20 Cool Gadgets To Make Life Easier in 2018

Who doesn’t want to make their life easier? The current world tells us that the simplest way to achieve this end is through technology. Cool is good, and useful is even better, but what can’t be overlooked is affordability. That means not all the cool gadgets  on this list will meet everyone’s personal requirements. But what you can’t get today you can save up for or wait until the price comes down a little, then plug and play!

One problem with lists that talk about new and innovative is that people may not have heard of the brand or the product itself. We understand that, but the list is worth a serious look if you want to try and stay one step ahead of your friends or competition. Be sure to look carefully at whether each product meets your needs in terms of the cool factor, price, and whether it is practical for your particular situation.

1. The Snap SmartCam for home security

This is one of the most perfect gadgets you could want for home security. Though it looks like a USB charger, it isn’t It is a full HD 1080p resolution security camera that will watch your home while you are away at work, shopping, or any other necessary daily task. No batteries are required. But the advantages just keep on coming. The Snap SmartCam will continuously record the activities inside your home, and when it reaches the end of its maximum recording capacity it continues by overwriting the earliest videos on the device. You can download the recorded videos is you want to retain them for your records. Oh, the USB appearance not only conceals the security camera, but it actually functions as a charger. What’s not to like?

2. A creative way to charge your devices – Trusty Charge

Speaking of chargers, if you have any kind of technology you know you are always screaming for more power or longer lasting batteries. Like the Snap SmartCam, this is a device that functions differently from its appearance. It looks like a radio, but is actually an all-in-one charger for virtually every type of device you may own. It has multiple sources of creating power – mechanical by cranking and solar. It can charge your devices via USB connections and also serves as a flashlight. People who like to go outdoors or wander away from the confines of the city need power to keep their gadgets running for more than a few hours. Cars and motorized vehicles break down all the time, so when you find your smartphone down to 5 percent you can just connect it to Trusty Charge and get back online fast to get the help you need.

3. Recharge the batteries of your mobile devices with CircaCharge

Moving to charging your devices while you are in your car, there is CircaCharge. It actually is a rather simple device that does two major things: it acts as a phone mount on your dashboard and is a wireless charger. For those frustrated by the 50 wires you have to navigate every time you want to charge up a device, wireless charging is the future. You can get a jumpstart on the rest of civilization while making your travel life immensely easier with this new gadget.   CircaCharge offers three awesome features that can’t be ignored:

  • High-amp, fast-charging
  • Sleek design
  • 100% wireless operation

4. VIZR transforms your smartphone into a display for your car

We’ll stay with new car gadgets for a bit and introduce VIZR. You will need a smartphone to use this gadget, but that’s all. You take your smartphone and place it on top of VIZR on your dashboard and you are on your way to carefree driving. Because smartphones use touchscreens as an interface, you can use a number of apps with the VIZR connection, but its basic function is to act as a display that allows you to monitor road conditions, weather conditions, and traffic conditions. There are no physical connections to make (remember the future is wireless) so it is actually better than plug and play. This is one of those devices you may already have heard of, as it did booming holiday sales. That makes it not only reliable, but a must have gadget for 2018.

5. NightGuide – high definition driving glasses

We move from what’s on your dashboard to what’s on your head. Wearable technology may just be starting to gain momentum, but there is some available that is practical for most people. The NightGuide driving glasses give you better vision at night when driving, which is when almost half of all car accidents occur. Anyone who has driven a car for any length of time knows there is a huge difference between day driving and night driving. These high definition, high tech glasses enhance the colors you see at night to give you a better view of your nighttime surroundings. Though they are stylish, even if you don’t like the style no one will be seeing you anyway, right? Safety always trumps style.

6. KeySmart is a futuristic keychain

As much as we are trying to avoid having keys, they seem to never go away. Car keys, house keys, and room keys are just a few of the keys we use every day. Electronic keys are becoming more popular and secure, but there is something to be said for the security of a physical key. The problem is preventing the keys from shredding or poking holes in your good clothes. As long as you don’t have more than 14 keys (that is a lot) KeySmart has the capacity to both organize and protect your keys from damage in its 3 mm. aluminum protective casing made from the same material used in aircraft. People who use KeySmart say it is futuristic because they probably know that keys will not be going away within the next 50 years. That makes organization and protection of the keys a priority.

7. You can find anything with XY Find It

Staying with the idea of organization, before you can organize something you have to know where it is. People tend to be less organized than they believe, and anything from a set of keys to a smartphone can be lost in the disorganization of a daily life. The way XY Find It works is you attach a coin sized transmitter to anything you own and download the XY Find It app to your smartphone. The device and app combination will allow you to find anything that has the transmitter on it or in it. The biggest complaint about the product is its battery life, but that’s why you have all the other great products above to look into!

8. For personal protection, look into Tigress Alert

Many of the devices that have been recommended to look into have been about other high tech devices. But the most important part of any tech device is the person who is using it. The Tigress Alert is a device that was inspired by the military and serves several purposes. One is to be used when your physical person is in danger. A second use is to be used when you need to call for help as the result of an accident or unexpected event. The Tigress Alert emits a 130 decibel sound that is easily attached to your keychain, backpack, or purse. This loudness is equivalent to a jet taking off from an aircraft carrier burning its afterburners 50 feet after takeoff. There is a reason those guys on the carrier decks wear ear protection. Attackers do not want attention drawn to themselves, and passersby will pay attention to extremely loud noises. The effectiveness of the Tigress Alert makes it one of the world’s most sought after safety devices.

9. Military grade TC1200 Flashlight

Military gear is generally popular because it has been tried and tested in a variety of extreme conditions and situations. The TC1200 is exactly that – a military grade flashlight that has been used by SEALs. It is 25 times brighter than a normal flashlight, but is also very durable and reliable. It can be used for lighting dark areas as any flashlight should, but it has several settings that give it more versatility. The strobe setting can be used to blind an attacker, and the beam can be adjusted to allow you to light either wide areas or narrow its beam to signal for help. Battery life still comes back as an issue, so the required 3 AAA batteries can provide up to 1000 hours of power. If you have ever been completely without power for hours, you know the value of a reliable and versatile flashlight.

10. A monocular lens for your smartphone camera – Starscope Monocular

Smartphone camera technology continues to improve with each new version of the smartphone that is released. But constant users of smartphones who are looking to maximize the abilities of their cameras are frustrated when trying to zoom in at people or events that are at a far distance. The Starscope Monocular is a camera lens that you can use with your existing smartphone and will provide you with zoom capabilities of up to 10x for any scene you wish to record on your smartphone. Extensive testing has shown that the monocular has met or exceeded the lens quality of revered camera companies such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony. Of course, the price is clearly an issue since you don’t want to spend a wad of money just to have a cool zoom lens. The short answer is yes, it is very affordable.

11. A toilet night light – Glow Bowl

OK, we admit this is off the beaten track, but you do know there was a time that technology critics said that the iPad didn’t have a place in the world of PCs and laptops? So why not Glow Bowl? If you have ever woken up at night and found yourself staggering to find the bathroom (or toilet) and in the process woke up just about everyone else, then the GlowBowl is a must have. It is more than a night light. It also will spritz air freshener from its replaceable, built-in container. But the light is just not your eye-burning white light. There are 13 LED colors to choose from, depending on how open your eyes are. There is no need to reach for a button because it has a motion detector that will turn it on and off, so those return trips are already taken care of. For those who know what waking up in the middle of the night is like, this item deserves to be on this list as a way to make your life easier.

12. Make your smartphone even more versatile – Mobile Screen Cast

You want to join the hordes of people who have or are moving to cut their cable cords because it’s just too expensive. Your problem is that doing normal things like playing games or bingeing your favorite TV series isn’t the same watching it on your smartphone. The manufacturers of Mobile Screen Cast understand, and that is why they created this device that allows you to project your smartphone screen onto your TV screen. It’s simple to set up, easy to use, and basically solves all your large screen viewing problems. In fact, getting one of these handy gadgets may allow you to do more with your gaming and movie watching experience than you had previously. That makes it a 2-for-1 as you get to cut the cable cord and improve your entertainment options. What could be better?

13. SkyWire TV for an HD quality picture

This is a technology that has been evolving over the last decade and has finally arrived at the point where it can be a huge advantage over watching paid cable TV. It took a NASA engineer to get it right, but applying military technology (again) an antenna was developed that actually delivers HD quality pictures to your television through an antenna. The maximum range is about 60 miles from the point of the broadcast station, so while it may not be ideal for people who are limited to a single cable station it will do more than the job for everyone else. The cost of the SkyWire TV antenna will pay for itself in less than a month even if you only have basic cable.

14. A rescue kit for a dead car battery – Battery ResQ

If you live in a colder winter climate, you definitely have had at least one instance when your car battery died. When it happens you either end up finding a friend or neighbor who will jumpstart you, calling AAA and use one of your annual allotment of service calls, or call a local mechanics and pay to get your car up and running. If you are out in the middle of nowhere and it happens, you options are very limited, and it will likely take a long time for someone to get to you. The good news is you now have an alternative to get you jumpstarted without having to call anyone for help. Battery ResQ is basically a portable power plant that has all the hardware you need to connect to your car and jumpstart it even if your cell phone is dead. You can charge it at home so it is always ready to go, with a single charge keeping your Battery ResQ powered for at least 6 months.

15. A full kit of emergency car tools – Roadside Hero

There are 100 things that can go wrong with your car, but many of them are fixable – but only if you have the right tool. Enter Roadside Hero, which is a 9-in-1 tool that offers:

  • A high power flashlight
  • Seat belt cutter
  • Window breaker
  • Work light
  • SOS beacon
  • Compass
  • Solar panels to charge various devices
  • USB power bank charger
  • Magnetic mount

The seat belt cutter and window breaker are essential if your car begins to enter the water. For the Roadside Hero to actually be a hero you must have it handy at all times in these circumstances. All the other features have various uses, but perhaps the most important for smartphone users is the USB power bank charger that will get you in contact with help when you need it. The Roadside Hero will not only make your life better, it will reduce the stress level when things in your car go wrong. Don’t leave home without it.

16. Get FIXD so you don’t get fixed at the auto mechanic shop

It has been true since the invention of the automobile. You go to a car mechanic and tell them what the problem is, and you are given a sing and dance about what you think is a small problem, is actually a much bigger one. That bigger problem will cost you a lot more money. How can anyone know, even in the age of advanced technology, what is actually wrong with your car? Especially when that “Check Engine” light goes on? FIXD fixes that problem. If you own a car that has been made after 1996, FIXD will diagnose any car problem and tell you exactly what is wrong. If you are wondering about the value of this product, consider that the company has done more than $50 million in sales last year. You may not be the first to buy it, but you’ll be glad you did.

17. A smart suitcase – Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase

Technology has officially invaded the world of travel luggage. The Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase is obviously for people on the go, but for people who only travel once in a while or carry around a lot of stuff this product is worth a serious look. It has a single USB 2.0 port that also has a pre-installed cable and a zipped pocket for you to put your essential battery pack. All this means you are tech ready wherever you go and look stylish at the same time.

  • Break-resistant 100% virgin polycarbonate with stylish, scratch-resistant matte
  • Large 60mm dual-caster wheels provide a smooth roll across any surface
  • Integrated USB cable connects exterior USB port to zippered interior hanging side pocket where a power pack (not included) can be stored
  • Double racquet coil YKK zippers are puncture-resistant

18. For those who need quality indoor air – Airmega 400S

People who desire or need an indoor air environment that is free of allergens and live in a larger living room space often find a single, smaller unit will not do the job. Now there is the technologically advanced Airmega 400S that will not only keep your air scrubbed, but has a built-in air quality sensor and can be controlled by either the company’s app or by Amazon’s Alexa. This is one of the higher priced technologies on the list, but for people who have to deal with allergies all year-round they will find this to actually be a bargain.

19. The camera that is a combination of old school and modern technology – Instax Square SQ10

Talk to a Baby Boomer and they will regale about the days of the Polaroid and Kodak instant cameras. There is some truth to the benefits of those instant cameras, and Fuji has combined the best of both worlds in its Instax Square SQ10 camera. It combines the retro instant cameras that push out a picture in minutes with a digital camera that will save pics in a 1920 x 1920 pixel resolution for posting on your favorite social media site. Not only can you take instant pics, but you can edit your digital shots on the 3.5 inch screen. Once you start using it you will quickly find the real value of this camera.

20. Keep tabs on Tabby or Spot while you are away – Petcube Bites Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

This is the most unusual gadget on the list but for people who own pets it may be their first choice to buy from the list. The Petcube Bites Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser has a camera that allows you to watch your pets while you are away from home. But this gadget actually lets you dispense treats from afar. You use your smartphone to connect with the unit’s camera and there is a built-in laser pointer so you can play with your pet remotely using a smartphone app. Seriously. To finish things off, there is a two way audio speaker to talk to your pet.

This list has a combination of cool gadgets and some that are practical and may even be considered to be necessary. You are likely to find at least a half dozen that will have practical value for you. It’s clear that many companies are working at making every aspect of your life easier through expanding technology.

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