A Closer Look at the 2006 Ferrari 599 GTO Fiorano

2006 Ferrari 599 GTO Fiorano

Ferrari’s 575 Maranello had seen its heyday and it was time for a replacement. The powers that be decided it was time for a new flagship model and engineers got to work on designs or the new car but it had to be extra special. The successor to the 575M Maranello emerged as a Pininfarina design which would take the world by storm with a new contemporary aesthetic which would be arguably, the most beautiful and most powerful Ferrari produced to date. The 599 GTB Fiorano was born, and it was followed with a sibling version called the GTO, but there were not many of this variant produced. To fully appreciate this fine Italian vehicle requires a much closer look and inspection.

The 2006 Ferrari GTB Fiorano

The 599 GTB Fiorano made its initial appearance in 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show. This was a model that generated a bit of controversy for Frank Stephenson, the lead designer, because he made the decision to collaborate with McLaren on the new vehicle. While not everyone was keen on the joint effort, the team produced one of the most lovely Ferrari’s to ever roll off of the production lines. The new 599 GTB was powered by a 6.0 liter V12 engine that had been used in the F60, but the exterior and interior were exquisite, proving that Stephenson had made a wise choice and even the neighbors could not argue that this was one beautiful vehicle. This was the model from which the GTO was created.The United States saw their first 599 GTBs in November of 2006, in logos representing the country as they made their international tours throughout each country in the world. Ferrari was proud of their new flagship sports car and they scheduled this international parade to show off two of the vehicles which were highly decorated in Rosso Corsa red and Tour de France blue, first debuting in Brazil, then in America. The hallmarks of these new vehicles were highlighted including not only their stylish good looks, but also the fact that performance was phenomenal per usual, and they were also designed for driver comfort in a vehicle also suitable for everyday use. The 599 GTB was made a bit more rugged with special modifications in the under body which replaced the plastic under body protector with a aluminium material four millimeters n thickness, and a slightly higher suspension set up fitting which would give it an edge for more sketchy road conditions.

The Ferrari GTO Fiorano

If you’re looking for a Ferrari GTO Fiorano, it’s going to be a model that is tough to find because of its rarity. This car is a variant of the 599 GTB, and it was created as a high performance vehicle which was fully equipped with the capacity for screaming from a full stop to 62 mph in a hair under 3.3 seconds, which was, at the time of its release, nothing short of phenomenal. This, perhaps was a bit over the top for an everyday use vehicle as the top speed of the GTO variant was 208 mph. Ferrari officially made plans to develop a road legal version of the 599X track day car in April of 2010. During testing it lapped the Fiorano test circuit in a mind blowing one minute and 24 seconds, becoming the fastest road car that Ferrari had ever produced, surpassing the Ferrari Enzo by a second on the track. The new GTO road car was powered by a 670 PS engine boasting 661 horsepower with 457 pound feet of torque at 6,500 revolutions per minute. The gearbox and exhaust system from the 599XX were fitted into the vehicle and this special version. The total weight of the 2010 599 GTO amounted to a mere 220 lbs which was significantly less than the GTB from which it was inspired. There were only 599 of the GTO variants made and just 125 were created for the market in the United States so the likelihood of seeing one on the road, or up for sale are slim. There were only two other GTO models of the Ferrari made in other designations and these were the 250 GTO produced in 1962, and the 288 edition released in 1984, which were both designed for homologation in racing, however, the 599 GTO did not follow suit. Ferrari kept the GTO model true to its intention as a road car, and Americans dearly love their GTOs.

Final thoughts

The GTO Fiorano is one of the more interesting variants of the 599. This is one of the fastest and most beautiful models that the brand has ever created and it was made for an audience that has an intense and deep craving for power and speed, perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing street legal cars capable of tearing up the road in a road race. This isn’t a car that many of the 125 American owners is likely to take out under such circumstances as they’re fairly rare and hard to come across, but rather, one that is kept in a climate controlled environment when it’s not being shown off at a car show or taken out for a drive. They’re not the kind of sports car that you will see on the road very often because of their rarity, and the 599 GTO is one of those cars that is a Ferrari enthusiast’s dream and a collector’s prize. We simply had to cut this rare, powerful and beautiful pony from the herd to highlight its many attributes and share a little bit about the car that many simply don’t know about. If you conduct a search on the 2006 Ferrari 599 model, you’re likely to turn up more information about the 599 GTB, with little being said about the GTO variant, because it’s not your everyday Ferrari, if there even is such a thing. Ferrari has held true with their intention to continue the traditions of building extra special vehicles which offer continual upgrades in power, performance and beauty, and these attributes are embodied fully in the 599 GTO.

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