2017 Porsche 718 Cayman PDK Automatic Description and Review


Are you a fan of the Porsche junior sports car lines? If so there are some important updates being made to the 718 Cayman. It’s nothing new for the auto manufacturer to give their aging beauties in the series a facelift and a few nips and tucks here and there for aesthetics. Their 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman PDK Automatic is no exception, but the upcoming model will have some more intense work that will revitalize her in regard to style, amenities and performance. Based on the information that they’re sharing, we think that the updates are not only timely, but exciting for Cayman enthusiasts. We’re going to take a closer look at the new Cayman to find out just what we can expect to see upon her delivery.

How her appearance will change

Revisions in the headlights, tail lights as fascia will be apparent then you’ll immediately notice the new sheet metal stamping on the door skins and all finders. Still recognizable as a new member of the series, yet in updated style. This is what we’re expecting on the outside. A closer look at her interior reveals a new steering wheel and a redesign of the upper dashboard. Ultra attractive in presentation, these changes reflect the step into modern aesthetics and function, but what about the technology?

Keeping on top of the tech scene

This is one of the concerns of all major auto producers as it’s difficult to in fact keep up with all of the advances that are being made in automotive technology. This is actually a good thing because it is what brings us the vehicles that feature state of the art entertainment and on board navigation systems. We’ll no doubt see this as one of the greatest areas of evolution in the industry from year to year. For the present, the Cayman for 2017 will feature enhancements that offer more options for connectivity and device compatibility with revised infotainment logic. This is a term that we’d better get used to because it’s one that we’re going to be hearing more about in the future.


What is happening under the skin?

The chassis of the Cayman has been re-tuned and she will feature an upgrade in the brake system as well. Under the hood, we’re going to see and experience a switchover from the 3.4 liter flat six to a 2.0 liter turbocharged in the upgraded version. The standard and S models will be rolling off the lines with a 2.5 flat four. If you’re concerned about the four cylinder, don’t be because their new design has pumped more power into these supercharged fours that you had with the flat sixes. They made sure by running the three hundred horse power and two hundred and eighty pound foot torque through rigorous road testing to iron out any wrinkles that could lead to discrepancy. The PDK equipped Cayman S hasn’t failed in her delivery of the great expectations that designers and engineers had for her tweaks and upgrades.

Did the new Cayman meet the goal for performance enhancement?

The lovely Cayman with a PDK automatic in a racing yellow has gone through five critical testing runs to assess her performance levels. The data generated from all testing sessions has been gone over with a fine toothed comb so to speak and it is looking good on all fronts. It appears that the engineers got it right with the best possible combination of components for this make and model, which is no small feat in automotive design and delivery on the goods. The Porsche Sport Chrono package along with adaptive dampers, lower ride height, brake based torque vectoring, sport exhaust system and PDK transmission are a harmonious blend that is complemented with the 10 inch Cayman S wheels and a smaller GT sport steering wheel and sportier seats all meld to hit the mark for enhanced performance and beauty. Auto dimming mirrors, sporty and eye catching yellow seat belts and improved connectivity features have not hurt her either.



The 2017 Cayman 718 has a fast, sport response with push button on the drive mode dial to engage the overboost. Couldn’t be easier to engage the fury of a twenty second rush of power to enjoy mass acceleration. The automatic outperformed the manual tranny which left mouths turned down because of a turbo lag. That won’t be an issue with the automatic thanks to the Sport Chrono package. This feature also delivers a few more goodies including lap timer, dash mounted stop watch, dynamic tranny mounts and the drive mode selector that is mounted on the steering wheel which gives you a range of choices including Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and an array of individual settings for your pleasure.

Sporting a new engine sound

This may be the one bone of contention that separates enthusiasts of the Cayman. There are already some discussions taking place and she hasn’t even made her official debut. What can you expect to hear? The new engine brings a new tone which is best described as being aggressive, sharp and “unapologetic.” It suits the new design and upgrades to a T, depending on who you talk to about it. Some others are not fans of the new sound but this is merely a matter of personal preference. What really counts is the fact that she’s smarter, prettier and more capable. She’ll hit zero to sixty in 3.9 seconds and the force will pin your passenger firmly to their seat until you let off of the accelerator. She’ll also make hit the next marker of fifty to seventy in 2.9 seconds so we think that the engine, regardless of whether you love or hate the sound, will do its job quite well.


The total price of the new 2017 will depend on whether or not you want to add more to the base model. It comes with all that a reasonable person would need so if you’re good with that, the starting price will be $59,600. If that doesn’t satisfy your need for spending you could always order yours with even more bells and whistles until you feel good about the purchase. At any rate, we’re all excited about the release of this lovely little racer that we believe will deliver high on performance and good looks to boot.

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