The 2017 GMC Yukon XL Denali 4WD 8-Speed Automatic


The 2017 GMC Yukon XL Denali 4WD 8 speed automatic has lot to offer if you’re looking for rugged toughness with a touch of luxury and plenty of room for a larger group. The onroad handling is supreme and it’s fit for taking off road when the notion strikes you. This vehicle offers comfortable seating so your passengers will enjoy the ride. Capable and attractive, this model of the Yukon is the solution when multitasking is the problem. We’re going to take a closer look at the Denali to discover why it is such a popular vehicle for owners with families. Its large size and the comparable price tag may be a deterrent for some but for those who need the additional space and power think it’s an amazing vehicle. We’ve included pros and cons and as many details as we could fit in. Of course, there is nothing like being in the driver’s seat and taking it for a test spin, but for now, this will have to do.

Seating capacity

If you have a larger crew, transporting everyone in one vehicle won’t be a problem. The 2017 XL Denali is equipped with seating and seat belts that will accommodate up seven passengers in addition to the driver. The XL edition offers a stretch for extra roominess that provides leg room and space for transporting additional items that makes it the logical choice for family vacations or road trips. The Denali is a popular choice for families with multiple members because of its capacity for transporting larger groups. If you decide that you’d rather go with the captains chairs options versus the bench seating, the accommodations will lower to seven.

Extended Wheelbase

The extended wheelbase measures one hundred and thirty inches. This is what adds an impressive capacity for towing and hauling heavier cargo. It is so much more than a means for human transportation. While it is that, the Denali XL is a multitasking work horse. the extension gives you thirty nine cubic feet of space for hauling whatever it is that you need to transport.

Towing capacity

Because you never know when your assistance will be needed, you have a maximum tow rating of 8100 pounds along with optional four wheel drive for more power when required. This gives you more traction for tricky situations that need an extra push to power through.


Plenty of power under the hood

The Denali features a 420 horse power 6.2 liter V 8 engine. You’ll have plenty of power over the more scaled down 5.3 liter six speed of the SLE and SLT. The XL is the choice for anyone who is in need of raw power. Not everyone is aware that this engine is comparable with the same engine that is used in the Corvette Stingray, in a version that is detuned. It generates 460 lb ft of torque.

The transmission is automatic and this version replaces the old six speed with an eight speed which is a definite enhancement for this special edition. It just keeps getting better. What does this new powertrain pairing have to offer? the 2017 Denali goes from zero to sixty in 5.8 seconds. When it was put through the quarter mile testing it achieved a speed of ninety eight miles per hour in just 14.3 seconds.

Pros and cons

There is a variety of benefits associated with the Denali XL edition. On the plus side, it delivers one of the most comfortable rides possible for a vehicle of its’ size. It also offers an extended area over the others that gives you more room for extended family and for transporting personal belongings, equipment for excursions, large shopping trips and much more. Room and comfort are two of the most popular features which attract people to the Denali XL.

On the downside, there is no getting around the fact that the Denali XL edition is expensive. Yes, it is pricey but then again, in most cases, you get what you pay for. Some people find it difficult and a bit awkward to maneuver, particularly when parking in tight places to begin with. Not everyone has an issue with maneuverability but there is a learning curve associated with becoming proficient at handling this beast. Another potential drawback is that the Denali XL is not economical on fuel. The V-8 engine uses a lot of fuel. The average miles per gallon is fourteen in the city and twenty on the highway.


Price tag

We indicated early that the Denali XL has a few extras that were figured into the pricing. Its MSRP is around $81,000. When compared with many of the other vehicles in its class it is a bit on the pricey side, but in all fairness, it does deliver high on luxury, toughness and a ton of practical features which are valuable assets. With all things considered, the cost may not be as steep if you are getting a vehicle that will best meet your needs over the other lower priced versions. There are lower priced vehicles with similar features and before you make your final decision it’s a good idea to compare them side by side and go with the one that best suits your requirements and preferences.

Final thoughts on the topic

It is our opinion and the thousands who are loyal fans of the Denali XL that the benefits of owning this amazing vehicle far outweigh the cons. It’s a big vehicle and if you haven’t driven one before you’re going to need some practice backing out of tight places and around corners. You’ll spend a lot on fuel and you might have some trouble fitting it into your garage. When you need the ruggedness and power to climb out of a ravine you will have all that you need at your disposal. Move into four wheel drive with ease. With the same vehicle enjoy the comfort that it affords with luxury interior for longer trips and feel satisfied in knowing that your passengers will enjoy the same comfort on the trip. The bottom line is that the Denali XL is not the right choice for everyone but for those who need the extra space and ruggedness, it is the only logical choice.

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