2018 Mercedes AMG E63 Description and Review


Mercedes has just unveiled its latest creation for the upcoming year. The 2018 Mercedes Benz E class is going to welcome the E63 and the E63 S as the front runners to take the lead on the parade of the most elite luxury vehicles to hit the road. The rumor is that we’re going to see an increase in efficiency because of the new additions and modifications that have been implemented by the Mercedes engineer team. The aesthetics are exciting but there are some even better surprises under the hood. We’re delighted with the news that we’ve received and are taking the opportunity to have a closer look at what we can expect from these two highly anticipated models in the series.

Super power

We would expect no less from Mercedes and the word is out that both will feature the new V-8 engine that takes it to a cut above the six that is found in the E43 model. The 2018 E63 series takes full adantage of a 4.0 liter engine with its twin turbo V-8 that is outfitted with the chassis calibrations which are unique to the series. From all appearances, it’s geared for super high performance that will offer tough competition for any supercar on the road.

More on power of the E63 and the S version

First we begin with the E63. We’ll be looking at a first time fitting of the 4.0 V8 with a set of twin scroll turbocharges. It will deliver five hundred and sixty three horse power with a whopping five hundred and fifty three pound feet of torque. Current information on trials are showing this amazing car reaches a high speed of one hundred and fifty five miles per hour and it has the capacity to go from zero to sixty in 3.4 seconds. Quite impressive. The S model we’ll see a little higher figures with the fine tuning that delivers an amazing six hundred and three horse power with a six hundred and twenty seven pound feet of torque. The top speed has been recorded at one hundred and eighty six miles per hour and the S edition goes from zero to sixty in just 3.3 seconds. It only shaves a second off of the non-S model, but there’s definitely a jump in power and torque.


Mercedes still working magic

The engine is impressive enough but Mercedes engineers have provided the fine tuning and tweaking that makes it more efficient. They accomplished this by introducing a cylinder deactivation system. It shuts off four of the cylinders when the loads are lower between one thousand and thirty two hundred and fifty revolutions per minute. In essence, it converts the V 8 into a V 4 until the additional power is needed. We think that this is an amazing feat. A few extra benefits that they achieved with this move is a decrease in noise production and vibration.

Nine speed automatic with amazing versatility

The new Mercedes E63s will come equipped with a torque convertor instead of a wet starting clutch. It offers increased torque and is reported to be a decent enhancement with the new all AWD system they’re using known as the 4Matic+. The new system allows for variable torque distribution. If preferred a few tweaks can ensure that a one hundred percent delivery of engine torque is sent to the rear wheels continuously. This is easy to set with the Drift mode. You get to this mode via the Race drive setting but you have to have the tranny set to manual with the stability control switched off. These features come with both the E63 and the E63S.

The Chassis

The new E63 series will have optional carbon ceramic brakes but it comes now stock with a limited slip rear differential that is electronically controlled, a tuned sport suspension that is air sprung and dynamic engine mounts.


Exterior styling

There is a hint of beefy toughness in the exterior design. Mercedes chose a new front end design applying wider fenders which house the large wheels and tires. The E class sport grille is used for the E63 with the S edition sporting a restyled hood and a futuristic looking rear spoiler . The unique contour is made to minimize lift on the rear axle. It still features the quadruple exhaust pipes which are a trademark of the AMG.

The interior

When we finally make our way around to the inside and compare the E class with the S that there isn’t much difference. The transmission shifter is column mounted as with the C63 but there have been changes made or the TFT driver information screen. Some new programming and a prominent display of the tachometer and the major differences.

Pricing and arrival

The 2018 Mercedes AMG E63 has announced the release without a definite date, but they’re estimating that it will arrive at U.S. dealerships sometime during the summer of 2017. With concurrent release estimations, it’s going to face some tough competition with the BMWs release of the M5, The Audi’s RS7 and the Cadillac CTS-V.

While we’re privileged to have the inside scoop on the engineering and aesthetics of the new release, there is still no leak on the expected price. With its appearance about six months away, We’re hoping to at least get a ball park figure in the weeks to come. Much of the final asking price will depend on the degree of customization we’re sure.

Final thoughts

Although we don’t have all of the answers we wanted for our questions, it’s a good start. The specs that we were given only add to the anticipation of the arrival of the new 2018 on dealer floors. Some exciting new changes were made that will not only increase the bully power of this car on the road, it will also serve to make it more efficient, which is becoming a new unspoken requirement in the automaking industry. We have a few more months to wait before we’ll be able to cruise by the dealer for an up close look at the new AMG E63 so until that time, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any more press that is released on the new Mercedes.

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