10 Things You Didn’t Know About the 2019 Cadillac CTS-V

Cadillac has a treat in store with the CTS-V that’s scheduled for release in 2019. It’s a beautiful luxury car that follows in the brand’s reputation for providing excellence with a few areas of complaint that seem to always surface about one aspect or another. Overall, it’s a highly anticipated release for Cadillac enthusiasts who refuse to relent in their discriminating taste and demand for class and performance. Here are ten things that you didn’t know about the new and upgraded edition to the CTS family

1. It’s billed as the new Super Sedan

The 2019 CTS-V is the product of both interior and exterior refinements that combine precision for a “near perfect” balance in track capabilities and road performance. It’s a sports sedan for certain, but it hasn’t forsaken the hallmark features that make it every bit a luxury ride.

2. It’s lightning fast

The new CTS-V comes equipped with Cadillac’s most powerful motor that has ever been installed in their vehicles. It’s a V6 2 liter V8 that is supercharged. The powerful engine delivers 640 horsepower along with 630 lb-ft of torque. It careers the sedan to a flight from zero to sixty miles per hour in the short period of just 3.7 seconds. The car reaches a top speed on the track of 200 mph. It offers super performance, sliding it neatly within the definition of supercar status.

3. It accomplishes excellence in aerodynamics

Every single component within this vehicle has been designed with purpose and intention for accomplishing high performance. These details down to the vents and grills are well thought out in the blueprints that deliver an aggressive appearance with an aerodynamic exterior. Every curve and caveat is formed with this in mind. A reduced front end lift offers better adherence to the ground and the aero splitter in the front enhances front downforce with a direction of airflow in a massive influx. The rear spoiler reduces lift and applies greater downforce while making it look sporty, it’s functionality enhances stability through the smooth exit of air from the rear. Thee rear diffuses is integrated for the acceleration of under airflow to reduce body pressure for a more aerodynamic grip.

4. An impressive carbon fiber package is available

For those of you who were wondering, the CTS-V is offered with a carbon fiber package for 2019. The high-end materials enhance performance. This kit is aero-optimized to give you the ultimate in wind cutting ability along with greater traction, which is a must if you plan to give it a good stretch of the legs. The front splitter is an exposed weave of the material and also included are a rear diffuser of a more aggressive nature for the rear spoiler and a hood extractor.

5. It’s a perfectly executed luxury sedan

The craftsmanship of this luxury sedan combines precision engineering for the sporty appeal and power along with the interior essentials demanded by those with discriminating preferences for comfort. The cabin is lavished with finishes that are detailed to a precision that match the performance with interior luxury and driver comfort without sacrificing performance on the road.

6. It comes with a performance data recorder

Also known as the PDR, this innovative technology can be set to capture useful data for road and track driving. It captures both audio and video to supply you with real-time data viewed through the mounted user experience screen. You can also save the information to an SD card to view later. This assists in analyzing your driving skills to let you know how the vehicle is performing and reveal when strategies can be improved for a more satisfying performance.

7. The safety technology is through the roof

The new 2019 comes standard with a generous array of safety technologies. For starters, the curb view camera assists in protecting the car from exterior damage through an alert that lets you know when low objects such are curbs are in close proximity. The rear camera mirror provides the driver with an HD streaming video for a wider field of vision with fewer obstructions to the view while backing up.

8. It’s packed with a premium entertainment system

One of the most highly rated sound systems in the world is the Bose Centerpoint Premium Audio. This is the system chosen for the 2019 Cadillac CTS-V. It delivers superior audio throughout its thirteen speaker system to every seat and also throws in Active Noise Cancellation as a bonus.

9. It keeps you connected

Cadillac has seen fit to add an extra luxury feature to their new super luxury sedan. The built-in WiFi hotspot keeps you and your passengers connected with the rest of the world. The Cadillac 4G LTE SiFi allows for the connection of up to 7 devices and it provides signal coverage for up to fifty feet from the car.

10. It can remember who you are

The 2019 CTS-V features a memory package that includes recall for the power seat presets of up to two drivers. This cuts down on the need to reset your preferences when the car is equally shared among two drivers. They’ve spared no expense in exploiting the available technology to cover the small details that one learns to take for granted over time, making other setups somewhat obsolete in terms of luxury and convenience. Programmable positions for the memory function address positioning for the power seat, the steering column and for the outside mirrors.

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