10 Things to Expect from the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show

The biggest yachting event of the year is the Monaco Yacht Show, which enters its 26th season in 2016 taking place from September 28th – Oct 1st. It was started as an industry conference meant to bring together brokers, shipyards, and management companies and eventually turned into a huge show that attracted yachting aficionados and wealthy attendees from across the globe. This specialized trade show, which is held in Port Hercules, is more than just a place to make contacts and finalize deals. It’s an upscale four day event that’s filled with fabulous yachts, autos, distinguished guests, celebrity appearances, and some of the most prominent companies in the luxury lifestyle segment.

Here are ten things attendees can expect to see at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show.

1. A stunning in-water display of beautiful yachts

The in-water display at the show will be like an art exhibit on water — beauty all around and a showcase of naval design and architecture at its finest. Many attendees are thrilled by the yacht display alone, as it’s set up to give an optimal view of the best features of each model. Every profile, curve, and feature on these vessels will be impressive and well worth seeing.

2. Awesome cocktail parties and plenty of opportunities to schmooze

Hands down, the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show will have the largest and most entertaining parties and networking opportunities in the industry, if only because of its legendary reputation for being the most elaborate yacht display in the world. Brokers and yachting executives will find plenty of chances to rub elbows while letting their hair down a bit.

3. A showing of stunning, elite cars

Those who are interested in yachts typically also fancy high dollar luxury cars, which is why the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show will feature a full indoor lounge of exotic models from brands including Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Centigon, and Tesla. A particularly exciting model on display will be the Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder. Not only can yacht show attendees see these beautiful vehicles, each will also be available for test drives and purchasing.

4. Two long-awaited premieres from Gulf Craft

At the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, UAE-based fiberglass yacht maker Gulf Craft will debut two of their most notable models: the Majesty 155 and Majesty 110. Neither of these lines has been seen before in Europe, and this will be the first time that many attendees will witness the innovative styling and engineering that the brand is known for. Majesty 155 is a muti-deck powerhouse that’s the epitome of grand, while Majesty 110 is a modern beauty that looks more like a resort inside than it does a boat.

5. One of the best VIP lounges in the show’s history

Since its inception the Monaco Yacht Show has only become bigger, better, and more incredible, and the same goes for its VIP lounges. The drinks will be flowing, wonderfully delicious bites will be served, the music is going to be pumping — it will be an amazing party. Combined with the yacht displays and beautiful backdrop, it’s abundantly clear why this event is so highly anticipated.

6. Over 125 superyacht models

A key highlight of the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show will be the unveiling of many brand new yachts from shipyards around the world. Along with the other models on display the number of superyachts will top 125. Baglietto, Sanlorenzo, Yachting Partners International, and Sunseeker will all be showing superyachts, some of which will go unseen until the event. These vessels were chosen to be on display because of their exemplary design, engineering, and stunning aesthetics. The most expensive yachts at the 2016 MYS will cost tens of millions of dollars each and feature a bevy of opulent details and amenities.

7. The introduction of new water toys from some of the industry’s hottest companies

The 2016 Monaco Yacht Show wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of water toys — after all, most luxury yachts have tenders that hold an array of equipment meant to make sea excursions more of an adventure. The Monte Carlo Tender Show and Water Toys Show are two special areas in the venue where attendees can get a look at the hottest paddle boats, hydrofoils, slides, jet skis, luxury gear, and submarines that are available to upgrade the yachts on display.

8. A look at what the premiere shipyards of the world have been up to

An increasing number of famed yachting companies have developed the habit of staying mum on their new designs until the Monaco Yacht Show comes along — at that point, it becomes a competition to see who has the biggest and best yachts coming to market. This year Mondomarine, Wider Yachts, Wally, and G-Yachts are expected to finally give the world a view of the projects that they’ve been keeping under wraps. For yachting enthusiasts, the announcements and premieres will definitely be one of the best parts of the event.

9. An exclusive preview of a limited edition Ulysse Nardin timepiece

The legendary watchmaker is a sponsor of the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, and they’ll unveil a special edition watch that was created in honor of the event. The brand has a history of launching new watches for this particular yacht show, as its history is closely tied to the luxury yachting industry. The details are being kept quiet for now, but judging by the watch that Ulysse Nardin released for last year’s show the newest is bound to be just as spectacular.

10. Celebrity VIPs and special guests

Bring out top of the line yachts, swanky parties, and some of the best in the world of luxury living and you’re sure to draw a number of star celebrities. The Monaco Yacht Show never fails to attract famous attendees, and this year will be no different. The fun of it is that you rarely know just who will be there before the show gets started, but once they make an appearance the whole vibe of the event gets taken to another level.

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