2018 BMW X2 Description and Review

BMW has done it again. The 2018 BMW X2 is a luxury vehicle that lets the driver experience a real adventure on the road whether you are driving for leisure or off-road thrill, the BMW X2 is built for performance. BMW has taken the best of recent past models that have had proven success and integrated specific features into their newest edition, the X2. BMW has created a sporting substitute vehicle to that of the X1. This concept car made its first appearance at the 2016 Paris Auto Show, and what was seen in this new model is a unique combination of athleticism mixed with the high-end design and features you’d expect from BMW. So what kinds of features can you expect to see on the X2? Keep reading to see what BMW has kept from previous models, what changes have been made, and what new ideas have been added to get the final product, the 2018 BMW X2.


The X2 was designed to meet the demands of what consumers want, a small, supreme, compact coupe SUV. It closely follows the X4 and X6 models as it will be given a larger, steel body style that is uniquely designed to BMW’s high standards. The X2 was built to sit closer to the ground than the X4, but it features the same styled roofline, which is sloped. The sole purpose of the sloped roofline was to create a sleek rear end to the car, however, the front of the car will retain the X1’s front end as its inspiration, which is sports somewhat elongated and slightly sleek looking headlights, an upright turned nose that is finished with 3D kidney grilles. It has been said that the sharp lines of the concept model will be toned down for the actual production automobiles but the basic shape will stay primarily the same.


As far as the X2’s performance, BMW plans to build the X2 using the X1’s front-wheel platform and will sell the X2 exclusively with the three and four cylinder diesel engines. Customers will be able to choose whether they want a front-wheel drive, or the four-wheel drive model. Whichever they choose, it will be matched with a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic gearbox combined with the type of drive they chose.

There will be differences in engine power output depending on the choice of diesel or petrol engine but the standard engine that will be installed in the X2 for models in the US will be a turbocharged 2.0 liter inline-4. This means with acceleration, you can go from 0-60 mph in just over 6.0 seconds and the top speed is an impressive 130 mph.

Furthermore, in the petrol engine models, they will be available with a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine, in X2 xDrive 20i, the engine generates 189 bhp of power output. The diesel engine model is turbocharged 2.0 liter engine and will offer three different engine variations in performance: In X2 xDrive 18d, the engine will generate 148 bhp of power output.


While the exterior body of the X2 is a more aggressive look than any other of BMW’s SUV coupe models, the interior was given a larger, more spacious interior for additional luggage room and comfort for everyone; driver and passengers alike. A foot and a half more height, to be exact, was added. The other details of the interior for the X2 are all about high-end functions that emanate luxury and style.

BMW has redesigned the dashboard in the X2 to allow more space for the information display and audio system which was installed with 7 speakers spaced throughout the car. The A/C vents are a new design and the leather-wrapped steering wheel is multifunctional with three spokes. It is also luxuriously comfortable-to-grip and comes standard in all X2’s. Other standard features include, cruise control, an analogue instrument cluster with four gauges, and cloth seats, though you may opt for a leather upgrade. Other options you may choose to include as upgrades are a panoramic moonroof, 8.8 inch, high resolution with touchpad display and Harman Kardom sound.

The majority of the interior features are the same as the features in the X1 model due to the fact that they worked. They are as functional as they are high-end and luxurious. One of the features that was kept from the X1 is the legroom. Although more space was created in the headroom of the X2, the rear legroom remains similar to the X1 model which is 2.6 inches more in the second generation of the X1’s. The 2.6 inches that was added in the second generation of X1’s gave passengers in the rear more room to outstretch their legs for a more comfortable, relaxed ride, which is what BMW wanted for passengers in the X2.

Bottom line

The X2 was designed with sustainable mobility, one of BMW’s standard features they incorporate in every automobile they make. BMW constantly strives on developing new ideas in technology and the latest innovations to build the most aerodynamic and engine-efficient automobiles. SUV fans who are looking for a sophisticated, sporty coupe that’s all about performance and style, they will be impressed with BMW’s newest concept in sheer driving pleasure, the X2.

Although no specifics have been given about the release date of the X2, as of yet, it is suspected that the car will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of 2017 and go on sale in early 2018. It is also suspected that it will only appear for that year. For those wanting to purchase the X2, you can expect to pay just over $30,000 US dollars for the basic model and just over $50,000 for a fully-loaded four-wheel drive version.


Most commonly known as BMW, Bavarian Motor Works is a German auto company that was founded in 1916. They design and manufacture high-end, luxury automobiles, engines, and motorcycles and are based out of Munich, Bavaria Germany. BMW also produces BMW motorcars under their motorcar division and their motorcycles are manufactured under their division known as Motorrad. BMW is one of the most recognized names in luxury automobiles around the world and they are continually using the latest, cutting-edge technology and innovative design expertise to produce some of the most desirable, top-of-the-line automobiles in the world.

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