman says it is more than that. Instead, it is a feast of aesthetics with its mixture of sculptural beauty and unique technology. Through this vehicle, Bugatti is paying homage to its heritage by reviving technology, aesthetics, and luxury since it is their responsibility to ensure that the company’s legacy continues.


We all have a little knowledge of accounting in which we depreciate fixed assets as time passes. You will be surprised that “La Voiture Noire” has a very different approach; instead of depreciating, it appreciates the moment it is delivered. So, when you buy this car, do not think of it as an expense but rather an investment which you cash in in twenty years or more, assuming by then we will have ridiculously wealthy individuals living on earth. The catch is for you to maintain its value, you might want to avoid driving it; why risk an investment that will be worth millions in the future?


Economics principle has always told us that when supply is low the price automatically goes up and this is the case with “La Voiture Noire.” It is a one-off car meaning that only one will ever be made which results in the high price.

Parting shot

Being a car fanatic is not enough to get this car; you need to have millions in the bank to cater for the cost and your upkeep as you await your investment returns in the next few years. Still, while you may be one of those who cannot afford it, the car already has been bought by the first person the design team offered it to upon finishing their work on it. While the new owner has not been revealed, several industry reports are suggesting Ferdinand Piech, the former Volkswagen Group Chairman has bought it.

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