10 Things You Didn’t Know About the 2018 BMW X2

BMW‘s new 2018 X2 model is a unique new crossover that promises to deliver on compact size with a lively performance and handling. For a small CUV, it’s worthy of further inspection and consideration. We believe that it has a lot to offer including sportiness and good looks. Here are 10 things we found noteworthy that you probably didn’t know but certainly should about the BMW X2 for 2018.

1. The X2 is BMWs answer to the competition

It takes a special car to go up against competitors like Mercedes-Benz with their GLK and GLC models along with the Lexus NX and the Acura RDX, but the manufacturer feels confident that the X2 is up to the challenge. It made an impression at the Detroit Auto Show in 2018.

2. The sales are already booming for the new model

As of the end of July, the X2 ad already sold a whopping 7,350 and it’s on track to meet the anticipated annual sales goal of around 17,000. This is remarkable, but not surprising because this car offers so much for a reasonable base price. It’s on track to achieve or possibly exceed the high expectations of the manufacturer for the 2018 year. This answers the question of whether it’s up to the challenge posed to Mercedes and Lexus.

3. The X2 is customizable with a big assortment of available options

While the X2 is sporty without help, buyers can really jazz it up more with the M SportX package that includes a host of optional goodies. We’ll start with a panoramic moonroof, keyless entry, lumbar support, head up display, heated front seats, power folding mirrors, an automatic sports transmission, a universal garage door opener, Sirius XM radio and a year’s subscription. The premium package affords you a Harmon Kardon premium system, remote services, and navigation touchpad, heated front seats, advanced RTTI, head up display and park distance control. It also includes a driving assistance package with an active driving assistant, wireless charging, sunset orange metallic paint, Applel CarPlay compatibility, M sport suspension and an M rear spoiler. You can purchase options separately to customize your own package.

4. Hill Descent Control and AWD are standard

The 2018 BMW X2 comes with All Wheel Drive as a standard feature for the 2018 year. There are some predictions that it will be offered in a front wheel drive edition at some point in the future. This will make it better if you end up driving through snow, so you won’t have to order it with anything extra to make it a great all season vehicle.

5. It feels like a sedan

If you’ve not yet ridden in the new X2, there’s no way you’d believe this based on its size, but it really does have a similar feeling of driving/riding in a sedan. This is because it has the same type of proportions that you would find in a sedan model, only in a somewhat miniaturized form. It’s a surprisingly comfortable ride and based on current sales, we’d say that there are a lot of people who would probably agree with our assessment.

6. The X2 has Mini features

The new X2 is designed with many of the features that you would find in the Mini Cooper. The body is similar in its sleek design although the interior is a lot nicer. The manufacturer shared that it has the same BMW UKL platform that is found in the Mini line as well as the X1 so you could say that it has a shared DNA between the two.

7. It’s the smallest BMW Crossover

The X2 has earned a place of distinction in the BMW line. It’s got a bigger name, but the size is smaller than the X1. Its intentional size reduction is to meet with the public’s demand for a crossover in a subcompact edition and BMW gladly rose to the occasion. The price is a little more, but there’s a lot of virtue packed into BMWs smallest crossover.

8. The X2 features modified BMW styling

You can see the classic BMW elements within the Xw, but they’ve been modified. The round badging is present along with the grill in a twin kidney configuration and the Hofmeister kink which are signature features that could not be omitted. It takes its cues from the dynasty with a slightly different twist and it seems that BMW admirers are fans of the newest member of the family.

9. The X2 has exceptional handling but one drawback

There are so many positives about the X2 that there had to be a drawback among them. It drives extremely well with precision handling. The major drawback is that it’s not insulated enough to keep out the road noise. It’s a little more obnoxious than most prefer, and the ride can be a bit jarring at times, but overall, the car is a real sweetheart.

10. It’s fun to drive

The X2 comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that delivers sporty power in the form of 228 horses and 258 lb-ft of torque. This makes it ideal for sporty driving without taking it over the top. It has a great rev and offers three different modes including eco, sport, and comfort. No matter which you choose, there’s plenty of pep.

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