2017 Bentley Continental GT V8 Review

There is just something about a Bentley that cannot be topped by any other automobile in the world. Their newest presentation will be the 2017 Bentley Continental GT V8. We could stack it up against the competition which includes other high end luxury car makers including the Mercedes Benz AMG GT and S class or the Rolls Royce Wrait, The Maserati Gran Turismo or the Aston Martin Vantage, and for the Bentley lovers it would still come in at first place. Just the mention of the name alone inspires descriptors which include class, luxury, dependability, status, prestige and performance. Bentley belongs to an elite group and of this there is no debate, but it has also formed a following of its own that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. So impressive is their newest addition that it deserves a closer look.


The 2017 Bentley Continental comes packed with luxury features as are expected from the famed British automaker. We’ll get to the intoxicating aesthetics a little later. First, we examine what’s under the beautiful skin that gives the new Continental GT its edge. If you’re a fan of power and optimum handling then continue reading to find out the particulars of how the Bentley automakers accomplished this.


The new Continental is driven by the powerful 4.0 liter V8 engine that supplies the power with five hundred and twenty eight PS/ five hundred and twenty bhp /three hundred and eighty eight kilowatts at six thousand rpm. The max torque is six hundred and eighty Nm/five hundred and two – pound feet at seventeen hundred rpm. The engine capacity is 3933 cc. She will climb from zero to sixty miles per hour in 4.3 seconds with a top speed of one hundred and ninety two miles per hour without breathing hard. The fuel efficiency is also worth mentioning at fifteen miles per gallon city, twenty five highway and nineteen combined. Clearly precision in engineering has created the ultimate source of power and efficiency that rivals the accomplishments of the competition with grand style.


The Continental GT has been redesigned to handle hairpin corners with the greatest of agility thanks to the new front bumper. The design is along the lines of an inverted aerofoil which puts one in mnd of a trip to the speedway. The rear spoiler is an innovative creation that has been applied with a lip style appearance and each wheel features the new Bentley class “B” fender vent for additional aerodynamic enhancement. When it comes to handling, the new 2017 Continental will turn on a dime and handle like a dream. In addition to the excitement of this performance factor it also serves as fan additional safety precaution for when the unexpected occurs en route. Driver comfort has never been at a more optimal level than it will be with Bentley’s latest production.


You’ll notice immediately that the steering wheel has been reinvented to a three spoke with gear selectors of the paddle shift type for increased handling satisfaction. The seats have been upholstered in a straight flute style with a tight wrap. Every inch of the new Bentley exudes the luxury ride with indicators that she will be a high performer following the traditions that the company has firmly established so there will be no surprises there. Driver and passengers will rest in the lap of luxury and even the high performing engine that has the capacity for racing speeds will not disturb the elegance of the luxury seating and interior accommodations.


The 2017 Bentley GT V8 will be offered at the recommended retail price starting at $234,190 base and ranging p to $318,780. Of course the total cost will depend upon the level of customization preferred by the customer.

Other versions of the 2017 Bentley Continental GT V8

We must also discuss the S class of the Continental GT V8 for 2017. This edition will feature the Beluga style in the lower body. it will be equipped with twenty inch wheels and an engine which has been recalibrated along with a stepped up chassis and redesigned stability control. This model still features the Bentley racing genes yet offers spacious comfort for passengers along with plenty of room for personal items and baggage. This luxury coupe comes with an 8 speed automatic transmission with all wheel drive.

It is a second generation vehicle that features traction and stability controls, rack and pinion steering and electrical variable assist. It comfortably seats four with this number of seat belts and a total of six airbags for increased safety in a collision. The front suspension is independent, double wishbone pneumatic and the rear suspension is independent with multi link and pneumatic. It also comes with traction and stability control, four seat belts and six airbags.

Final thoughts

Classic style and the use of proven methods in the engineering of the new 2017 Bentley GT V8 have combined to produce a solid new generation of automobile that is about to take the world by Storm. All we can say is that Bentley has done it again, following its established tradition of quality, luxury and performance through the use of premium materials and some of the finest engineering and design minds in the automotive industry.

In addition to the GT V8, Bentley has had the foresight to offer variants in order to suit the preferences and tastes of a larger segment of the population with the Bentley Continental GT V8 S class that offers an additional sporty feel if that is even possible. This vehicle embodies the innovation and ingenuity of the Bentley team and is a perfect example that shows it is possible to remain stoic and observe established traditions while implementing state of the art technologies and innovations to bring about the new generation of vehicle that is edgy and makes apologies for nothing. This is at the core of the new 2017 Bentley Continental GT V8 and its variants. We welcome it into the family as the new member that has the potential for changing realities while upholding tradition.

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