2017 Ford GT Description and Review


Just one glance at the pre-production 2017 GT in black and white and you’ll know why it is nicknamed “Stormtrooper.” Ford Engineers attached this name because they have full knowledge of its potential and capacity. There is no doubt that it is a beauty and the word is out, leaking from the manufacturers of this new edition that is due to roll off of its production lines in less than a month. Curiosity doesn’t adequately describe the tension that is felt for a careful examination of, and possibly even a test drive of this highly anticipated release. We’re going to take a closer look at the 2017 GT so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when it makes its debut to the general public.


This jewel is made to be aerodynamic which ups its ability to cut through the wind with less drag and a lot more speed. The teardrop shape of the cabin gives it a sleek and crazy fast look and feel. The air intake takes its place in front of the Grille shutters which manages the air pressure at the front wheels. Although not quite obvious the GT Formula 1 style keel is present. You have to approach it from the right angle to see the road through the channel that exists behind the wheels in front.



Some major tweaking had to be done with the protoype because the design allowed for the presentation of a load of downforce. This wasn’t a problem that the engineers could tolerate so in order to compensate, the team came up with a plan. The addition of a rear spoiler added balance of the downforce within the rear. Its hydraulic activation causes the active spoiler to shoot up with some considerable force and speed. The active shape change at speed are a pretty cool function that took care of the problem of downforce to the satisfaction of the engineering team. The gurney flap is reminiscent of an ultralight but id does the trick for changing conditions when there is a need for maximum grip and downforce.

Five drive modes

Yep, you get Normal, Wet, Sport and Track. If that isn’t enough for you, there’s also V-max. These are all coneniently accessed on the control knob that has been located neaar the steering. You’ll have indicators that let you know when you’re in normal mode. The instrument cluster display will keep you informed.

Sport mode is the next step up from normal with a sharper response of the throttle and a loosening of restrictions previously placed on traction control. When in Sport mode, the rear spoile comes up when you hit seventy miles per hour and goes back down when you reach around forty five miles per hour. Track is yet the next step up with a drop of suspension to a mere 2.7 inches of clearance from the ground. The suspension is stiffened and the V Max drops the rear wing allowing this stormtrooper to reach speeds of two hundred miles per hour and better.



Sitting in the Ford GT, you’ll have 4.7 inces of clearance from the ground. Deployment of the spoiler happens at ninety miles per hour but it will go back down when you hit eighty one. When you’re in normal mode, you have the option of adjusting the comfort level with the comfort suspension setting. This is done with the push of a button that is located on the center console. It also offers a nose lift option. It works by softening the throttle and transmission mapping when the weather turns nasty.


The 2017 GT features a 3.5 liter with V-6 engine with twin turbochargers and intercoolers featuring rear mounting. The dropping of the notion of using a V8 is for the sake of fuel economy. We don’t have a confirmation of the total torque or horse power but initial guesses from the pros place it at around six hundred. We’ll have to wait and see.


Early speculation has compared the 2017 GT with the likes of the Porsche 911 GT3, the McLaren 675LT and the Ferrari 488GTB, and so naturally one would expect that the pricing would be quire similar. Some even elevate the features and aesthetics beyond these traditional hotties but we’ve discovered that the estimated cost of the first to roll off of the production line will be in the neighborhood of four hundred and fifty thousand or so. This is a give or take price but we believe that it is right in the ballpark of where it will land. Yes, it’s a high price but one look at this baby and you will be a believer that it is worth every penny of the asking price.

Final thoughts

When it comes to class, aesthetics, sportiness and plenty of power, we think that the 2017 GT is gonna have what it takes. This highly anticipated vehicle is on the cusp of delivery and there are plenty people just waiting to get their chance to see one in person. We believe that the response to this dream sport will be overwhelming. We don’t yet have any indication of how many that the Ford company is planning to release, but with a price tag just under a half a million, we don’t imagine that the lines for purchase will be as long as the lines for the curious who just want to take a look.

Ford is stepping up the game with the 2017 GT for certain. It’s one of their sleekest most futuristic racers and even though it’s not yet available to get a good look at, there is a buzz that is filled with speculations and what ifs. Well, if price is any indication of amazing performance, we’re fully expecting that the “stormtrooper” will blaze down the freeway. From what we’ve been told about the manufacturing process and stringent testing for this new model, they’ve taken their time and put a great deal of planning, thought and effort into its creation and ultimate perfection. We have truly high expectations that it will be nothing short of Fords most amazing production that will leave a sweet taste for sports enthusiasts for years to come.

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